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   From the President’s Desk

You may have noticed that MBAA has a new logo!  New brochures are available at the gallery now.  The 2022 exhibit calendar is full and soon the free demo calendar should follow.  We know many of you enjoy the at-a-glance exhibit/demo calendar inserts!  Look for them as we get closer to the holidays.  

SLO County has re-adopted a mask mandate for all adults and most children while entering into any local business.  Art Center Morro Bay is again asking everyone to please wear a mask inside the gallery and classroom, regardless of vaccination status.  At this time, children's art programs are temporarily postponed however, Art in the Park and receptions are still scheduled at this time.  Let's work together to help stop the spread!  

We're very saddened to announce that the 2022 MBAA Board Installation and Holiday Dinner celebration will be postponed once more due to Covid.  It's the safest and most responsible thing for us to do as the infection rates begin to rise in our community again.  Hopefully, we'll get to make up for this wonderful celebration in the near future. And boy, will we!

As September begins to change the autumn leaves to red and gold, we continue to look into a future that's brighter than ever.  

MBAA Members will soon receive an email from This secure and confidential process of electing our 2022 MBAA Board of Directors is open to lifetime and current MBAA Members only.  During this process, you are welcome to nominate those you think will do a good job. You may even throw your own hat into the ring and nominate yourself.  Although comments are confidential, they are viewed by the people who work very hard on your behalf, so please, offer solutions with constructive criticisms.  2022 board positions include: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Secretary, Gallery Director, Adult Education Director, Children’s Education Director, Docent Director and Marketing Director.

Per MBAA Bylaws, my time as President ends on December 31st, of this year!  I can hardly believe I've been on the board almost (6) years and at the end of this year, 4.5 of those years as President.  Board terms are a minimum of (1) year, to a maximum of (4) years.  It takes a little while to learn any position so it makes sense to stay at least a couple of years.  If we keep people in positions longer than four years, we stand to loose growth.  If you have great organizational skills and would like to learn this incredibly rewarding position, or any other board position, please let me know.  All of us on the board are happy to offer training and support.  

A huge thank-you to Colleen Ray for the many volunteer hours and jobs she has done over the last few years.  You may know Colleen by her acrylic, abstract paintings and her gorgeous, hand made, vintage journals.  Colleen has assisted with the art exchange and hanging process, been a docent and helped process and mail annual membership drive letters and Art in the Park. Her flyers are fun and informational.  Currently, Colleen and Dianne Ravin work together in processing volunteer incentives.  Colleen needs to step away from this important task immediately as her home has sold and she will be moving from the area.  This volunteer position is done by making an excel spreadsheet of names and volunteer hours taken from reports provided to her. This information is forwarded to Dianne to put into a pivot table, which is then forwarded for review and treasury for payments.  There is an immediate need for a volunteer to take this special position, done from the comfort of home which takes Colleen about 1.5 hours per month.  Colleen Ray will be missed not only for her skills, attention to detail and incredibly generous support, but also her kind heart and big smile. We wish her well in her new northern community!  Thank you Colleen!

Last month I touched on the difference between a copyright and a print.  In taking that discussion a step farther, let’s talk a little about what a printmaker does!
Although there are many variables, printmaking can be divided into four basic categories. Relief, intaglio, planographic and stencil. 
Block or Relief prints are made from a design raised on the surface of a block. The plate is made by cutting away areas of the block the artist doesn’t want to appear in the design. Ink is rolled onto the top or protruding surface, then transferred to the paper under light pressure.

An intaglio print is made with cuts or etchings made into the surface of a plate. During this method, ink lies below the surface of the plate and is transferred to the paper under pressure, using a press.  An original print (remember we’re talking about printmaking here) is a copy of an artwork that is made from the master image of that art piece (plate). The master image is often carved into a durable material, which is then used to produce a limited run of original prints.
A Monotype is an image taken from a matrix rather than drawn or painted directly onto the paper. The image is painted or rolled onto a smooth surface of a plate and usually printed with an intaglio press.  Because the detail of the image is removed by the process, the print cannot be repeated.  These are always considered originals and often numbered one of one, then the plate is destroyed. 
Mono prints:
Look for the Central Coast Printmakers exhibit, Under Pressure, and the exciting line-up of exhibitions in 2022!  
Patricia Newton


My wife Mary and I were both born and raised in Los Angeles, where we also raised our sons.  Our son Jack currently lives in Bishop, Ca where he works in the field of hydro and electric power.  Our son Gabriel and his wife Kailee live in Northridge, Ca where they are both working students, studying to become teachers.

I attended Cal State Long Beach where I earned my BFA degree in ceramics and design.  Continuing my education, I attended UCLA with a focus on ceramics and hot glass.  After receiving my MFA, I opened a glass blowing studio in Northridge, in the San Fernando Valley where I created one-of-a-kind pieces that sold worldwide.

When the 1994 Northridge earthquake hit, we suffered extensive damage to both our home and studio.  At that time it was devastating but it was also an opportunity to reevaluate my career path.  Our sons were young and maintaining a hot shop was consuming. I was looking to explore a career that might allow me more time to spend with my family.

I returned to school (again) and earned my single subject high school teaching credential in art.  I taught high school level ceramics, art history, painting and design.  In addition, I was the high school soccer coach.  I continued teaching until 2018 when Mary and I moved permanently to Los Osos.

My wife, Mary was a life-long educator.  As a college professor, Mary taught Child Development for 37 years, teaching  at both Los Angeles Valley College and Los Angeles County/USC Medical Center.

The transition from Los Angeles to Los Osos was wonderful.  We both love the central coast environment.  Together we enjoy kayaking, traveling (precovid) and taking advantage of all the central coast provides.

In addition to volunteering at the Morro Bay Art Center, we enjoy volunteering  with our church and have done a variety of mission work in Ecuador, Belize, the Dominican Republic, Honduras as well as in the United States.   Volunteering has always been an
important part of our lives and participating at the Morro Bay Art Center continues to be a privilege for both of us.


Phil and Mary have been extremely helpful in helping to keep us all safeer from covid by moving tables and chairs to the patio and back again during exchange days!  Thank you both!


September 9 - November 1

Art Take-in day:  September 7 10am-2pm

This pandemic provides an opportunity to break with the past, reconcile with current injustices and imagine a world anew. We are at the crossroads. Turning away from yesterday, we’re leaping forward into a new future. As we transition from current habitual concepts and a fabricated persona, we shed the past and pivot into a renewed spirit and sense of vision.

Visionary Human gives rise to questions of survival and demonstrates how art continually pushes us to reimagine our existence.

Visionary human is open only to 2D and jewelry artists.

Artworks for Visionary Human are accepted in all 2D media and jewelry artists, relating to the animalistic, instinctual, primitive, intuitive and surreal deep perception of nature of existence. Exploring and visually projecting indigenous as well as contemporary, dream-state as well as psychedelic states of consciousness. Reality reimagined and dream visualized within indistinct boundaries of fact and fiction. Artists are asked to construct their version of reality and self.

Artists in this show are encouraged to draw from centuries-old practices while imbuing them with fresh perspectives to examine issues bubbling up in today’s volatile cultural and environmental climate.

This extraordinary exhibit is open to all artists.
Refer to the website for further information. All general fees and commissions found on entry forms, located on the exhibit schedule.

For further questions contact Barbara Sitar, Art Curator and Gallery Director at

For more take-in and hanging information, please refer to our website at

Artists wishing to hang artwork in a local venues are welcome to contact the following businesses directly.  Please be prepared to email images of your artwork.

Morro Bay Library 625 Harbor St. Morro Bay, Christy Nibbe, Librarian, 805-772-6395

McElhinney & McElhinney: 800 Quintana Ste 2F, Morro Bay Contact  Rachel 805-772-7877

Central Coast Lending: 601 Morro Bay Blvd. Ste B, Morro Bay office phone: 805-543-5626, Dan cell: 805-704-5466,



MBAA is moving closer toward going paperless.  2022 annual memberships are payable, starting September 15, 2021. As we begin to streamline the process, our membership will become a cloud based, rolling membership. How does this affect you?  Here's an example: if you paid for a membership June 1, 2021, you would typically need to pay for a 2022 membership between Sept. 15 - Jan 1, 2022.  

The new process should eliminate confusion by simply having everyone renew one full year from the date of your last membership payment.  Current members should receive an email notification of renewal specific to you.  If you paid for a membership June 1, 2021, you would be up for a newel June 1, 2022.  Although memberships will be going up beginning September 15, we feel the updated method of membership will still offer a cost savings.  Single memberships will be $40. Family $50. Student $20. and Active Military (with ID) $25. 



1. MBAA has added "Assistant Treasurer" as an official MBAA board position. 2. Name change from Community Outreach Director to Community Development Director.

Be the change you would like to see!  

Are you someone with vision and would like to make a difference? Board Members are in a unique position to help guide this organization into a future that's brighter than ever. 
Volunteers who cashier in the gallery for (1) or (2) four hour shifts per month. Please contact Nola Barnick,

(2) volunteers needed.  Anybody out there ready to spread the word about Art Center Morro Bay, through the computer, just a couple hours a month??  It’d be great if you had BASIC computer skills such as: copy/paste, website navigation, email, etc.  Attention to detail and communication skills are a must.  It would also require that you have your own computer or one you can use (sorry, phone use for marketing, will not work).  If you’re ready to join the Marketing Team, please email Sue Allemand at

Oversee Board recruitment, governance, procedures, and policy creation. Facilitate Board meetings. Generate acknowledgements to donors and volunteers.  OPEN IN 2022
Assist President.  Oversee MBAA’s Art in the Park booth (3x annually) to include setup/takedown, art take-in, scheduling docents for the booth and to provide restroom breaks for vendors. Assist with the Holiday/Installation Dinner Party. Assist scheduling art demonstrations. OPEN IN 2022
Oversee all financial assets, insurance and risk management functions.  Provide timely and accurate financial reports. Book keeping, bank deposits, bill paying and attend monthly board meetings.  Are you a numbers kind of person? Experience in QuickBooks is extremely helpful. CURRENTLY OPEN 
Prepares daily sales information for bookkeeping, make bank deposits and artist payments. Attend monthly board meetings. Skills in bookkeeping not necessary, training provided. 
Oversee creation of minutes and all corporate records. Janet Hillson will continue to volunteer for this position into 2022.
Oversee gallery operations and lead team of volunteers to develop exhibitions including booking, hanging, and submissions functions. OPEN IN 2022
Interview, select, train, schedule, and oversee a team of docents to staff the Gallery and generate sales revenue. Nola Barnick will continue into 2022.
Oversee all member revenue and processing, collect and respond to member feedback. Produce all member forms. OPEN IN 2022
Oversee promotion of all aspects of MBAA programs and manage public relations and increase community awareness of MBAA. This may include work on the MBAA website and social media.  The Marketing Director manages a team of volunteers. OPEN IN 2022
Partner in the scheduling and production of adult educational workshops, field trips and demos. MAY BE OPEN IN 2022.
Partner in the scheduling and production of children's educational workshops. Oversee the Internship and Scholarship programs. Shannon K. Larson will continue in 2022.
If you would like more details or to attend a board meeting for insight into any board positions, please contact Patricia Newton at  (805) 423-1100


September 4, 5 & 6 – Saturday, Sunday, Monday  

MBAA Members, look for the Signupgenious in your email if you would like to participate in the September MBAA booth.  Participants must volunteer for a short shift, cashiering or providing breaks to our vendors. There are (2) positions available for members wishing to participate in this Art in the Park opportunity. Look for the signupgenious in your email and sign up!
  Gallery Director's Report

Visionary Human and ToMORROw Scupture
twin exhibitions is just few days away!!

Submission of 2D art for VISIONARY HUMAN exhibit is
next Tuesday, September 7, 10am-2pm.
Our art has all sorts of power - some of it can enter deep into perceptions of what is the truth of our existence.  We as artists tap into the subconscious of society and of ourselves to get a glimpse of that truth; we transform our observations into expression of visual language. Every portrait is a life story written in the face with all embedded visions and lived experiences;  every human form in art carries a question to be contemplated, our minds strive for visions and for visionary glimpses of radical hope in representational and abstract art reflexions.
We encourage and share with each other all these inner inquiries. Let’s have a voice, share, make a statement or just present art for quiet meditation. Your way to express this mind movement can take on various forms and all ranges of expressions. Take part in this exciting upcoming show. 

Opening reception on September 12   2:00 -4:00pm

Figure Drawing

Wednesday evenings
6:00pm - 9:00pm

Zen Doodle
Friday mornings 10:00am - 11:30am

Drop-in for the Adult coloring book club! Open to all community members. Relax and unwind with the new Adult coloring books! Learn the latest doodle craze called Zen Doodle. Anyone can do it, no experience necessary! Bring your own coloring books or get started with a page from ours.


MBAA Library

Did you know that MBAA has a self check-out, check-in library? There is a treasure trove of art related instructional books available for our members to borrow!

The library is located in the gallery classroom, in the upper bookcase, located on the left side of the room as you enter.  To check out a book of interest, simply pull the library card, found on the inside pocket of the front cover. Sign and date the card and place it in the "card box" located in the last drawer marked library.

When you're ready to return the book, please pull the card from the card box, put it back into the book pocket and place the book back into the appropriate cupboard. (Remember, there isn't anyone assigned to do that for us)

Members are welcome to self-check-out books anytime during business hours, unless there is a class taking place.


The Ugly Mug Ceramics
with Shell Voorhees and Aimee Brantley

Monday, September 13 3:00 - 5:00pm


During this demonstration, Shell and Aimee will take you through the steps needed to create a ceramic piece from start to finish. They will make a small planter from clay slab and discuss techniques in hand building. Shell and Aimee will cover the stages of drying, firing and glazing. If you’ve ever been interested in creating with clay, don’t miss this informative free art demonstration by experts and the owners of The Ugly Mug Ceramics. Learn more here ...

Please wear facial coverings while in the gallery and classroom at this time. Thank you.


Dot Mandala

Monday, October 11, 3:00pm - 5:00pm


A mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Asian cultures. It can be understood in two different ways: externally as a visual representation of the universe or internally as a guide for several practices that take place in many Asian traditions, including meditation. In Hinduism and Buddhism, the belief is that by entering the mandala and proceeding towards its center, you are guided through the cosmic process of transforming the universe from one of suffering into one of joy and happiness.

In their most basic form, mandalas are circles contained within a square and arranged into sections that are all organized around a single, central point. They’re typically produced on paper or cloth, drawn on a surface with threads, fashioned in bronze, or built in stone. While extraordinary as a standalone work of art, mandalas hold symbolic and meditative meaning beyond their vibrant appearance.  Learn more here ...

Please wear facial coverings while in the gallery and classroom at this time. Thank you.


Quick Studies in Clay

with Anne Grannis
October 9 & 10
1:00PM - 3:00PM
Anne will be teaching techniques to sculpt a whole figure, a torso, or a bas relief using water-based clay. This intense session will guide the beginning or advanced sculptor in the essence of figure sculpting, giving the student a spontaneous, emotional arena to work in; without the finishing details of a refined piece. We will be working from a live model.  Learn more here ...COST: $125 MBAA Members $135. Non Members



Mosaics for Beginners
September 11, 10:00am - 2:00pm
October 23,  10:00 - 2:00pm

Choose from several projects, register then dive in on the class date to learn mosaic basics to create a mosaic masterpiece. Great for beginners.


Sea Glass Hammered Metal Jewelry

October 16, 10:00am - 12:00pm
October 17,  10:00am - 12;00pm


Learn how to drill holes in sea glass (for safety this will be a demonstration), hammer metal to create strength and texture and basic jewelry making skills. ​​​​

​Create a gorgeous sea glass necklace and two pierced earrings. Everything is provided to complete the projects from local sea glass (choose brown, white or green in class), to metal, jewelry findings and use of tools.

Succulents - Choose Your Projects

October16, 1:00pm - 3:00pm
October 24,  10:00am - 12:00pm


Come create a beautiful pumpkin succulent centerpiece to usher in the fall season! You bring the pumpkin and Joan supplies succulents, moss, glue and instruction. When the pumpkin is no longer usable, the top can be cut off and planted in soil to give the succulents a new life in another container. $25 workshop fee.


Preregistration required at 
or contact 805-286-5993

Next Board Meeting is November 21, 2021 12:00 - 3:00pm  
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