Healthcare Workers Should Demand for PPE's Now

According to WHO (World Health Organisation), the latest coronavirus, COVID-19, has highlighted the lack of Personal Protective Equipment in facilities worldwide. Healthcare workers depend on PPE's to protect themselves and their patients from being infected and infecting others. It's even reported that staff are reusing masks, gowns, and other supplies, which leaves them at a greater risk of infecting themselves. 

COVID-19 infection rates are rising exponentially at unprecedented levels in several parts of the world, and nurses and doctors should demand for the availability of safety equipment for them to be able to do their jobs properly. Thousands of lives are being lost because of the virus, and a lot of them are preventable. PPEs create a barrier between healthcare workers and their environment, thus shielding them from potential health or safety risks.

Remember: it is very important that you keep safe so that other people can depend on you. 

Podiatrists and Sharps Cuts - Understanding the Risks and How to Prevent Them

Podiatrists use scalpels every day during patient care. They are one of the most frequent users of scalpel blades in any profession. Because of this, removing scalpel blades without the right tool increases their risks of a sharps cut.

Scalpel cuts can cause:
  • Severed digital nerve and/or tendon
  • Psychological distress and/or trauma
  • Delayed procedures and loss of productivity
  • Blood-borne infection such as HBV, HCV, or even HIV
When you do get cut, the costs can skyrocket to the hundreds of thousands of dollars if surgeries are needed. At the minimum, getting an uncomplicated injury also has costs and they require post-exposure management. The costs associated with this includes blood tests, health-care visits, and follow-up tests. The indirect costs can add to this burden.
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