Russia's $100K Facebook Ads, Mnuchin's Travels, the Midterms, More Controversy from the Voter Commission, SCOTUS Gerrymandering, & More
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SEPTEMBER 14, 2017

The window opened last week on a very dangerous development in American politics when it was reported that Facebook had told congressional investigators it had discovered it sold $100,000 in ads to a “Russian troll farm” during the 2016 presidential campaign. Facebook has refused to provide the public with any more information on the ads, but it is not going to be able to maintain this position for long.

Senator Mark Warner (D-VA), Ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, has indicated he expects the Committee to call Facebook to testify in a public hearing. Warner said he believes the $100,000 in ads was only “the tip of the iceberg.”

The great danger here is that this kind of secret, manipulative activity by a foreign interest to influence our elections is going to explode in future elections.

Experience with campaign finance laws tells us that once a loophole is discovered, operatives rush in to drive a truck through it. The implications for damaging our elections and disrupting our democracy are profound. The Russian activities are part of the new cyber-warfare and the Russians appear to be way ahead of everyone else in conducting these activities.

The immediate challenge facing us is figuring out how to expose in a timely manner efforts by Russia, or any other foreign interest, to manipulate our elections.

The Executive Branch, Congress, and others, including Democracy 21, will be working to seek solutions to this problem.

A very difficult, important, and urgent challenge lies ahead.



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