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Steve's First New Book in Three Years
Back to How it All Began...
by Colonel Steve Akley
What launched me in to the world of bourbon was writing. Growing up, that's what I wanted to be, a writer. I've done some incredibly cool things like producing two documentaries, developing a web series for YouTube, teaching bourbon through educational classes and interviewing hundreds of people from the world of bourbon.

Still, all I really want to be is a writer.

Growing a company like the ABV Network means I haven't had much time to do much writing, but this past winter, I made a commitment to get back to the basics and write a book. Out of this commitment came an idea to write a bourbon travel book since I spend so much time in Kentucky with my ABV Network responsibilities. 

So many people ask me, "What should I do in Kentucky," since they see the time I spend there a book featuring the highlights of visiting seemed natural. Then, I got an idea to take it to the next level. What if I took the travel book theme a step further and told people what I like to do when I visit these places in Bourbon Country? It wasn't "just go here, go there," it became go here and do this because that's what's going to make it fun.

Then, since I was assigning people to do things, I thought why not give them points, have them tally them up for a full year and then invite the people with the top 10 scores onto my podcast, The Bourbon Daily to talk about all of the adventures they went on using the book?

It seemed like a win for everyone involved. The businesses featured have individuals with assignments to spend  some money at their location. This meant a lot to me. How better than to give back to so many places that help me feel at home when I'm in Kentucky then sending them new customers?

For those that purchase the book, they've got a great travel guide with lots of fun ways to maximize their experiences as they explore the bourbon world in Kentucky.

Finally, for me, I've got a book I can be proud of and the knowledge I'm helping out some great businesses in what continues to be tough economic times. Plus, in 2023, I'll have 10 shows dedicated to speaking to people who had some fun and went out on bourbon adventures based on the assignments in the book.

I hope you pick up a copy and get out there into Bourbon Country living it up "Colonel Steve Style" via the suggested activities in the book.

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We also have copies of Bourbon Assignments, well we will soon, in the ABV Network Shop. You may wonder why Amazon would have it now and we won't be shipping them until about 10/20. Well, Amazon is our printer, so the book goes up on their site immediately and we are awaiting our shipment. We're good with allowing you to order however you prefer. If you don't mind a few week's wait, the pre-order button is below:
Foreword by Bernie Lubbers
It's true... Bernie Lubbers wrote the foreword to Bourbon Assignments. It's actually surreal. I'm such a Bernie fan, I can't even believe he is the one introducing this book to the audience. 

I'm always so impressed with how generous Bernie is with his time. He's a great guy, incredibly knowledgeable about bourbon and his approach continues to be from a fan's perspective. He's a treasure in the industry, in the bourbon community and in life. 

I'm incredibly honored to have him write the foreword.
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