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The ABV Network Launches A Vimeo Channel
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A Very Special Milestone
by Colonel Steve Akley
For years now, I've been saying there is the need for a satellite TV channel dedicated to bourbon. There's just so much there... history, personalities and the opportunity to create content... I'm talking things like game shows and reality shows. Well, like any good entrepreneur, I've decided that if someone hasn't created something you know you'd be interested in as a consumer, you simply start it yourself.

Now, I'm no Elon Musk, so we're not launching a satellite into orbit to really create a TV channel, but we're doing the next best thing; we're creating a Vimeo channel that will house all of our content. We have complete control over what we create and present to you, our fellow bourbon fans.

The first project is a fun one, it's a reality show called Bourbon Reminiscing that involves individuals from the bourbon industry weighing-in on subjects from pop culture. Right behind this first project, we'll get our two documentaries out there (Kindred Spirits and Blending is Trending). We've got about four projects being edited that will join them and we're already lining out what's next.

Now, it will take it a little time to evolve into a channel versus a listing of what is available, but just give us a little time. Soon, we'll have a much more interactive experience out there for you via this new platform.

As always, I thank you for joining us on our bourbon journey and hopefully you enjoy all of this new bourbon content coming your way!
Bourbon Reminiscing
Our First New Project on our Vimeo Channel
Bourbon Personalities Meet Pop Culture
Bourbon Reminiscing takes a big group from the world of bourbon and has them reminisce about some fond memories from the past. Topics are pop culture-focused and will get you thinking about some of the things and moments from your childhood. You'll laugh out loud as these "bourbon-fueled" personalities from the bourbon industry do a little bourbon reminiscing.
Watching Bourbon Reminiscing on Vimeo
There are plenty of options on Vimeo when it comes to how you want to view the content. First of all, you can rent ($0.99) or buy ($1.99) per episode of Bourbon Reminiscing. This is perfect if you just want to try our an episode to see if it's for you. If you want to watch the entire season, you can either rent the entire season ($6.99) or buy it ($10.99) as well. To get started, just click the "download" button below, make your choice and start watching!
The Team
All video content on our Vimeo Channel is created and produced by Steve Akley, Bo Cumberland and Susie Cousins. Known collectively as the "Bourbon Sasquatch Trio," the three each contribute his or her skills to all productions under the ABV Network's Bourbon Sasquatch Productions video division. Steve is the writer, producer and financier. Bo is the videographer, shooting and editing all content. Susie is the music director creating the music that helps tell the story.

Join Steve, Susie and Bo on this journey by checking out their video channel on Vimeo!
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