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The personality of the ABV Network!
About Bourbon People the Weekly Publication from the ABV Network
by Colonel Steve Akley
Bourbon People is a real look at the people from the world of bourbon. In my role as the owner of the ABV Network, I'm lucky enough to get to interact with many people from the bourbon industry on a fairly regular basis. It wasn't that long ago, though, that I was simply just a fan of bourbon and reading about these individuals just like every other fan. 

As I would read about these individuals, I always wondered what they are really like. Not the public persona they want to represent, I'm talking about the real person. Are they always serious? Are they funny? Are they genuine? These are the things I get hung up on when I'm reading about someone or seeing a video of an interview with them.

Like any good business person, you see a need you fill it. Now, I have no idea if people's minds work like mine and they are interested in a look a the real people we know from bourbon, but, I do know it's something that interests me, so I'm going to put this out there for you each Wednesday (unless BZ Delivers that day, then it gets delayed a day). I hope you enjoy it!
McNew and I when she came to visit the STL Bourbon Drinkers Club I am in


Cohost The Bourbon Daily/#ABVNetworkCrew Club Co-Founder
ABV Network, LLC

McNew has the personality I wish I had. She's outgoing, approachable and fun. When you combine that with a drive for success, and a strong base of knowledge about bourbon, you quickly realize how lucky we are to have her at the ABV Network.

McNew's most high profile job at the ABV Network is as a cohost on The Bourbon Daily where she serves as our senior announcer (Miss Beka Sue being our junior announcer). If you listen to the shows with McNew, you might feel like she doesn't take anything seriously because she has a lot of fun on the shows, but you couldn't be any more wrong with that assumption. McNew is a hard worker who takes what we do very seriously, it's just that the on-air portion of our gig is the least serious part of what we do.

In reality, McNew helps me a lot at the ABV Network behind the scenes in addition to the high profile announcing job role she has. I've put her in charge of two very key jobs at the ABV Network... she runs both our #ABVNetworkCrew Club as well as our Patreon campaign. When you consider these both involve the people that support our efforts the most, you realize how much I think of McNew and what she brings to the company. She also does a lot of other things behind the scenes including some social media work for the company, organization of our club events and much more.

Behind the laughs on the show, though, what is McNew really like?

Well, she's a treasure. Like anybody, I'm sure she has her ups-and-downs in life, but that's not what those who work with her at the ABV Network experience. She's always positive, fun and willing to help out in whatever we need to provide our audience with the best listening experience possible. So, the bottom line is, if you listen to our shows, I am sure it's safe to say you are a McNew fan. Well, I am too!

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See you next week when we take a look at David Weglarz in Bourbon People.

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