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From the President’s Desk
Although many of us have had our vaccines and many more will have received them soon, we have not completely made it through this historical event.  California aims to lift Covid restrictions  around June 15, however, please continue to wear your masks, sanitize and follow all of the safety precautions.  It’s been a tough year for everyone but there have been bright points too!

This year, MBAA celebrates its 70th year!  Please join us for a very special opening for the MBAA Salon 2021, with an outdoor Vernissage!  What's a Vernissage you might ask?  French, originally meaning to varnish, Vernissage is a term used for a private preview of an art exhibit, usually before the public opening.  But we thought everyone should be invited to this great celebration of YOU!  MBAA and its Members!  In addition, we hope to unveil a history wall.  Read about MBAA's humble beginnings and rich history.  Did you know that MBAA was established before the City of Morro By was incorporated?  Please join us on the Art Center Morro Bay patio, Saturday, May 29, 2021, 5pm – 7pm. There will be live acoustical music and light bites (individually wrapped for safety).  Farmer's Market ends at 6pm so you may wish to come early to enjoy all of the activities.  Please remember, facial coverings are still necessary inside the gallery.

With the help of some amazing donors, Art Center Morro Bay is providing over $10,000. in art scholarships to local high school and Cuesta College students this year! A very special Thank you, to Art Central, Forrest and Michael Doud and Michael Costa for their generous efforts to help raise funds in the support of emerging artists and art scholarships.  In addition, Thank you to Greg Wessel for donations of his father's photography.  Sales of Ralph Wessel's photography will support the Artist in Residence Program.   
Business has been continually picking up!  Art Center Morro Bay has resumed normal business hours. Beginning May 1, Saturday hours have been extended to 6pm with a second docent position to help during the busy hours during Farmers Market.  
We're saddened to hear at this late date that the Memorial Day Art in the Park will be canceled, again due to Covid restrictions.  July is looking very promising.
The People’s Choice Award, in conjunction with Flower Power goes to Suzie Stach.  People’s Choice Award winners are allowed to enter a future show with all entry fees waived.  Congratulations for this overwhelmingly popular vote! 
Mark Making, Developing Your Signature Style (abstract painting) will be an in-person workshop June 18 & 19, 2021. There are a few spots still available. Facial coverings and social distancing is still required for entering the gallery and attendance of workshops.

A huge THANK YOU to all of the volunteers who do their part in making Art Center Morro Bay a wonderful success for us all. 

Patricia Newton 


Gallery Director

Barbara was born in 1966 in Slovakia and lived and worked in Prague, Vienna and USA. In the USA she exhibited in galleries and art museums in Boston, Bangor, Santa Fe, Colorado Springs, SLO and Morro Bay. During the past 30 years Barbara has been a professional art curator, interior designer and artist. She worked as an art curator on projects and shows in a number of state and private galleries in Europe. She was a manager at Vaclav Havel Foundation in Prague, co-owned a glass design studio, owned an interior design company for 10 years and worked as an art therapist in Ober Roden, Germany. She earned an MA in Art History and Fine Arts, graduated/completed courses at CU Bratislava, Slovakia, Fine Art Academy Prague, Institute of Art and Design and St.Thomas University, Minneapolis, Academy of Realist Artists, Boston. She works in a variety of media, glass, ceramics, photography, street art murals, oil and pastel painting. She has created and led community art projects focused on art therapy with Romani young adults and environmental groups in Prague.

Barbara moved to the Central Coast 3 years ago with her husband.

She offers private tailored mentoring sessions for individuals seeking to let go of self-judgment, learn and liberate visual expression and skills towards inner liberation and art expression.

Barbara Sitar has served on the Morro Bay Art Association, Board of Directors since 2019 as the current Gallery Director and Art Curator.  Barbara states, “ My vision for the MBAA Gallery is to continue the MBAA legacy, upgrade the gallery operation towards exciting and meaningful shows and services for our members. Art Center is the home to our large creative family, it belongs to all of us and our art promotion is our main mission. My mission is to nurture and show our efforts and help each other strive as artists. I am here to continuously encourage, promote, initiate, motivate and exhibit our work in a professional way.”

Be the change you would like to see!  Art Center Morro Bay runs strictly with the help of volunteers, including your hard working board members.
Experience in QuickBooks is helpful but not necessary.  Book keeping, bank deposits and paying bills, prepare annual taxes for CPA and attend monthly board meetings. 

Adult Education Director manages the ART STUDIO (activity room/classroom) calendar.
Organize and schedule monthly art demonstrations and workshops for adult art education.
Work with other board directors.  Submit monthly board report and attend monthly board meeting.

A volunteer is needed to rearrange gallery lights after each exhibit is installed and to ensure all of the light bulbs are lite or replaced as quickly as possible. 

This is a smaller job, anyone can accomplish from home on your own computer.  It's a commitment of about (2) hours monthly.  

Volunteer as a cashier in the gallery for (1) or (2) shifts per month.  

Volunteers to help with upcoming outdoor Artist Reception, Saturday, May 29, 5-7pm
If you would like more details or attend a board meeting for insight into board positions, please contact Patricia Newton.
(805) 423-1100

Memorial weekend Art in the Park
We're sad to announce that the Memorial weekend, Art in the Park will again be cancelled due to Covid.  The State of California is moving closer to less restrictive policies as people continue to become fully vaccinated.  July is looking very promising! 


The Lisa Agaran's live online workshop, Mixed Media Basics is currently in progress.  

The Thomas Schaller workshop, moved to online teaching due to Covid.  Online teaching allowed students to join this incredible workshop from outside of the community.  In fact we had new members join us from WA, MN, FL, Italy and The Netherlands.  
A huge thank you to Thomas W. Schaller, AWS NWS, TWSA, for giving us a great, live, online workshop via Zoom!  Although Thomas Schaller was not with us in person as we had originally planned, students were able to actually see his drawing and painting methods up close on their home computer screen!  Students were able to interact with the instructor, ask questions and have their work critiqued.  Thomas took students through each step in his paintings.  He allowed MBAA to record the workshop for students to revisit for up to 30 days and generously gave students an image of his final demo paintings to refer back to during home practice. 
  Gallery Director's Report

Dear friends,

Everett Lucero is a 25 year-old, Central Coast native, self-educated as a mixed media artist, poet, composer, musician, and performance artist. He  graduated from a local area high school but was unable to further his art education due to economic restraints. He is an auto-didactic, voracious reader and artistic innovator with a wide-range of influences from classical to technology centric art forms.

Many of you have already met Everet, either in person on exchange day or through his recent sound art exhibited within the Broken Nature show. Our mentorship sessions are every Thursday when he is mentored by me in art history, conceptual art, sculpture and visual part of his project. His musical mentor, Sal Garza, helps Everet with composition and sound development. Everet will be performing with Sal Garza, his music mentor and other musicians, at the opening of SALON2021.

Sound Sculpture Orchestra is a multi-media art project using discarded musical instruments, found  objects from nature and repurposed materials to create and play new hybrids - deconstructed and reinvented sculptural musical instruments. Once completed, Everett will then present the newly imagined instruments in a multimedia art performance that will allow for novel sounds and a unique musical language that promotes art conversation and improv-collaboration. 

Each artistically crafted instrument will be on display to be viewed and admired. Installation of these acoustic sculptures will feature the artist at one of the future exhibits. During a scheduled concert, the playable instruments will be demonstrated and played for their unique tonal quality and ability to sustain a musical concert.

Aside from designing new hybrid instruments that are both visually compelling and practical, Everett intends to compose musical works that reflect both Eastern and Western traditions. From primitive percussion, to haunting tonal sounds from Asia to classical chord structures, it is his desire to extract resonant sounds and harmony from the previously unmatched materials.


1. Funding helps support emerging artists with a specific goal, supplies, production and presentation.

 2. Musical instruments, new and used are needed for this project.

 3. Volunteer mentoring and guidance from local area art professionals.

 4. Support in the final project presentation and demonstration.

Please consider supporting MBAA's first Artist in Residence. Your donations of new or used musical instruments or parts of instruments would be extremely helpful.
For those who wish to help fund this special program, please be sure to note "Artist is Residence Program" with your donations.  Contributions may be made payable to MBAA or through the website donation portal.

For those who have already donated, THANK YOU!




Make sure you participate in this exciting event and get your profile included in our artists’ portfolio. Mark your calendar for Saturday, May 29 5:00-7:00pm for our 70th anniversary celebration and the grand opening of our Salon 2021 exhibition, *Vernassage  and unveiling of the History Wall
*Vernissage - vair-nih-SAHZH - meaning varnishing was a preview for members of historical French Salon du Louvre exhibit to perform last touches to their paintings. It evolved into a public art show opening event in modern times.
BIO - max 140 words. Web site, social media, email, your current location, relevant education, facts and experiences.
STATEMENT - max 60 words.
In your statement, please talk about what your medium is and the process and themes you reveal through your art expression.  Update: The current template allows for addition words to 140/60.
PHOTO - your best quality color selfie or photo portrait, plain wall background, head and chest only. Don't send photos of your art.
The information received from you will be converted to black & white and displayed as a large profile tag. Example attached next to your artwork and within a printed portfolio. 

Please send the required photo and information to Barbara Sitar, Gallery Director, at, using your full name and MBAA SALON 2021 in the email subject line. 
We are promoting MBAA members only. To become an MBAA Member, please visit our website:
- Take in Day, submit your artwork during the regular exchange day,  May 25, 10am – 2pm, on the patio. Please print out entry forms and wire tags and have them ready.
- Artists may enter up to (3) artworks total, including 2D wall art, sculpture, 3D art and jewelry.
- All standard fees apply.
- This exhibit will be installed in a Salon style in alphabetical order.
- If participation exceeds the wall space, we might reduce the number of artworks to 2.
- As an opportunity to exhibit your very best artwork, (1) one of your pieces may be entered as NFS
- Exhibit is open to all media.
- 2D artwork Max. 40”x40”. If you have a larger piece, please send me an email.
- We will accept portfolios and cards in addition to your 3 pieces.
- If you intend to exhibit artwork framed under glass, include hi-res photo of it without glass and attach to your email. Your under glass artwork will be part of the portfolio, but will not be photographed by us.
- Volunteers (Barbara Sitar-curator, Brooke Deegan and Daniela Sebastian-MBAA interns) are currently working on your presentation and promotion - information gathering, photo editing, text editing, graphic design of artist’s profile tag, printed portfolio template, poster and banner, artwork tags, History Wall and PR. Your art will be photographed at Art Center for the portfolio.
- Best artist will be judged by public vote. The best 3 artists will be granted a free one-year MBAA membership for 2022 and chosen as a featured artist within one of the upcoming shows.

An opening Vernissage with live music will be held on the Art Center Patio on Saturday, May 29, 2021, 5pm – 7pm. Our Artist in Residence Everet Lucero will be performing live and presenting his art&sound sculpture project.

The Morro Bay Art Association, Board of Directors, made a title change to the following board position: Community Outreach Director will now be Development Director.  The same duties apply.

Our new Front Door Look


MBAA was able to offer a gifted, local high school student, a scholarship to attend the Architecture of Light workshop with Thomas W. Schaller, AWS NWS, TWSA.  Art Central located in San Luis Obispo, donated funding that helped cover the cost of her art supplies!  Way to go Art Central!  Thank you!  


Win BIG by entering Art Central's Mini-Masterpiece Contest!

Use Mini canvases available at Art Central to create a mini masterpiece and submit your artwork by MAY 5th! All submissions must be on these tiny canvases.  Canvases may be used individually or combined and glued to another surface to create a larger piece of art.


1st prize - $100 Art Central Gift Certificate

2nd prize - $25 Art Central Gift Certificate

3rd prize - $25 Art Central Gift Certificate

Honorable mentions – (3)

Winners will also be shared and tagged on our Instagram @artcentralslo

All contest submissions will be shown in our Mini-Masterpiece Virtual Gallery on May 7th
Submissions must be received (jpegs only, please) by May 5th.
Winning submissions will be exhibited in our gallery for the month of May.
Sets of canvases are available in-store only! 


1329 Monterey Street
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

(805) 747-4200


Mark Making Workshop - 
Developing Your Signature Style

with Diane Williams & Chuck Potter
at Art Center Morro Bay
June 18 and 19    10:00am - 4:00pm
Mark making is as distinctive as your fingerprint, adding a personal touch to your painting. Marks can energize a painting, or highlight movement, texture or direction. In this 2-day workshop you will practice abstract acrylic painting techniques that are enhanced by your personal mark making. Feeling stuck or that something personal or dynamic is missing in your painting? This class is designed to help you develop your signature style by identifying your personal and unique marks.  We will be exploring a variety of techniques using water soluble pencils, Sumi ink, charcoal, sticks, scrapers, and other mark making tools. We will also use stencils, stamping, special patinas and other applications to create multi-dimensional layering effects adding depth and visual interest. The results are alive, authentic and exhilarating. Unveil the mysteries of abstraction by practicing techniques in form, rhythm and motion. Each student will receive individual instruction and group critique. Learn more here...  COST: $225.00 MBAA Members or $235.00 Non Members

Silk Scarf Dying

with Sharon Gellerman
at Art Center Morro Bay

August 21     10:00am - 1:00pm
During this workshop every student will dye their own unique scarf. Sharon will guide you through the process and techniques used to obtain beautiful patterns and colors within the silk scarf. All materials, tools, and supplies are provided for you.  $45.00 MBAA Members $55.00 Non Members  All materials are provided and included in the workshop registration fee.  Learn more here .

Polymer Clay Jewelry Making

with Jane Morgan.
August 28, 1:00pm - 4:00pm

In this fun and informative class, you will learn a variety of polymer clay techniques to create stunning one of a kind pieces of jewelry. We will cover the basics of using this incredibly versatile material. You will learn how to create gradient blends of color, how to make custom colors, how to use stamps and household items to create texture and depth in the clay.  There’ll be plenty of time for you to create, ask questions, and most importantly, have fun!  COST: MBAA Members $50. Non-Members $55.  $5.00 Materials fee paid to instructor the night of the workshop
.  Click here for more information.



Mayr Studio: Online Courses for
Artistic Development


Shape to the Shapeless

Students will choose to paint either from a lilac still life or a beautiful sunset reference image.
Cost is $65 for the month
Includes 6 online zoom class get togethers (with 2 possible office hours or demonstration from Jason)
Support, encouragement and lots of fantastic feedback and suggestions to further your paintings and skills
For more information and to register visit our website:  

* Sketch Club is still happening Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday evenings at 7pm on our Mayr Studio Facebook page.  Those are totally free and fun to join in:
Come join us as Sundays we start with 4 images and sketch for 5 minutes.  Then on Tuesday & Thursday we take 2 images each night and work on them for 10 minutes each.  Great exercises and getting in the sketching time with friends!

* Monday evening at 7pm Jason has a show called Master Works on our YouTube channel. This is a great time to sit back, relax and watch as Jason goes through some Master Works to describe how Master painters tackled challenges and handled things through their master works.

* Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday mornings at 8am on our YouTube channel Jason has a free show called Morning Jump Start. Jason works on students work to offer suggestions on how to move forward through their exercises, sketches, paintings etc.  It's a great time to learn!:

To sign up you can go directly to Jason’s website:

Find us on Facebook -
Find us on Instagram -
Find us on YouTube -



Sea Glass Wire Wrapped Jewelry Project

June 26, 10:00am - 11:00am

Create in the comfort and safety of your home with this kit featuring local sea glass and a how-to video to guide you to a successful, fun project. Time and date listed are for curbside kit pickup.

​Learn basic wire wrapping to create a lovely necklace and two pierced earrings. All materials are provided including local sea glass, jewelry findings, and jewelry wire except for basic jewelry tools (wire cutters, round nose pliers and flat nose pliers) available for purchase on website.

Choose from brown, green or white genuine local sea glass (Joan will contact you about your color selection after purchase.) Learn more here


Preregistration required at or
contact 805-286-5993

Next Board Meeting is May 18, 2021 12:00 - 3:00pm  
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