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A new year is an obvious time to talk about change and new beginnings.  Clearly we need to modify our course for the sake of the planet and all of us who depend upon it.
The upcoming Women’s March on January 20th is a great opportunity to raise awareness of many issues impacting women (and also men).  Hitting the streets and the ballot box is critical if we are to move forward on the things we care about  - health, reproductive rights, the environment, and so much more. 
We’ll be marching this weekend and hope you will be out there too!

Changing Cultures From Within
The population issue is often referred to as “the elephant in the room,” given that it touches upon many sensitive subjects and long-entrenched cultural norms. But ignoring it is not an effective way to deal with serious issues impacting the world.  This is one reason why we advocate for projects that link conservation and health that are run by local people.
Cultures do change, but it takes patience and voices from local communities calling for a new direction.  A recent article on female circumcision does an excellent job showing how one local woman in Kenya started a program that went from village to village and helped changed the lives of 15,000 girls. Lasting change starts from within.
Upcoming Event!
Women & Climate:
 Financial Solutions for Empowering People & the Environment in Uganda
One of our colleagues from Uganda is coming to the San Francisco Bay Area. The amazing Evelyn Nassuna is founder and director of Shared Action Africa, which supports women and youth with sustainable “green” loans, financial empowerment, and access to affordable credit.
Transition Earth is hosting an event on January 24th with Evelyn. She will share stories of women who are confronting climate change and improving their lives, their community, and the environment.  Evelyn’s work is focused on empowering women and youth with affordable rural finance that is socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable, resulting in positive and lasting change in communities that need it most.  See our Facebook page for more details!
When:  Wednesday, January 24 at 7:00 pm
Where: Sierra Club SF Bay Chapter, 2530 San Pablo Ave # I, Berkeley, CA
Cost: Free!  (snacks provided)

A women's savings and lending group near Masaka, Uganda.
Transition Earth: Writer’s Corner
Our youth writer Candela Vázquez Asenjo continues to look into our society’s impact on the planet.  This time, she tackles a subject that many people probably don’t ever think about – internet pollution.  According to one study, if the internet were a country, it would rank as the fifth largest for energy consumption.
Read more of her thought-provoking post called The Internet – An Energy Wasteland? here.
And don’t miss our first post of the year – Rights of Nature – The Planet’s Best Hope?  “Given the state of the planet, 2018 needs to be the year that rights of nature becomes a mainstream concept.”  It’s time to rethink our relationship with nature.
Youth and Conservation

Speaking of human-nature interaction, our friends at ASRI and Health in Harmony in Indonesian Borneo continue to inspire us with their ASRI Kids and conservation program.  

Plastic waste is a huge problem in much of the world, especially in Indonesia. Reducing waste and recycling are important environmental acts for youth to include in their lives.

ASRI Kids learn about recycling in their after-school conservation program and put that knowledge to work immediately, running around their schools collecting waste in three piles: the pieces of paper that can be recycled, the scraps of fruit for compost, and the candy wrappers that have to go in the trash. In just a few minutes, the kids pick up every piece of trash in the schoolyard, beautifying their neighborhood and learning how to protect the larger environment and their health.
New Issue of The Ecological Citizen
Transition Earth is a Friend of The Ecological Citizen, a free-to-access journal that provides a forum for inspiring and mobilizing discussion with an all important Earth-centred perspective.
We are pleased to share that the second issue of The Ecological Citizen has just been published, with articles on population, ecocentrism and the Anthropocene. Read it all for free here.
Image of the Month
Nature's beauty is breathtaking.  Here is a photo of a young male lion taken in Kidepo National Park in northeastern Uganda last summer.

In support of people & the planet,

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