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2) Wonderful Ormus article by Chris-
Ormus, Yourself and The Great Work" 

      IN 3 PARTS
       (PART 1)                           
 "Ormus, Yourself and The Great Work"
Personal Author Chris Emmon, pharmacist, author Ormus Modern Day Alchemy, coordinator Ormus Academy.  
With usage notes furnished by Bob/Penny Winter: Ormus researchers

A study of Ormus, Yourself and the Great Work begins with a look at the DNA contained in your own physical body.  Our DNA (genetic code) is an extraordinarily complex material that affects every cell.  It determines everything from the smallest hairs to the brain; our most complex organ.  

Life-giving DNA with its sets of instruction depends on trace minerals to maintain its own integrity and copy itself properly. While the turnover of cells in the human body take up to seven years, each new cell has to copy the one being replaced and the body makes about 20 million new cells a day.   As would be expected when we are short of trace mineral building blocks the copies have issues.  There are currently sixty-four recorded trace minerals needed for each and every copy of our DNA. Each of those minerals provides a specific and vital function in maintaining an optimally engaged physical body.  Trace minerals then are quite literally: building blocks of DNA.

Dr Richard Olree a leading specialist in genetics and their effect on DNA, has studied the components of the DNA spiral and trace minerals tied to it.  Many lectures on the topic have been given.  Available online is a DVD of his 2017 presentation “Minerals and the Human Brain” during the Acres USA Conference.  Dr Olree’s work is encapsulated in the landmark book “Minerals for the Genetic Code” by Charles Walters  

While many references speak to mineral deficiency in our foods the great news is that Ormus collected from seawater, or reconstituted sea made from sea salt, is a mineral supplement in an easy to absorb ionic form!  (Ormus prepared by pharmacist Chris Emmons at  Ormus can also be collected from soil, plant and metal.

Ormus is also thought to carry the M State (metaphysical state) of minerals described as a unique spirit, an elemental life force, within the structure of minerals.  M State is a farfetched extreme reach metaphysical belief of a spiritual connection with the ALL (source) possibly through the mechanism of enhanced nourishment of DNA; a God given material that builds and maintains us.  

The case for this connection is made because DNA contains minerals.  Indeed minerals compose about 4% of the body –approximately 5 pounds. Beneficial change after consuming Ormus nutritional minerals includes measurable increases in Aura images and brain scans of the left and right hemisphere. Most report they feel better after Ormus.

We recognize our physical body.  However, three other vitally important aspects of human existence are also at play.  These are the mental, emotional and spiritual portions of ourselves.  It is these areas that filter every experience in a person’s life, every image that is seen, every word that is heard and every emotion that is felt. These are the aspects within us which contain our own inner perceptions and therefore rule our responses or action.  

Because Ormus is potent nutrition that supports the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of each individual it has been correctly stated that Ormus causes you to be more of who and what you are.  In summary: More of your Way of Being.
PART 2 to be continued below

     It is safe,energetic and economical.  Each bottle has its beginning under a full moon phase or equinox according to the ancient alchemists method and never made any other time.  The initial water is taken from a country well, and laboratory double distilled. This water is smooth, creamy and pleasing to the palate. So is the Ormus.
     The source material is one of the best that David Hudson mentioned in his talks. It is Great Salt Lake concentrated and it is available from the web site. All ingredients come from the Ormus Discovery Do It Yourself Kit offered by Chris and available exclusively at  Discovery In Action Ormus is packaged in a food grade  HDPE container,  informatively labeled and inside an EMF shielded container.
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(PART 2-Continued from above)
There are hundreds of Ways of being.  Each and every one of us mentally chooses, consciously or otherwise how we will BE as life presents itself to us.  

Examples of Ways of Being include being:
Know it all
Easy going
Drama free
Emotionally Healthy
                                               -PART 3 to be continued below
Its as easy as 1-2-3
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(PART 3 Continued from above)
Ways of being is a topic unto itself.  Ormus nutrition feeds us and our way of being just as fuel in a car feeds a running engine. Where you drive that car or more central where you drive your life is both important and totally up to you. 

Knowledge about ways of being is not taught in society.  In the not too distant past Googling "Ways of Being" would show sites that listed Ways of Being column after column.  Those sites no longer come up.  I think the internet information monitors may not want folks to know about ways of being –because ways of being can be mentally chosen.  They prefer sheep who just follow their Feelings --at that moment.  While this way of being leads to easily programmed (manipulated) individuals it does not lead to a personally workable life…. stable.  Individuals living a more workable, stable life are those less controlled by others or outside forces.

Before harnessing your way of being it was first necessary to explain that such a thing exists.  

While there are hundreds of ways of being it is very important to understand that every happening or occurrence causes a different response based on how we Be at that time!!!  For example my way of being, thoroughness has me writing for the past X hours and still ticking.  (haha).  Being able to laugh at these hours spent displays a second way of being: light-heartedness.  

Your perceptions of each life experience is naturally affected and internally judged based on your own cumulative life experiences and education however it becomes your own chosen way of being Today that is at the heart of your perceptions.

Some believe we are also born with a degree of pre-programmed responses in our DNA but that we can choose to change our basic DNA reactions as we live and learn.

Changing your perception is as simple as saying “Today I choose to be (decide a way of being)”: " Landmark Education" founded by Werner Erhard explains that up to three ways of being can be chosen at a time but you may want to start with one or two. 

Way of Being —> Doing actions —> Experiencing results in our life ---pleasant or unpleasant  . . .—> Evaluating the experience and consciously choosing how you will proceed.

Landmark Education explains: "We are playing a sort of game called life. The stakes appear to be the highest imaginable — physical death.   But we forget that we are playing a game and that we invented the rules."
While the rules of our game of life may be encoded into our DNA at birth and unknowingly imprinted from the Matrix that we live within, we have the ability, as we grow and learn, to change our Way of Being and the apparent rules by which our individual game was originally founded.

A side note about death as has been described in this way: While unavoidable, death is in reality a rebirth into a new realm into which we take our cumulative life experiences.  And the game continues.

Ormus is believed to provide high quality and energetic nutrition to fuel your entire body right down to your DNA level.  When Ormus nourishment marries to conscious awareness of your way of being, a mental change can be made that allows your senses and faculties to live this truth: "I am back; I am in control; I am well from the inside out”.
Seldom addressed is that Ormus, as a tool, helps facilitate THE Great Work of raising your LOC; level of consciousness.

Those with a pure heart seeking the GREAT WORK in their personal lives frequently report benefit from the substances.   Those whose ego will not let them see may eventually become aware of the Divine in all things and slowly begin the GREAT WORK on themself.   
Lastly, please keep in mind that the GREAT WORK is a ongoing personal path toward enhanced knowledge and ever increasing awareness of the divine in all things.  

So there you have it.  The Ormus substances are believed by many including persons doing continued research, to enhance our lives and help keep us well. Ormus use according to history dating back to Moses assists in uplifting the spiritual entity within each of us to hopefully usher in a more harmonic and civilized humanity.

While awareness of the divine connection that we all share is an important part of the Great Work, we are supposed to be Here on Earth -and what we do here is important.  During our experience living and making decisions we add to the totality of the universal experience.  Some insignificant thing we may say, think or learn could easily be the key to even greater knowledge far beyond our wildest dreams!
During your day to day responses and actions remember this: “Love that is withheld is the burden we carry”.
So stay interested in living life to the fullest extent possible. Live, Love and Learn!   
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