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Hello, This is Chris.  Thank you for your Time with me on theHigherSideChats.  You showed up to where information is!!!  OK, now listen: Kuddos to Greg Carlwood.  He worked hard with me to get that Ormus info out to you.  Here is now a little fly in the ointment.  I was not aware this podcast was to be uploaded on Friday.   You see, Ralph had air tickets for Friday morning and left for the yearly Michigan trip to visit adult sons and their family.  If I knew that both occurrences were to happen on Friday, Ralph would have changed the date for his trip.  He returns Nov 17.

I am sickened that your Ormus has to be delayed and do hope you understand.  You see, Ralph does all that labeling and packaging stuff and I am just unable to make it happen.  This is beyond terrible –we send out things every day (except Sunday) and I can’t move forward on your orders till Nov 17.  
Please do not be angry.   –Chris

Looking at the glass half full, I see there is an upside to the need to write you about your Ormus.  

First it is a good time to Thank You for the kind supportive emails-each one is dear to the heart.  Within the emails, two or maybe it is three content providers invite me as guest----I just don’t know….

Second, A young lady wrote who wishes to be part of the younger generation working to get the message out about Ormus…carry the flag I think she said.

Finally and most important for you is the opportunity to learn this:  Ormus is not a drug, it will not get you high.  It is a supplement and a Quantum supplement.  Be in touch with your body…Ormus effects are usually subtle (sometime not—depends on your physical, mental, spiritual emotional state).  Regardless, Ormus is working in your body.  Read this snip from Part One: Ormus, Its History, Its Effect at the Ormus Academy.  Link here:

“…First off, so we are on the same page:  Ormus is not a drug ---and it will not get you high. Rather, it is a type of supplement for the body and for the spirit within that vitalizes these areas. Sometimes a change or shift is observed quickly and sometimes effects could take up to one year to appear in your conscious awareness.  An Ormus supplementor, enthusiastic about Ormus, said it took two years to Feel an effect and even then it was subtle.  This is not because Ormus is weak or ineffectual –it is the reaction of the body to a high energetic material that brings about a deep cellular change which may take a long time to be felt or observed externally.  The understandings of the unthinking masses are based on life accustomed to chemicals and drugs displaying an effect, shift or change within the hour.  With schooling you can circumvent this mindset and change your attitude if change is not immediately perceived.  Certainly do Not increase the amount of Ormus.  Some folks take drops of Ormus and others 1/8 to ½ a teaspoon.

Ormus fuels the light body housed in us that drives the physical body. The Light body is a gridwork of light and sacred geometry which brings together your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being.  Ormus, an energetic material, feeds the light body.

This is a key concept; you are composed of a physical, emotional mental and spiritual being.  After Ormus nutrition there is a positive shift in resonance of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual processes. What may be the result? Ponder this.

The imparted energy begins new direction(s) that must be integrated physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  This requires work as each of the areas has to catch up -and this takes Time; especially for the more solid (dense) physical body.  Give bodily systems the time it takes.

With this understanding, advice offered when beginning Ormus is to supplement for a couple days then stop for a couple days.  Do not take much: some choose to take drops and others 1/8 or ¼ teaspoon.  Allow the body time to initially absorb the new energy and new direction.  I was told by a person new to Ormus that he felt a headache on day one.  During day two he thought to stop the Ormus and did so for two days.  When he began again no headache occurred or since.  Some just regularly take holidays from Ormus for a few days or awhile -some don’t.   

The traditional range of Ormus supplementation begins with mere drops to 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 or one teaspoon once and sometimes twice a day. Some take half the amount and the other half later in the day if the day is going to be long, full or stressful.  Often it is taken in the morning, prior to the days activity; perhaps 20 minutes before eating for best absorption.  While some report that Ormus in the evening has kept them alert, others fall asleep easily citing how bedtime is beneficial since the body repairs and maintains itself during sleep. To further its absorption and bioavailability, Ormus is followed with a small amount of water.

If you are beginning Ormus consider supplementing with a small amount, drops or 1/8 or 1/4 teaspoon, for a couple days then stop for a couple days.  This allows the body time to initially absorb the new energy and new direction.  Some just regularly take holidays from Ormus for a few days or awhile -some don’t.

Regarding how much Ormus to use or how often to take is a personal decision, personal responsibility and everyone makes their own individual determination.

If you have either a sensitive etheric or physical system, a lower starting amount is a suggestion.  If you are doing well on a lower amount that is probably all you need.  More is not necessarily better.

The key in assessing how things are going is to pay attention to how you feel.  Since most will not remember how they felt 4days, 10days or earlier it is always a Good idea to jot notes.  The best records show how you feel first thing upon arising and/or just before bed. This can help to more fully correlate effects of Ormus. In my own life the first consciously noticeable effect occurred 6 months after beginning Ormus and a huge result of shifts occurred about 1 and a half years after.  (At the time I was not aware about note taking.)…”

Thank you for Being with me.   –Chris Emmons
PS: Begin reading Ormus Academy for content.  Keep in touch.

Ora, Lege, Lege, Lege, Relege, Labora et Invenies”
(Pray, Read, Read, Read, Read again, Labor, and Discover)
Altus, Mutus Liber (1677)
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