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Smiling For Success, Yours and Mine

I chose this super smiley picture because I just earned my ACC certification (Associate Certified Coach) from the International Coach Federation. This was an important goal for me in 2016. It’s a recognition that I’ve mastered certain competencies and that I subscribe to an approach and ethical standards that are widely regarded as the industry’s best. I think it’s worth smiling over.
Speaking of achieving goals, I’m happy to report that several clients have recently knocked it out of the ballpark in reaching their goals. Some have landed great new jobs; others have pushed through decisions they have long been trying to make. For many, the key has been finding new and better ways to communicate, negotiate and lead. I love being part of their journeys forward.
As a coach, I bring clients into a space of positivity and possibility to help them move forward. If you know someone looking to make a change or break through a roadblock, client referrals are always welcome. My core areas of specialty are work transitions, entrepreneurial leadership, communications skills, negotiating skills and goal setting.
One of the best ways to keep growing is to keep learning. Below are six quick-read articles, each with truly helpful insights. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Here’s to creative and curious weeks ahead.

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Six Really Engaging Articles That'll Pay Off Quickly: Read 'em!
Elizabeth Gilbert's Brilliant Take on Being Creative
Eat, Pray, Love author offers 11 super-smart ways to think about creativity and to help you unlock your own. You'll love this piece. 
31 Quotes to Inspire the Creativity In You
I love a great quote. Here is a month's worth of inspired sentiments to stoke your inner creativity and inspire you to take chances. 
Your Big Fear Shouldn't Be Failing, But Failing to Act
Adam Grant is one of my favorite writers. Here he explains why failing to act is much worse than failing itself. 
Photo Credit 
We all like to say "yes" to new opportunities. But sometimes the most important thing to say is "no." Here's why. Photo credit
I wrote this piece on the six tactics and approaches that will help you get a new job or reach an important goal. Just add, mix, stir.
To Hug or Not to Hug In The Workplace?
I'm a hugger. But not everyone is. And not every situation is hug-friendly. Here's a fun piece on hugging in the work realm.
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