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From the President’s Desk
As a society, we’ve experienced significant paradigm shifts in our culture, social interactions and prevailing views. The pandemic has made us rethink our work habits and forced us to evolve at an even quicker pace. 
Since we've unveiled the MBAA history wall in celebration of 70 years as an organization, I’m reminded that change is always in flux, is somewhat generational and often inspirational. Of the 16 million Americans who served during WWII, only about 100,000 are still living. In 1951, America's first jet airliner, the Boeing 707, took off from Renton Field, on its maiden flight.  Since then, we’ve landed on the Moon and put a rover on Mars! Maybe you remember your first home computer and analog cell phone. Vaccines have all but whipped out Polio, Small Pox, Whooping Cough among many others. In the U.S Malaria, Measles and other diseases are rare due to vaccines and antibiotics. It may come as no surprise, that a vaccine to fight Covid-19 was created in record time. More of us are aware of climate change and the Great Pacific garbage patch. This year many of us have adapted to online meetings, family gatherings, classes and doctor appointments. 
When we open the door to change, we’re open to saying YES. We lend ourselves to new experiences, wider perspectives and a competitive edge. Growth in a healthy organization is inevitable as it continues to evolve. It encourages innovation, business opportunities and overall improved morale.  
In light of transformations, the gallery exhibits have become more diversified with a growing membership and overall status in the community. MBAA continues to encourage a wide variety of media and artistic styles. A wide range of exhibits bring fresh concepts and excitement for our customers as well.  These changes have encompassed this month's French style Salon exhibit. The current show has been a lot of work to produce. Many thanks to Barbara Sitar, her student interns and the many volunteers who helped make this show and reception a success. 

The next exhibit will be, The Great Outdoors. Wether you paint in the open air or love to bring the outdoors into your studio, this exhibit is for you!  Another great opportunity for artists who love to convey nature through realism, abstract, surrealism, still life, etc. This event is open to all artists, all sizes, media and 3D.   

In addition to targeted marketing by Sue Allemand and her team, the MBAA Board is working on updated, professional branding!  While the MBAA mission remains the same, a new logo added to a comprehensive marketing strategy will help convey who we are and what we offer to the public! 

While changes to the MBAA Board of Directors is also in constant flux, this year we are in need of a Treasurer, a representative for adult workshops and a liaison to businesses for Art in Business.  Words cannot express our deep gratitude for Bob Azevedo's long standing commitment and professional contributions as the MBAA Treasurer. Bob has done an exemplary job and been the MBAA treasurer from 2015 to the present. Bob looks forward to training his predecessor who will be working with Kimberly Hempel.
In the meantime, Adult and Children art programs are resuming this month and Art in the Park is extremely likely to proceed during the July 4th and September Labor Day weekends. We also continue our efforts to go paperless. Please be sure to pre-register for in-person, Children's Summer Art and other workshops online.

Although CDC standards are changing for vaccinated individuals, California has not relaxed indoor mask wearing mandates (yet). Please continue to wear facial coverings inside the gallery.
A special thanks this month to Gail Martin for helping me freshen up the planters on the patio! The vibrant color of new flowers and succulents are inviting and fresh!  Thank you, to all of the many volunteers who make this organization hum.  It's YOU we celebrate, Happy 70th Anniversary MBAA! 
Patricia Newton

Marie Ramey

I was born in Alaska in 1950 before it joined the Union. My husband, Dale, and I have lived in various areas of California as well as Texas where all three of our children were born. Atascadero has been our home for the past 21 years.

In 1995 I graduated with distinction from CSUS with a studio degree and an interdisciplinary art history masters. Now, I am retired from Cuesta Collage where I taught drawing and art history for 10 years. In 2014 I opened a gallery/teaching studio in Atascadero called ärt/. This was a unique workspace where a handful of local artists worked and taught. ärt/ supported many local artists over the years with solo and group shows and I am honored to say that it was the home of the Atascadero Art Association for a short time. Sadly, we closed in 2019. Undaunted, however, I paint nearly daily in my home studio where I am always working to reinvent myself with color, brushstroke, and subject matter.

Working with the Morro Bay Art Center, as part of the crew, to help put their wonderfully creative shows together throughout the pandemic has been a way to stay connected with other artists. Due to their professionalism, creativity, and high standards, the Art Center has been an important part of the art-minded community for 70 years.

As all our lives are multi-faceted, Dale and I got the flying bug when we were very young and still love to take our little vintage Piper up and buzz around our beautiful area.

As our country is beginning to open up due to the subsiding pandemic, I intend to continue to teach beginning drawing in my home studio. We also have upcoming classes in sketchbook, encaustic, and exploration of new media by a guest teacher. The deprivations of the near shutdown of our lives during the past year has taught me to value and share the important gifts others have shared with me.




Mark Making - 
Developing Your Signature Style

with Diane Williams & Chuck Potter
at Art Center Morro Bay
June 18 and 19    10:00am - 4:00pm
Mark making is as distinctive as your fingerprint, adding a personal touch to your painting. Marks can energize a painting, or highlight movement, texture or direction. In this 2-day workshop you will practice abstract acrylic painting techniques that are enhanced by your personal mark making. Feeling stuck or that something personal or dynamic is missing in your painting? This class is designed to help you develop your signature style by identifying your personal and unique marks.  We will be exploring a variety of techniques using water soluble pencils, Sumi ink, charcoal, sticks, scrapers, and other mark making tools. We will also use stencils, stamping, special patinas and other applications to create multi-dimensional layering effects adding depth and visual interest. The results are alive, authentic and exhilarating. Unveil the mysteries of abstraction by practicing techniques in form, rhythm and motion. Each student will receive individual instruction and group critique. Learn more here...  COST: $225.00 MBAA Members or $235.00 Non Members
Be the change you would like to see!  Art Center Morro Bay runs strictly with the help of volunteers, including your hard working board members.
Experience in QuickBooks is helpful but not necessary.  Book keeping, bank deposits and paying bills, gather documents for the CPA for annual tax preparation and attend monthly board meetings. 

Adult Education Director manages the ART STUDIO (activity room/classroom) calendar.
Organize and schedule monthly art demonstrations and workshops for adult art education.
Work with other board directors.  Submit monthly board report and attend monthly board meeting.

Volunteer as a cashier in the gallery for (1) or (2) shifts per month.  
If you would like more details or attend a board meeting for insight into board positions, please contact Patricia Newton.
(805) 423-1100

Salon 2021 
Take-in day

Every artwork was photographed for this show!
Sean Tuck, Brooke Deagan and Daniel Sabastien.  Photographed artwork is included in the gallery artist reference book made especially for this event.  Pages may be added for artists who wish to be included.  Contact Gallery Director, Barbara Sitar


These sweet young ladies delivered a huge tray of cookies, scones and coffee cakes with a big thermos of coffee and condiments to nourish and support our wonderful volunteers who donated their time and talent on take-in day.   THANK YOU!
Opening Reception
Left to right:  Donna Anderson, Carole Truesdale, Nancy Sands, Larry Truesdale.  We made 100 individually wrapped small plates for our first reception since Covid.  Our Cal Poly interns, Brooke Deagan and Daniella Sabastien served them to our guests throughout the event. 

July 4th weekend Art in the Park
July 2, 3 & 4 – Friday, Saturday, Sunday

  Gallery Director's Report
Salon 2021 Vernissage
Dear Friends,
It was lovely to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Morro Bay Art Association with you on May 29th. I had the opportunity to speak to many of you and was delighted by the lively, enthusiastic, fresh energy I experienced. I trust it was encouraging and motivating for everyone who attended.
Thank you for your dedication to art and for your courage to share your face and story in the SALON2021 show. It is my hope that the Salon will continue to flourish and grow each year. It serves all of us by connecting our community, promoting the wonderful art and bringing awareness to the talented artists living on the Central Coast.
A reminder to all exhibiting artists in SALON2021: please sign the commemorative poster when you visit the gallery. It will be on display in our art studio for the rest of the year until the next member’s show.
In appreciation for the beautiful welcome I have received into the MB Art Community, I would like to invite you to celebrate my 55th birthday with me on Saturday, June 26, 10AM – 3PM. It will be a PLEIN-AIR DAY AT THE BEACH. Bring your easel and paint, or just come and relax at Spooner’s Cove in Montaña de Oro State Park. It’s a picnic, so bring a dish to share and your beverage of choice. I will be cooking up some European home-cooked goodies!
Please no gifts. If you want to share your generosity; donate to the MBAA Artist in Residence Fund. A donation box will be on site for your contributions.
Barbara Sitar


Broken Nature

The People’s Choice Award

Hannah Sadler

The People’s Choice Award for Broken Nature, goes to Hannah Sadler.  We congratulate Hannah, for earning this fun award with an overwhelming amount of votes in her favor.  Hannah may enjoy a free take-in day of her choice in an upcoming “open” exhibit.  We look forward to seeing more of her art!

Be sure to vote for your favorite artwork in the current exhibit, MBAA Salon 2021 to see who the next winner might be!


toMORROws Sculpture

September 9 - November 1, 2021  

toMORROws Sculpture is an open theme exhibition of Central Coast Sculptors group  representing a range of artistic expression, scope and materials through the art of sculpture.  The exhibition is open to members of the Central Coast Sculptors and Morro Bay Art  Association and will be held simultaneously with an ACMB exhibition of paintings titled  “Visionary Human.” 

Entry Deadline: Sunday August 1, 2021 
Entry Fee: 1-2 submissions $35   3 submissions $45  Entry fees are non-refundable. 

Submission Images: Juror will select sculptures from digital images supplied by the artists via  online submission only. Eligible artists may submit up to 3 images of each sculpture. Each  JPEG image must be labeled with the sculpture title and dimensions (height first). No artist’s  name. File name example (BlueSky.16x20x40.jpg). JPEG image maximum and minimum are:   Maximum size 1800px @72ppi on the longest side.  Minimum size 900px @72ppi on the longest side.   Acceptance Notification: August 29, 2021 via email and on the CCS website.mmOpening Reception: Sunday, September 12, 2021, 2:00 - 4:00 PM, assuming Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted. Show Dates: September 9 - November 1, 2021   Juror: Russell Hodin   "I am deeply grateful in this life to be able to explore the interaction of form, texture, space,  sound, and light using this body, these senses, and this mind.  My extensive undergraduate work at UCLA, SCI-ARC, and Cuesta College; professional work  in carpentry, architectural design, and in political commentary; steps along a path of spirit with  deep reverence for wilderness encompass my interest in form and expression, and my  commitment to peace and truth and joy."

Awards: Three Juror’s Awards of Excellence $250 

The Fine Print

Agreement: Submission of artwork to this exhibition constitutes an agreement to the conditions  stated in this Call For Entry and a commitment to show accepted art for the duration of the  exhibition. If an artwork is sold, the purchaser can remove it upon proof of payment. The artist  can replace the sold artwork with one of similar quality, if desired. By entering this exhibition,  artists agree to allow CCSG and ACMB to use submitted images in promotional material. 
The Juror and CCS representatives reserve the right to reject any sculpture that does not meet  the standards shown in the images supplied. No substitutions are allowed. 
Qualifications/Requirements: Sculptures previously exhibited in any past exhibition of CCS  or ACMB are not eligible. Sculptures previously exhibited in the Phantom Project(s) are eligible.  All sculptures must be free-standing or pedestal mounted. No wall mounted sculptures can be  selected, as the walls will be used for the “Visionary Human” paintings.  Sculptors must supply any special mounting facilities. If pedestal mounted, please provide a  white pedestal for their artwork. If you need a pedestal, some are available from CCS or ACMB.  Please contact Carl Berney at 505-690-4283. 

The gallery at ACMB is on the second floor. It is up a 30” wide stairway. There is no elevator.  Please arrange for help if needed to carry your sculpture up the stairs. The ceiling height is 7.5’.  The outside patio and area in front of the gallery will be available for large freestanding  sculptures. You must install outside pieces so they cannot be pushed over. 
Insurance and Care: Artists are encouraged to carry their own insurance. ACMB and Central  Coast Sculptors representatives will make every reasonable effort to protect artwork from the  time it is received until it is returned to the artist. CCS, ACMB and their representatives will not  be held responsible for any damage or theft of artworks. 
Prices, Sales, and Commission: All sculptures must be for sale. ACMB will handle all sales,  collect the sales tax and retain a 25% commission. Artists will receive 75% of the sales price of  the work. Prices set by the artists may not be changed after entry. 
Take In: Tuesday, September 7, 2021 between 10 AM and 2 PM. 

Accepted sculptures must be delivered in person to:  
Art Center Morro Bay 
835 Main Street 
Morro Bay, CA 93442  
No shipping is allowed for this exhibition

Pick Up: Unsold sculptures must be picked up Tuesday, November 2, 2021 between 10 AM  and 2 PM. Information Contact: Carl Berney at 
Entry Process:  Your entry, images and payment through PayPal will be processed by a third party service  named we have hired.  Click ENTER NOW to proceed. If this is your first time using Entry Thingy, you must  create a Login. Choose the “Click here to Sign Up” link to do so. After creating your Login, you  will be presented with the main entry screen. Click the “Apply now” button, then follow  instructions on the consecutive screens to submit your work. Include all pertinent contact  information so we can reach you. Much of the information in this CFE is duplicated in the  EntryThingy process.  Payment is by PayPal — save a copy of the transaction for your records. Should you not want  to use PayPal, you may pay by check as described in the payment process. 

toMORROws Sculpture at Morro Bay Art Center  
Art Center Morro Bay        Central Coast Sculptors      

Come Art with Me!  

Storytelling to inspire a process art activity perfect for you and your 3 to 5 year old with Judy Berk.  Art helps young children develop their gross and fine motor skills and fosters creative thinking and self-confidence.  Judy has over 40 plus years in Early Childhood Education (ECE) as a classroom teacher, Director of SLO County ECE programs, part time ECE Instructor at Cuesta college and a California Preschool Instructional Network trainer and consultant. Her passion is working with young children and instilling a “ life long love of reading” through storytelling. All classes are $20.00 per session.

Exploring Clay - Monday, June 21, 9:30-11 am

Our story is a fantastic book -The Pot that Juan Built by Nancy Andrews-Goebel.  You and your child will use real natural air-dry clay to create pottery keepsakes.  It will be muddy fun!

Exploring Paint - Monday, June 28, 9:30-11 am

The read (sing) aloud is I Ain’t Gonna’ Paint No More! by Karen Beaumont.  Together we will experience color mixing with washable tempera paints on stretched canvas.  This would be a great opportunity to capture those little handprints!

Exploring Sculpture - Monday, July 5, 9:30-11 am

Reading Have Fun, Molly Lou Melon by Patty Lovell will inspire us the create sculptural works of art.  We will take a short nature excursion to find treasures and look at recycled materials for our 3-D creations

Exploring Collage - Monday, July 12, 9:30-11 am

Let’s have fiber art fun with the book Quilt Alphabet by Lesa Cline-Ransome.  We will play with pattern, color, and texture while collaging shapes and letters using a variety of materials.



Let's Etch a Credit Card

July 12, 3:00pm - 5:00pm
with Rosey Rosenthal

Morro Bay Art Association is proud to present a demonstration of dry-point etchings by accomplished artist and gallery owner, Rosey Rosenthal.

Participants of this demonstration should bring an old cancelled credit or membership card with an idea for a 2 1/8" x 3 1/4" dry-point etching (see photo). Rosey will have a small etching press and tools needed to scratch designs into the plastic cards. He will give a quick overview and demonstrate how to scratch and print a card, then ink and print your completed etching (original print).

This will be an interactive demonstration that you’re sure to enjoy!


Art in Business Program

Are you looking for another venue to exhibit your artwork?  We have a great opportunity for MBAA Members!  Now is the perfect time to get your artwork out there and be seen!

If you have 6 or more paintings or photographs and would like to place them for sale, in a local business, please send 2 or 3 photos of your artwork to Patricia Newton,  for consideration.

There are no entry fees to participate in this program.  a 25% commission is retained on artwork sold. Artists hang artwork in local businesses and MBAA will process the sales for you.

Silk Scarf Dying

with Sharon Gellerman
at Art Center Morro Bay

August 21     10:00am - 1:00pm
During this workshop every student will dye their own unique scarf. Sharon will guide you through the process and techniques used to obtain beautiful patterns and colors within the silk scarf. All materials, tools, and supplies are provided for you.  $45.00 MBAA Members $55.00 Non Members  All materials are provided and included in the workshop registration fee.  Learn more here .

Polymer Clay Jewelry Making

with Jane Morgan.
August 28, 1:00pm - 4:00pm

In this fun and informative class, you will learn a variety of polymer clay techniques to create stunning one of a kind pieces of jewelry. We will cover the basics of using this incredibly versatile material. You will learn how to create gradient blends of color, how to make custom colors, how to use stamps and household items to create texture and depth in the clay.  There’ll be plenty of time for you to create, ask questions, and most importantly, have fun!  COST: MBAA Members $50. Non-Members $55.  $5.00 Materials fee paid to instructor the night of the workshop
.  Click here for more information.



Mayr Studio: Online Courses for
Artistic Development

Exploring Color
Students will be doing various Color exercises, exploring all about Color and more!
Cost is $65 for the month.  Includes 6 online zoom class get togethers (with 2 possible office hours or demonstration from Jason)  Support, encouragement and lots of fantastic feedback and suggestions to further your paintings and skills
For more information and to register visit our website: 

* Sketch Club is still happening Sunday & Tuesday evenings at 7pm on our Mayr Studio Facebook page.  Those are totally free and fun to join in:
Come join us as Sundays we start with 4 images and sketch for 5 minutes.  Then on Tuesday & Thursday we take 2 images each night and work on them for 10 minutes each.  Great exercises and getting in the sketching time with friends!

* Monday evening at 7pm Jason has a show called Master Works on our YouTube channel. This is a great time to sit back, relax and watch as Jason goes through some Master Works to describe how Master painters tackled challenges and handled things through their master works.

* Tuesday &  Wednesday mornings at 8am on our YouTube channel Jason has a free show called Morning Jump Start. Jason works on students work to offer suggestions on how to move forward through their exercises, sketches, paintings etc.  It's a great time to learn!:

To sign up you can go directly to Jason’s website:

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