November 2020 Edition


It has been an exceptionally eventful month for our community – and our country. We have seen an election with record-shattering turnout, as well as a concerning spike in COVID cases. This all comes at a time when we welcome a new Mayor and Vice Mayor here in Broward County – and get ready for the holidays! I expect things will not be slowing down anytime soon – so please stay safe as we move towards 2021.

Below you will find information on some of the most important items in Broward County this month. Read on, or click a link below to jump directly to a section!

Election Results – Unity

Broward County saw a record-turnout in this election cycle, with over 950,000 people casting ballots. That is great news and shows great participation in our democracy. However, the period after the election has escalated tensions and inflamed divisions that were already flaring up in 2020. On the surface, it would be fair to wonder how we can possibly come back together. But at no moment in American history has it been more important that we listen to each other, heal, and move forward as one nation.

All three cities in District Six – Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, and Hallandale Beach - showcased a broad range of opinions in this election. All three cities broke about 60-40 for Joe Biden over Donald Trump – a close enough margin for us all to say that we know people who voted for the other person, no matter who you supported. This divide was even more stark in individual neighborhoods and areas, where some precincts went for President Trump and some precincts went for President-Elect Biden. This division is not a flaw in our democracy – it is a feature. We argue, we debate, and then we come together. This election cannot be any different.

No matter whom you voted for or what party you support, we face pressing issues that must be addressed as a team. The month of November saw a record number of new COVID-19 cases in America. We continue to face the economic fallout of this crisis, with an unemployment rate in Broward County of 8.2%. This will continue to be a challenge in South Florida as we enter the holiday season and the usual population growth during the winter months. This virus does not have a political party – and until we get it under control, we cannot move forward to economic recovery. In addition, we face pressing issues such as climate change. Residents in coastal Broward saw just this month severe flooding from King Tides and torrential rain. Climate change will continue to lead to these heightened impacts if we do not take steps to address it in a bipartisan way. The issues we face are going to take patience, time, and teamwork.

I trust our community to do it. Broward County and District Six have a long history of furious debate followed by reconciliation and togetherness. My hope is we work together and move towards a new day with our new President. Let us continue to support each other in these challenging times.

COVID-19 – Holiday Information/Numbers Update

Broward County has seen its positivity rate rise to 7.8% on COVID-19 tests in recent days. The new daily average across the country is 169,000 new cases every day, and about 1,200 deaths. While Florida is not the epicenter of the spike this time, we are still seeing high case numbers, a large amount of hospitalizations, and a tragic amount of deaths. These numbers can increase if we do not stay safe over the coming holidays.

The latest dashboard of COVID-19 numbers in Broward County.

The holiday season brings renewed risk of COVID-19 infections, as we gather together and travel. Below, is a flyer with helpful do’s and don’ts for this holiday season. During the holidays, we should be supportive to our families and bring joy to each other, but make sure to wear a mask, avoid unnecessary gatherings, limit travel and indoor activites, and try to get tested frequently.

Protect Yourself and Your Family from Covid-19 During the Holidays
Follow these tips for a safe holiday season.

COVID-19 Relief – Rent/Business

Broward County continues to provide assistance on a rolling basis for rent, small businesses, and non-profits  With so many residents and businesses struggling in the midst of the pandemic, Broward County is putting the C.A.R.E.S. Act funding it received towards helping residents stay afloat. You can find the applications at Applications are accepted on a rolling basis based on merit.The deadline for small business asssitance grants has been extended to December 2nd. Please act quickly! As always, my office is here to assist you with applications.

CARES Act Assistance Programs
Apply today!

Memorial Hospital – Vaccine

Memorial Hospital will be one of the first five hospitals in the state of Florida to receive the COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available. This is great news for our area, as we take a leading role in combatting this tragic pandemic. There have been signficiant positive developments on the vaccine in recent weeks – however, we are still awaiting more information, and must proceed with caution as we wait for it to become available. This newsletter will continually update you on information regarding vaccine availability as we know more.

Memorial Hospital will be one of the first hospitals in America to receive the vaccine when available.

Broward County Reorganization – Mayor and Vice Mayor

I would like to congratulate Commissioner Steve Geller on his selection as the new Mayor of Broward County! Mayor Geller has been one of Broward County’s strongest advocates for cultural arts, good-paying jobs, better water quality, and regional cooperation. To start his Mayoral year, he stressed the importance of a coordinated COVID-19 response – including asking the Governor to create a statewide mask mandate. It is great to have a Mayor who takes COVID-19 more seriously than some other leaders throughout the country. I know Mayor Geller will rise to the challenge and find ways to advance important issues despite the challenging times. I look forward to watching Broward continue to grow and make great progress under Mayor Geller’s’ leadership.

I would also like to congratulate Commissioner Michael Udine on his selection as Vice Mayor. Vice Mayor Udine brings years of both executive and legislative experience to the job, and is an intelligent and caring advocate on many issues in our community. I am looking forward to working with the new Mayor and Vice Mayor.

Thank you to outgoing Mayor Dale Holness for an impactful year of service as Mayor. This was an incredibly difficult year to be Mayor – and he handled the challenges with grace and a steady hand. I look forward to working with Commissioner Holness as he remains on the dais as a County Commissioner.

Broward County’s new Mayor and Vice Mayor.

Animal Care – New Director

Broward County has announced the hiring of a new Director of Animal Care and Adoption! We are proud to welcome Emily Wood, who has mostly recently served as the Director of Placement and Customer Care at the Pasadena Humane Society. The Animal Care Director has inspired dozens of emails and calls from concerned residents like you. The care of our animals is an issue that all our citizens rightfully feel passionate about. This hiring comes after months of searching, which included extensive input from local activists and community leaders. We believe Emily will assist Broward County in providing a higher quality of care, increased adoptions, and improved shelter conditions for our animal friends.  We look forward to working with her!

Animal Care – New Director
Congratulations to our new Animal Care Director!

CEC Food Distribution

One of the best holiday events in Hollywood is the Community Enhancement Collaboration Food Distribution for families in need on Thanksgiving. The Community Enhancement Collaboration partnered with the Washington Park Civic Association and several Hollywood City Commissioners for the 10th Annual Holiday Food Distribution. Nadine McCrea, President of the CEC, does a wonderful job every year organizing the event and providing a little bit of joy and holiday love for our residents who might not otherwise have the resources to enjoy a nice Thanksgiving Day dinner. This year was a bit different, as all the volunteers and elected officials were wearing face masks – and we were able to distribute the food in a way that was not only meaningful, but safe.  This year brought together elected officials like Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, State Representative Marie Woodson, School Board Member Debbi Hixon, Mayor Josh Levy, members of the Hollywood City Commission, and numerous other volunteers. We collectively understand that the true spirit of Thanksgiving is helping make our neighbors’ lives a little better – and we all work together to make it so. Thank you so much to everyone who participated – and thank you to Nadine for organizing it!

Thank you to all who participated!

New Hollywood Commissioners

Congratulations to Linda Hill Anderson and Adam Gruber on being elected to the Hollywood City Commission – and to Commissioner Linda Sherwood and Mayor Josh levy on their re-election to their respective seats. Linda Hill Anderson will be the first African American Commissioner in Hollywood’s history – an astonishing fact given that our city was founded in 1921, nearly 100 years ago! She will bring a needed perspective to the commission. Adam Gruber is a promising young leader, and I know his ideas and passion will translate into strong service for our community. Linda Sherwood has served her community well and delivered results for the residents in her district, which is why she was re-elected resoundingly. I know that all three, in partnership with the incumbent Commissioners and Mayor Levy, will serve our city well. We are fortunate to have a Hollywood government that functions well, works together, and strives for improved changes.  I look forward to working together with them and continue to ensure that the City of Hollywood is the best it can be.

The City of Hollywood team!

Hallandale Beach Commissioners – Re-Elected

Congratulations to Mayor Joy Cooper and Commissioners Michelle Lazarow and Anabelle Lima-Taub on being re-elected to the Hallandale Beach City Commission! In an election with a record-number of new voters, all three incumbents were re-elected – no small feat. This is a testament to the astonishing growth and development that Hallandale Beach has gone through over the last few years. I look forward to continue working with the Commission on improving the city. This includes the new Vice Mayor of Hallandale Beach, Mike Butler, who I know will do an excellent job. Thank you to Vice Mayor Sabrina Javellana for doing such a great job as the youngest Vice Mayor in Florida over the last two years!

City of Hallandale Beach’s City Hall – which will be well-served over the coming years!

Thank You – Commissioners Blattner & Hernandez

Two Commissioners departed the Hollywood City Commission dais.  Commissioner Dick Blattner, who served District 4 and Hollywood with wonderful grace and ideas for over a decade. His district has been fortunate to have him working as their advocate. Commissioner Peter Hernandez has been the Commissioner from my area, District Two, for eight years. He served with constant attention and passion for this diverse community. Thank you to both of them for their years of service and all they did to make Hollywood the wonderful City it is.

Thank you for your service!

Art and Culture Center - Performance

I had the pleasure of virtually attending the Hollywood Art and Culture Center’s Annual Fundraiser this month. This year was not only unique due to the Zoom forum,nnstead of just attending – I performed! I have played the piano for most of my life, and I have also had my days as a singer-songwriter. I sung and played piano on an original song called “Summers in Carolina.” I was a little nervous, but I appreciated the kind words! While the event was virtual this year, it was as fun as ever – and for a great cause. The Art and Culture Center is a Broward institution, and one of the most important cultural entities in our entire region.  Thank you to all who donated to help keep the Art and Culture Center strong.

Thank you to all who attended and donated!

North Perry Advisory Board

The North Perry Community Advisory Committee has been fully formed and will start benefitting residents in the cities of Pembroke Pines and Hollywood. After a year-long process to form this board, with the help of residents from the neighboring communities, I’m looking forward to hearing their perspectives on the issues that impact the businesses and residents near the airport. This includes how to best develop the area around North Perry, safety and noise concerns, and more. Stay tuned in the coming weeks and months for important updates.

North Perry Advisory Board
A rendering of what North Perry may look like in years to come.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to all our residents in District Six and Broward County! Remember – please continually stay safe following the safety guidelines provided above. This is going to be a very different holiday season to top off a very difficult year. But we can still find joy and love in family – and hopefully a little comfort in great food and gifts! Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Feliz Navidad and Joyous Kwanza.

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