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Surrendered lately? I have. 

When was the last time you surrendered completely to something? To a person, to a process, to an emotion, or to an experience? I recommend it.

A few weeks ago I went to Costa Rica to visit my coach, Nathan. That's us on the beach, above. My purpose for the trip was to make progress on a business I’m creating called Intentional Traveler, as well as to deepen my coaching practice. Nathan and I agreed in advance that the theme of our time together would be “Surrender.” 

The idea was that I would let go of all control, assumptions, limiting beliefs, and personal desires, and simply commit to going with the agenda that Nathan created for me. It was a surrender built on trust. My days were full of challenges big and small, and I met many of them. More important than succeeding in any one challenge was my commitment to giving myself over to trying.

I find that when we are contemplating change in our lives, there often comes a point where we must surrender to something that seems really, truly scary.  We must trust that if we give ourselves entirely to something, we are likely to accomplish far more than we thought we could.  Surrendering is not admitting defeat … it’s about giving yourself to something or someone you trust to push you farther than you are able to push yourself.

As a periodic control freak, I love working with the practice of surrender.

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Surrender to the joys of summer!

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