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   From the President’s Desk

Following a recent relaxation of Covid mandates by the State of California and San Luis Obispo County, the Morro Bay Art Association Board of Directors have agreed to relax protocols within the gallery and classroom. Proof of vaccine is no longer required to attend classes or workshops. Although masks are not required in the gallery or classroom, wearing them is still encouraged and there are free masks available inside the front door and behind the docent desk. Thank you all for your ongoing support of those who continue to wear facial coverings.  Please remember, these mandates are subject to change.
Speaking of change, Kathleen Heil is learning all she can in her efforts to step into the position of President by 2023. Kathleen comes to us with a variety of experience and fresh ideas. For this transition to take place, we are currently seeking a treasurer, who will be working closely with the bookkeeper.  We have other key positions that also need to be filled. Exhibitions Director and Marketing Director positions are open and we need docents. More information about these and other positions will soon be available on the MBAA website.  If you’re interested in one of these key or other positions, we need you!
Take-in for BROKEN NATURE is Tuesday, May 24, 10am – 2pm. Members may bring up to (2) wall hung pieces for this show. Large works are welcome. Note cards, folio prints, jewelry and 3D artwork is also accepted into this show. ENTRY FORMS
Art in the Park take-in will be Friday, May 27, 3-5pm, (at the park).  For more information and scheduling for this event, please join us through the SIGNUPGENIOUS.  
Learning opportunities include great classes, workshops and an excursion to the Santa Barbara Museum of Art to see, Through Vincent’s Eyes, Van Gogh and his Sources. Kirsti Wothe is working hard to bring exciting art related workshops and outings.  If you’d like to see more of these events, be sure to let her know and participate! Without you, these classes, workshops and excursions would cease to exist. 
Art on the Patio will resume again on Saturday, June, 25, 1-4pm.
I would like to applaud all of the volunteers who continue to step forward and help. This organization is a wonderful success because of you!
Patricia Newton
Broken Nature

TAKE-IN: Tuesday, May 24   10am - 2pm
May 26 through June 27
Depicting extraordinary true beauty and/or the devastation of nature.  There are two main approaches to take: environmental - the critical state of the environment due to the impact of human presence;  and or the human condition -  figurative, representational and abstract artists exposing our psyche.  Learn more ...

3-D Works of Barbara Sitar

May 26  - June 27

Art Center Morro Bay is proud to present the three dimensional artworks of Barbara Sitar, concurrently with art exhibitions, Broken Nature in the Main Gallery (downstairs) and Under Pressure in the Virginia Russell Gallery (upstairs).

Barbara Sitar has exhibited and been a featured artist in galleries and other installations in Europe and the USA. During her thirty years as an art professional, she has been a curator, mentor and artist in her native Slovakia, Prague, Vienna, Germany and America.

Barbara has served as the Director of Exhibitions and Curator at Art Center Morro Bay from 2019 through 2021. She continues to assist the current Director of Exhibitions until her relocation to Boston, MA in July of 2022.

Please join us and meet Barbara Sitar during the opening reception, Sunday, June 5, 2-4pm.

Excursion to Santa Barbara Museum of Art

Through Vincent's Eyes: Van Gogh and His Sources

May 10  9:30am - 6:00pm

Join Adult Education Director Kirsti Wothe and other art lovers for an enjoyable drive to Santa Barbara to see the highly anticipated exhibition Through Vincent's Eyes: Van Gogh and His Sources
Depart @ 9:30am from the Morro Bay Library in a luxury chauffeured van and ride to the Santa Barbara Museum of Art.   Our tour time is 12:00-1:00pm. We will tour the exhibit together then you will be on your own to eat, shop or just enjoy the Santa Barbara vibe. We will board our luxury van to return to Morro Bay at 4:30pm, arriving back in Morro Bay around 6:00pm.

Enjoy Tobin James champagne with light refreshments
and leave the driving to us!

COST: $110.00 Members & $120.00 Non-Members (includes ticket price)
Contact: Kirsti Wothe
Pay online at

Memorial Day Weekend

May 28, 29 & 30

10:00am - 5:00pm



Take-in day is Friday, MAY 27  3:00 - 5:00 pm

If you wish to have your own booth, please contact Steve Powers, email:

To participate in the MBAA gallery booth, you must be a current MBAA Member. BECOME A MEMBER

  • There are no take-in fees. 
  • All sales go through the gallery, 25% commission fees are aplicable.
  • No sales license needed.
  • Participating artists must volunteer as a docent or rover for at least one shift.  Docents work in the MBAA booth, help customers, provide information, make sales and sign up new members.  Rovers wear an MBAA vest and give vendors short breaks by sitting in their booths for short periods, letting customers know the vender will return soon.
  • Parking: All vendors and artists may park vehicles to load/unload artwork along the park for take-in and pickup only! While working any other time at the park, please park at least 2 blocks away from the park. Parking within 2 blocks of the park is reserved for customers only. Please note, the bus stop lane is a tow away zone. 

Booth space is limited.  Participates in the MBAA Art in the Park booth, may bring up to (3) wall hung peices, 10 prints and 20 note cards each.  Please keep artwork sizes under 30 inches on any side. If you are bringing large pieces, please limit to (2) artworks. If you are bringing jewelry or 3D artwork, please call or email ahead so I may ensure enough space for your items.  We'll try to fit in what we can within reason.

Patricia: 805-423-1100,

Please bring your artwork and pre-filled entry forms out to the park on Friday, May 27, 3-5pm for take-in.  If you do not have a printer, we will have forms available.  Fill in the blank wall cards will need to be used for wall hung art.  You may pick up wall cards ahead of time at the gallery docent desk or fill them out at the park.

You are encouraged to replace sold items throughout the weekend. 

At the end of this show, please pick up any unsold artwork at the park,
Monday, May 30, 3-4pm.

Cashier training will be arranged before the event.


        Brush Strokes May 2022

From the Desk of Kirsti Wothe
Director of Adult Education ACMB

Hello Artists! It’s Springtime and I am so excited to tell you about all the great things going on in the art education world at Art Center.  In March we launched the Plein Air Painters of the Central Coast and renamed the group P.A.C.A.- Plein Air Coastal Painters. I hope you will join us. We meet every Wednesday at 9am at the Art Center then go to our location to paint and meet for lunch. It’s a fun relaxed group and we are all learning from each other. Also, in March we had a wonderful pastel workshop with Greg Trombly. Greg gave us a great demo earlier in the month at our monthly association meeting followed by his three-day intensive workshop. If you missed it he will return next year around the same time so keep looking on the website for the opportunity to sign up.

Looking into May check out our workshops. Virginia Mack has a new watercolor workshop and If you enjoy portrait painting, drawing, or sculpting join us for our second round of Faces of Morro Bay. In this portrait group you are free to work in whatever medium you choose with a live model from the town of Morro Bay. We have lined up a bartender from the Siren and a local biker who you have most likely encountered as you drive down Main Street because he waves to you as you pass by or stops to talk. We also have a hairstylist who has owned her shop near the post office for twenty years. Two others are a farmer whose family came to Morro Bay in the late 1800’s and who is still farming the same land of his grandparents, and a saxophonist who makes amazing home brewed beer. Other workshops are the weekly Figure Drawing workshop with a live nude model on Wed. evenings, Mosaics with Joan Fee and more.

Our monthly association meeting and free demo is on May 9th with Tricia Reichert on printmaking. I’m so encouraged as more and more people are joining us. I hope you will join us for our association meeting and demo.

SAVE THE DATE!!! We will be taking a trip on May 10h to see the “Through Vincent’s Eyes” exhibit in Santa Barbara. Sign-ups will be online through our website. We will take a bus from Morro Bay to Santa Barbara we will tour the exhibit together and then have free time to eat and explore downtown. Keep checking the website for more information coming soon.

This month I would like to share a quote from artist Louise Bourgeois “Art is not about art. Art is about life, and that sums it up.” Louise Bourgeois was a French American artist whose career spanned eight decades from the 1930’s until 2010. She is a great leader of modern and contemporary art whose work is best known for its large sculptures and installations. You can learn more about Louise Bourgeois by following this link You can catch the movie about her life, Louise Bourgeois: The Spider, The Mistress and The Tangerine on Amazon Prime.

I look forward to seeing you all at the next association meeting and free demo on May 9th, and at our next P.A.C.A. meeting where we will meet at Harmony Cellars as well as our workshops. Remember to sign up for our trip to “Through Vincent’s Eyes” on May 10th.

Kirsti Wothe

Plein Air Painters of the Central Coast

Image courtesy of Ann Fraker

Tuesday mornings   
9:00am - 12:00pm

Do You like the outdoors? Do you enjoy painting, sketching, and drawing? Please join us for this casual group of plein air painters. This is a self-directed fun group of dynamic artists who enjoy painting and sketching outdoors. We will meet at the Art Center Morro Bay and decide on the location that we will go to paint.
Then after our session we'll meet for a brown bag lunch at a nice location with restrooms, tables or benches and we will critique our paintings.
Meet at Art Center Morro Bay, 835 Main Street and then drive to the location decided.  Contact Kirsti Wothe – Adult Education Director - for more information (805) 996-0937
Portrait Workshop

Image provided by Bob Rodger
Tuesday evenings   5:30pm - 8:30pm

Art Center Morro Bay is proud to present a weekly, uninstructed, Portrait Workshop, featuring a variety of male and female clothed models.

Put yourself on the pathway to better art! This evening workshop is open to a limited number of students. There is no instructor. This workshop is appropriate for beginner to advanced. Bring your own art materials.

COST: $144.00 for 12 weeks for MBAA Members / $180.00 for 12 weeks for Non-Members
CONTACT: Bob Rodger (805) 528-4248,
Online registration:


 Wednesdays   10:00am – 3:00pm*  

FREE   informal and open to the public

Meet in the Art Center art studio/classroom. Bring your artwork and supplies, in any medium and join others working in various mediums. Bring your lunch and stay for the whole time, or come and go as it works for you. No pre-registration needed. 

 *unless other events/workshops conflict

Life Drawing

Image provided by Bob Rodger
Wednesday evenings   6:00pm - 9:00pm

Life drawing has remained the cornerstone of art instruction. 
We believe life drawing should be fun, accessible and expressive. Art Center Morro Bay is proud to present a weekly, uninstructed, Life Drawing workshop, featuring a variety of male and female nude models. 

Put yourself on the pathway to better art! This evening workshop, is open to all adults regardless of experience. Bring your own art supplies and work with medium of choice. 

Models pose for various lengths of time, up to 20 minutes while taking short breaks. There is no instruction. This workshop is appropriate for beginner to advanced and participants should be at least 18 years of age to register. 

COST: $10.00 MBAA Members and Students $12.00 Non Members

CONTACT: Bob Rodger (805) 528-4248,
Pre-register HERE

The Ongoing Journey

with Virginia Mack

May 5, 12, 19, 26 
9:30am - 12:00pm

In this watercolor workshop with Virginia Mack, we will explore the pathways to our best visual expressions. We will look at the relationship between intention and outcome.  This workshop will include techniques that will add spontaneity and expressiveness. We will practice the basics of image development in watercolor and explore possibilities that develop with mixing media.

Childrens' Art Classes
Monday - Thursday
9:00 - 11:30am
Ages 6 - 12
$120.00 per week

register HERE

Each week offers students art exploration with experienced instructors using a wide variety of art techniques and materials including painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, & more. All materials and snacks are included.  Small classes! Sign up online at Sessions can be viewed and purchased in the Class Registrations tab on our website.
Questions? Email 

All About Me!
June 13-16
The activity of making a self portrait is powerful! Most famous artists throughout history have painted themselves. Kids will enhance their observational skills as they translate how they see themselves into their art. We will experiment with different art materials and celebrate what makes each person unique.

Under the Sea
June 20-23
Where’s the best place to spend a hot summer day? Under the sea, of course! Dive into a week of underwater sea life using a variety of materials to create artwork inspired by the ocean and the amazing creatures to be discovered there.

Art Lab
June 27-30
Process Art focuses on making, experimenting, and discovering. 
We will use exploration to discover new materials, techniques, and tools in 
an open-ended way that encourages creative learning. We will explore how 
different materials and art tools can interact with each other to achieve unique results.

Messy Masterpieces
July 11-14
Campers will learn about the most important artistic movements in history, while creating their own masterpieces influenced by renowned artists. Get inspired by the techniques, styles and stories of great artists of the past and present.

Go Wild!
July 18-21
Discover the exciting world of animals and their amazing habitats. 
Campers will explore the textures, patterns, colors and shapes of 
animals from around the world and use them as inspiration for 
creating wild and wonderful art projects.

Art Explorers
July 25-28
Young artists set sail for an art adventure! Each day we will trot around the globe or travel back in time to discover art forms from different cultures around the world! A variety of media will be used, including painting, drawing, and more!

Are you ready to join our team of volunteers?  Maybe you'd like to be more social or prefer to work from home? We have fun and very important positions available!  
Treasurer Assistant

Weekly - approx. 2 hours

  • Tally daily sales reports for the week
  • Make bank deposit
  • Write checks to artists
  • Open mail, distribute
  • Process any new membership forms
Exhibitions Director & Assistant
Oversee all Gallery Exhibits and Receptions.  With the help of a Gallery Director Assistant, lead team of volunteers to develop and present art exhibitions.  

  • Fill annual exhibit schedule to include dates of art exchange, exhibit installation, show and receptions with dates and times. 
  • Work with outside art organizations to negotiate gallery exhibits with the use of an approved MBAA Contract.  
  • Invite 3D Guest artists for shows when appropriate.
  • Share copy of completed exhibit schedule to the Marketing Director, Docent Director.
  • Submit budget (spending) request to board.
  • Write up show and Call for Artist descriptions. Forward with images to the Marketing Director for inclusion onto the website, social media and general marketing.
  • Take-in forms may be updated by Exhibitions Director at the discretion of the board.
  • Report to the board and submit board report. 
  •  Submit Newsletter report
  • Supervise exchange, hanging and wall/3D tag installation with the assistance of Exhibit Director Assistant.
  • Exhibit Director Assistant shall work with Recruitment Volunteer for the scheduling of volunteers needed for art exchange, hanging, tagging and receptions.  
  • Work with Exhibit Director Assistant to design and order poster for kiosk.
  • Attend Art all Receptions 
Marketing Director 
Oversee promotion of all aspects of MBAA programs and manage public relations, market analysis, and increase community awareness of MBAA 
  • Ensure training for marketing volunteers, providing updated spreadsheet with media contact information.
  • Collect press releases for Exhibits, Demos, Workshops and classes. Collect images to accompany and assign to respective marketing team volunteer.
  • Ensure events are added to website and social media, by forwarding information to assigned representative.
  • Ensure the monthly NewTimes ad has been prepared and sent. (This job performed by a graphic artist)
  • Ensure the quarterly ad is updated if needed for Magazine. (This job performed by a graphic artist)
  • Update media sheets and speak with editors and salespeople with regard to advertising.
For more information about any of these positions, pease ask any board member or email:




Rubber Block Print Making

MONDAY MAY 9   3:00 - 5:00PM
Did you know the second Monday of every month is set aside for general meetings for MBAA Members and non-members to connect, catch up with organization announcements and shared information? After a quick meeting, join us for a great art demonstration and refreshments.
Join us for an afternoon of block printmaking. In this demo, Tricia Reichert will lead you in cutting and hand printing with rubber blocks. 



Kerri Harris-French
Jewel DeMoss
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Georgene Bratten
Tommy Nunes
Leah Burrow
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Greg Simmons
Lou DeLarios
Cindy Calvert
Susan Lilly


Dorcas Tokes
Jason Mayr
Michele Knecht
Ann Kalb
Gary E Hamel
Roberta (Bobbi) Mongeau
Nico Vandenheuvel
Marita Nath
Alissa Maddren
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Jude Coren
Katherine Keeney
Kelene Cooper
The next meeting of the Morro Bay Art Association Board of Directors is
May 9, 2022  12:00 - 2:00pm.
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