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This Week We Take A Look at:
Al Young
a.k.a. - The Guy with the Same Name as that Amazing Four Roses Bourbon
About Bourbon People the Weekly Publication from the ABV Network
by Colonel Steve Akley
Bourbon People is a real look at the people from the world of bourbon. In my role as the owner of the ABV Network, I'm lucky enough to get to interact with many people from the bourbon industry on a fairly regular basis. It wasn't that long ago, though, that I was simply just a fan of bourbon and reading about these individuals just like every other fan. 

As I would read about these individuals, I always wondered what they are really like. Not the public persona they want to represent, I'm talking about the real person. Are they always serious? Are they funny? Are they genuine? These are the things I get hung up on when I'm reading about someone or seeing a video of an interview with them.

Like any good business person, you see a need you fill it. Now, I have no idea if people's minds work like mine and they are interested in a look a the real people we know from bourbon, but, I do know it's something that interests me, so I'm going to put this out there for you each Wednesday (unless BZ Delivers that day, then it gets delayed a day). I hope you enjoy it!

Al Young

Four Roses Senior Brand Ambassador
Bourbon Legend
Kentucky Bourbon Hall-of-Famer
52 Years (and counting) in the Bourbon Industry

At 51, people like to give me a hard time about my age. Think about this for a moment: Al Young was working in the whiskey industry before I was born and here he is 52 years into his career and he's still one of the most important people in bourbon. So what does that make him?

A legend, that's what it makes him!

There is something special about Al Young. He's amongst a handful of people that truly represent access to the generations of bourbon distillers before us. Sure, Al Young is undoubtedly a legend, but what is the man himself like?

Well, he's everything you would want him to be!

He's a walking encyclopedia of the bourbon industry and his brand of Four Roses. He's funny, articulate and commands a presence in a room. I love going to events with a packed room of chatty bourbon men and women and Al walks in... silence. Everyone wants to hear what he's going to say.

He's also incredibly patient and a nice guy. The only time I ever had a technical glitch where I had to tell a guest we couldn't do a show on the day we were slated to record was with Al Young. Skype was having some sort of complete meltdown. I was stressed big time. I mean this was Al Young on the phone with me. He calmly told me, "Hey, if we can bring back Four Roses, I am sure we can get through this Skype problem." We would reschedule and had an amazing interview the next week.

He can also be surprisingly silly at times. Once on a barrel pick we will be talking about for the rest of our lives, we got to talking about movies and Al mentioned his favorite movie of all time was Willy Wonka. Soon, he was leading the group in singing some of the tunes from that movie (Oompa, loompa, ooompa do day...).

It's so great when your bourbon heroes exceed what you hope they will be.

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See you next week when we take a look at Freddie Johnson in Bourbon People.

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