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Even Kulsveen
What an amazing career... and life!
Living Legends
by Colonel Steve Akley
With our Living Legends Series, we take a look at the true players in the world of bourbon and how they have impacted the industry. It's going to be a fun journey, I hope you will join me each Wednesday as we explore the Living Legends of Bourbon.
PS - Why is a Cadillac the logo for the Living Legends series? Well, that's not any Cadillac, it's the tail fin of a 1959 Caddy, which I think is the greatest automobile ever built. That's just a personal choice, though. I also like the fact the name of the car, "Cadillac" can be synonymous with the "greatest version of something." If you say, "That's the Cadillac" of golf clubs," you are saying, "it's the best." Since we are celebrating the "biggest contributors to bourbon" it just feels right.
Even Kulsveen

Even Kulsveen
Executive Director Willett Distillery

The Even Kulsveen File
  • Comes from a family steeped in Kentucky bourbon tradition with multiple family members having worked in the industry in the 1800s, prior to the family opening its own distillery in 1936.
  • Kept the company going during a time in which they became a non-distilling producer, bottling and distributing sourced bourbon both as a company and for others.
  • Brought the company back to distilling after an approximate 30-year break, starting distilling again in 2012.
  • In 2019, Even Kulsveen received the Parker Beam Lifetime Achievement Award. This was notable not only for the personal achievement, but Even represented the first of the craft distillers from Kentucky to enter the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame.
Drew Kulsveen is one of the few people who have kind of seen it all in bourbon. He grew up in the family business where he saw the company's distillery flourish. He then saw the bourbon industry slip to the lows of the 70s, 80s and the 90s. Ultimately, this would get his family out of the the business of distillation, but they never gave up on the industry. 

Mr. Kulsveen would lead his company through the thin times in the business by hustling. He would source products and sell them overseas. He would help others create small source brands by helping acquire whiskey, bottle it and get it into distribution. Then, when the market was finally ready, he led his family business back into distillation bringing his company full-circle in 2012 when the distilled their first batch of whiskey after a 30+ year absence.

Today, Willett has a passionate, almost frenzied following within the bourbon community. They've built an incredible distillery with an immersive bourbon experience. Even Kulsveen has been there each step of the way through this wild ride, culminating with him personally receiving recognition by the Kentucky Distillers Association with its highest honor, the Parker Beam Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019. 

It's true. Even Kulsveen now stands among the greatest individuals that have ever been in the bourbon industry with this recognition. For us, as bourbon fans, we can recognize him as a true living legend.
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How Often Do You Get To Try Historic Whiskey?
Let's Taste Some Rosen Rye
Rosen Rye was once the standard for a whiskey that was the standard...

Pennsylvania Rye is a legendary rye whiskey that fans cherish even today, some 30+ years after it was last made. That rye was made with Rosen Rye, a grain that was perfect for making whiskey but wasn't used for anything else. When Michter's Pennsylvania closed down in 1990, there we no Pennsylvania distilleries so there wasn't a need for Rosen Rye and it almost disappeared. If Penn State didn't have some of it in its seed bank it would have been gone for good.

Luckily, it wasn't, though. Penn State along with a few others, helped Stoll and Wolfe bring Rosen Rye back from just 5 ounces of seed. Read about this project by
clicking here.

The most amazing thing was that Dick Stoll, co-owner with Erik Wolfe of Stoll & Wolfe Distilling was part of the project having been the last person to use Rosen Rye as the Master Distiller for Michter's when it closed. This is truly one of the greatest stories to happen in the whiskey industry. Come be a part of it and taste some of that Rosen Rye.

This one will be hosted by Steve Akley and Lia Niskanen. Erik Stoll joins us from the Stoll and Wolfe team to get into the history and lead us on the tasting of not only Rosen Rye but three other offerings from their portfolio. Royce Neely will also be joining us for this one as he met Dick Stoll and was mentored by him from that point forward until Mr. Stoll's unfortunate passing in 2020.

Learn more, or grab a ticket to this November 17 event by clicking here
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