Disregard if you've already pre-registered for the livestream date below.
Webinar registration includes:
  • Step-by-step instruction, interactive chat, online group critique, shared image folder, and recording of session (a 3-hour total time).
  • Access to all the awesome recap notes we take summarizing the most important points of the session.
  • Opportunity to feature your work for sale on consignment on our online gallery.
Watch the free inspiration video below:
The latest ROOFLESS DOG & PONY SHOW episode presented the inspiration for this webinar.
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Collection Essay

A 2015 study divided volunteers into two groups. One group was identified as having a secure attachment style (the ability to form strong, healthy emotional bonds with others and to view their relationships positively). The other group had an insecure attachment style (the inability to form strong, healthy emotional bonds with others, tending to view their relationships negatively).

When confronted with feelings of sadness, anxiety, and isolation, and after being offered fries, the group with secure attachment style craved more of them and found them tastier compared to the group with insecure attachment style, which found no difference in cravings or taste.

In recent months, we have eaten fries like there’s no tomorrow, perhaps as a symptom of feeling that tomorrow is getting less and less promising. During the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy in London, we also saw the most beautiful painting: it had lots and lots of fries.

The idea is to paint a still life with fries, based on research that shows people who have positive relationships with family and friends are more likely to reach for reminders of those relationships during stressful times.


*This is our 11th painting collection of 2022.

  • Painting premise: Still Life.
  • Props: fries from life or an image of them.
  • Painting surface: any size, any kind. We recommend 9x12 or under.
  • Medium & surface used in webinar's presentation: oil over cotton paper. Feel free to select your media & surface.
  • Our painting sessions in the next two weeks will be devoted to this subject.
  11. FRIES
You can access and purchase all of the pre-recorded sessions in our online webinar library here.
This is also an open invitation to contribute to the collection, no matter whether you participate in one of our painting workshops or not. Please submit a painting that is related to the collection theme and we will consider it for inclusion in the series.
I'm a beginner. I haven't painted in decades. I've never painted with oil. Can I still join?
Yes. We make every effort to create a session that can be useful and rewarding regardless of the level of painting practice.

I don't like to be on camera. Do I have to talk, present something, or show what I'm doing?
No. You decide who hears you or sees you, or be completely invisible. A webinar is different than a video conference. You watch the presentation and instruction but you're not sharing voice or video, unless you want to.

What if I don't have the right materials for the session?
You can definitely use any materials you may have at hand. We provide guidance and instruction that can be adapted to any setup or medium you may have.

What if I can't make it at the time of the webinar?
Webinars are automatically recorded and become become available to replay. You can watch it anytime, as many times as you'd like. You can also register to view at any time thereafter.

Can I interact during the webinar?
Yes, you can do it in two ways: there is a chat box you can use and we have a shared photo album to share your process.

Can I interact if I don't watch the webinar live?
Yes, you still can. We have the shared folder as our point of contact after the webinar, where you can upload your work and get personalized feedback. You can also email us with any questions at any time.

What's the shared photo album for?
The shared album is our own social media space where we can upload images of our work. It's a convenient way to receive personalized feedback. It's easy to upload and view. Or not, you decide.

What's Roofless in Colloquium and how is it different from the webinar?
Our painting webinars are absorbing and engaging. We get very focused on the painting process. We host post-webinar video conversations to share and exchange thoughts about our experience with the painting series: process, strategies, challenges, expectations, questions and discoveries.
We give ourselves a few days to process the information provided during the webinars and to add some work to our paintings.
Looking forward to connecting and painting with you!

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