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Stephen Fante
Meet him once... you won't forget him!
About Bourbon People the Weekly Publication from the ABV Network
by Colonel Steve Akley
Bourbon People is a real look at the people from the world of bourbon. In my role as the owner of the ABV Network, I'm lucky enough to get to interact with many people from the bourbon industry on a fairly regular basis. It wasn't that long ago, though, that I was simply just a fan of bourbon and reading about these individuals just like every other fan. 

As I would read about these individuals, I always wondered what they are really like. Not the public persona they want to represent, I'm talking about the real person. Are they always serious? Are they funny? Are they genuine? These are the things I get hung up on when I'm reading about someone or seeing a video of an interview with them.

Like any good business person, you see a need you fill it. Now, I have no idea if people's minds work like mine and they are interested in a look a the real people we know from bourbon, but, I do know it's something that interests me, so I'm going to put this out there for you each Wednesday (unless BZ Delivers that day, then it gets delayed a day). I hope you enjoy it!
Stephen Fante at the Distillers Summit in Key West

Stephen Fante

Brand Ambassador / Barrel Pick Specialist / Tours / Sales
Limestone Branch Distillery

Stephen Fante is this perfectly balance of knowledge, humor and delivery. Let's start with the knowledge... the guy is second-to-none when it comes to anything he's passionate about. I believe it's hard-coded into his DNA that if he likes something, he has to learn every detail about that topic. So when it comes to bourbon, he's your guy... or if you want to know anything about his company, or the history of the Beam/Dants, it's unbelievable to hear him talk about it. Obviously, Steve Beam or his brother Paul are the stewards of the family and its history, but, damn, Stephen Fante sure knows a lot about them, too!

So if you are interacting with Stephen Fante, whether that's a distillery tour, a barrel pick or just smoking a cigar on the porch at Limestone Branch with him, you are going to be exposed to this incredible spectrum of knowledge, but, best of all, it will be delivered in a humorous way. That's the thing about Fante... he's a funny guy. How funny... really, really funny.

What's amazing about him is it's not just what he says... but how he says it. This big booming voice with a southern gentleman accent that effortlessly slips from loud annunciation to a punchline under his breath you often have to think about for a second before it hits you. The guy is just hilarious.

Being knowledgeable and funny doesn't mean you are necessarily a good person, though so what's the real Stephen Fante like?

Well, he's a great dude. He follows through with what he says he will do. He works hard to make himself the best he can be at what he does and the funny stuff... I guess that comes naturally to him. Stephen Fante is a solid guy. If you are ever at an event with him there, grab the chair right next to him and enjoy the show! 

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See you next week when we take a look at Kim Moser in Bourbon People.

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