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The ABV Network Celebrates 5 Years!
First podcast was broadcast on September 1, 2016
A Very Special Milestone
by Colonel Steve Akley

On September 1, 2016, The Bourbon Show released its first episode featuring an interview with Christine Riggleman from Silverback Distillery. So, five years ago today, we not only launched our first podcast, we started the ABV Network which would be the parent company of all of our podcasts, our eMagazine Bourbon Zeppelin, the Whiskey Corner Blog and Bourbon Sasquatch our media division.

With most small businesses failing in the first year, making it the 5-year mark is pretty cool. We're not the let's have a party and cake, type, though. Instead, we're celebrating at the ABV Network by challenging ourselves to do more, offer more different and unique ways to educate yourselves about bourbon and just have some fun along the way. Below is a list of what we've got going on as we continue to expand our company on our 5-year anniversary.

Thank you for your support over these previous five years, and cheers to the next five!
Apple Subscription Podcasts
In June, Apple, which has the world's largest podcasting platform, launched a subscription-based podcast service. While our podcasts are free and will remain so, we currently have over 3,000 published podcasts out there in the stratosphere. I've always felt we needed a home for some of our interview shows, which can get lost in the shuffle with so many episodes out there.

I also like the idea that if we strip our interview shows down, just to the interviews, we remove the material that can date them (old ads, new stories from years ago, etc.). Then, you combine a one-stop shop with just interviews that feature no extra content and you make it commercial free, it sounds like a pretty exciting offering.

With all of this in mind, we've launched the Bourbon Interviews Channel on Apple's new subscription-based podcast platform, the first bourbon podcasts on this service. We kicked it off with 12 of our most famous interviews and every week we'll add another commercial free interview out there. With over 500 interviews from the world of bourbon, we've got a lot of content to offer and that number is growing all the time. Plus, we have an extra special bonus for subscribers of this service via a show only offered to our Apple subscribers. That show is called, Chatting with... and it features long form conversations with people from the world of whiskey. No questions up front, no preparation, just two people sitting down and chatting. I guarantee these are interviews like nothing else you have ever heard on a bourbon podcast before.

If you are an Apple user, follow the instructions below to sign-up for the Bourbon Interviews Channel.
Subscribing to the Bourbon Interviews Channel
Subscribing to the Bourbon Interviews Channel is simple. On your mobile device, just search, "Bourbon Interviews Channel" on your Podcast App. Click here if you are planning on listening via your laptop or computer. The cost for a subscription to the Bourbon Interviews Channel is $8.99 a month.
We're on YouTube
After avoiding YouTube for years, we finally made our way to that platform in March of this year with the launch of our YouTube show, The Bourbon Talk Show (now we have no idea why we avoided this fun platform for so long). Our channel (known as Bourbon Sasquatch as a tribute to our video production company) is not only home to The Bourbon Talk Show, it also features our Virtual Bourbon events and short videos and interviews with notables from the bourbon industry. Currently, we have about 200 videos loaded and more coming out almost every day. Check out our content, you will get education and have a few laughs. Subscribe to our Bourbon Sasquatch YouTube Channel by clicking here.
Our Shop is Expanding
The ABV Network Shop, our online home for our branded items is expanding to include bourbon lifestyle items as well. Now, we're more than just ABV Network t-shirts and logo items, we're a shop with an ever-growing store of items bourbon fans love.

Just to give you an idea of what we are talking about, here's a look at a few of our new items
On the Rocks Bourbon Pepper features a nice bourbon taste combined with a twist of blood orange. The net result is like you are grinding a spice mix that tastes like an Old Fashioned cocktail onto your burgers, steaks, chops or chicken. Pick up your grinder jar of this seasoning by clicking here.
It doesn't matter if you want these Christmas socks as a fashion statement or to simply annoy your kids, you're gonna get them. Pick up yours by clicking here.
Keep your mind sharp with this rick house jigsaw puzzle.. Pick up yours by clicking here.
Check out everything we have in-stock by clicking on the ONLINE SHOP button below.
We're Going to Key West
January 27-30, 2022, we'll be in Key West, Florida where we'll enjoy networking opportunities with the ABV Network team, high profile individuals from the bourbon industry and fans of what we do. If you would like to join us for the Third Annual Distillers Summit, fill out the form for more info by clicking here.
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