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Happy November! We are officially into the holidays!
While we move closer toward this year's end, I reflect back upon the last seven years spent on the MBAA Board of Directors, including my own journey as an artist. 
A common obstacle encountered by emerging artists is the expection of perfection early on. Artists seeking external validation, from seemingly well-meaning people offering harsh or vague criticism can be debilitating. Mistakes are a necessary and essential part of growing and learning. Early work should be celebrated! As we continue to grow, remember to take a step back, look at your own work with a critical eye and continue to challenge and improve upon a special craft or ability. Painting or creating something thought to be popular to collectors can sometimes be a mistake. If you're creating for someone else, you may be missing out on the best part of your own journey. If you love what you do, it’s likely a collector is out there looking for the very thing, only you are able to create. 

“If you love your work, if you enjoy it, you're already a success.” Jack Canfield

With that said, the Winter Faire art exchange is November 8, 10am - 2pm.  The reception will be on Sunday, Nov 13, 2-4pm.  For those of you asking about the jurying process, this is an informal method, during take-in to ensure quality and adherence to general MBAA take-in guidelines. There is no set theme for this show and up to 12 craft items are allowed!  As always, everything must be for sale. So let’s dust off those frames, clean mats and glass, and fill the gallery to the rafters with great artwork and gift items for holiday shoppers. Offering varied price ranges and sizes is extremely helpful for buyers and sales alike. It's the perfect time to shine!
Don’t forget to set your clocks back (Fall back) at 2am, Sunday, November 6, 2022.
A huge thank you to Kathleen Heil, donors of artwork and slightly used art supplies, Patrick Spurlock who gifted us with music and all of you supporting volunteers who helped make the FUNdraiser a success! We're another step closer to those much needed building updates and repairs.

I would especially like thank John Headding, Morro Bay Mayor, Scott Collins, MB City Manager and the Morro Bay City Council for approving an $8,000. grant to Morro Bay Art Association. These funds will go a long way in the continued support of our community. A special thank you to Janet Hillson, MBAA Secretary, for her grant writing support. 
The 2023 MBAA Elections have come to a close. Let’s welcome Angie Young as the Marketing Director and Mary Gail Stablein as Treasurer. Kathleen Heil has temporarily stepped into the Vice President position while we provide training and prepare for end of year board changes. I will be handing the baton to Kathleen as she becomes the MBAA President beginning January 1, 2023. In addition, please welcome Alissa Maddren as MBAA website supervisor. We’ll be providing a more in depth introduction of 2023 board members in the December newsletter. 
I’m looking forward to seeing all of you during the WinterFaire & Juried Craft Show, art exchange and reception.
Best wishes for a happy and healthy Thanksgiving! 
Patricia Newton



Winter Faire and Crafts

Take-In:  November 8   
10:00am - 2:00pm

This special holiday event is open to all artists, providing an opportunity to exhibit paintings, photography, sculpture and fine crafts. This exhibit is open to all mediums and subject matter. Crafts include, but not limited to fiber, wood, glass, sculpture, pottery and jewelry.

This fine art exhibit is designed for customers who are holiday shopping and looking for special gift ideas!

Artists are invited to submit up to (3) wall hung 2D pieces, (10) note cards, (5) portfolio prints, up to (12) jewelry pieces, (3) large sculptures and/or (12) craft items.

TAKE OUT is scheduled for MONDAY, January 2, 2023. The next take-in, FOR THE BIRDS will be scheduled for Tuesday, January 17, 2023.


Please note that the parking lot immediately to the south of The Art Center is for Haven Property patrons only!!! Each parking space has a sign stating that use of that parking lot is for Haven Property customers only.  Your car will be towed if you park there and frequent any other business in Morro Bay.  Thank you for your attention to this important matter.



Painting the Head in Oils

Little Bear©

with Warren Chang
January 14-15, 2023   9:30am - 4:30pm


In this oil painting workshop, participants will get an inside look into Warren Chang’s art practice and learn how to paint a head to final painting, using a limited palette.

Warren will teach the fundamentals of Light and Shadow and how this applies to painting a portrait, demonstrating painting a head of a live model. Students will be able to get feedback directly from Warren, ask questions in an intimate class setting, and follow along with demos. This workshop will cover how to construct a human head and learn how light falls on form with regard to value and edge relationships. In addition, Warren will share his unique limited palette in applying color in the Old Masters style. Students will focus on drawing the human head and creating life-like skin tone colors.

Warren will give a slide presentation revealing his process of creating his unique narrative paintings. By the end of this 2-day workshop, each participant will have a final painting inspired by Warren’s unique approach to painting that gives a window into his practice.  Learn more here ...


COST: MBAA Members $500. or $510. Non Members for this 2-day workshop



Professional, Fine Wire Wrapping

with  Li Li Clever
January 28      1:00pm - 4:00pm

Learn fine wire wrapping technique utilizing 3 tools; needle nose, flat tip and cutting pliers along with ½ hard silver plated round wire and a great variety of beads provided by the artist. Please feel free to bring existing jewelry projects for inspiration from the artist. Connect with other artists and learn the art of jewelry making. This workshop is designed for beginners and appropriate for intermediate artists. All materials are included in this course.  Li Li Clever is a Jewelry Specialist and Designer.  COST: $110.00Members; $125.00 Non-Members.  Learn more ...

Morro Bay Art Association's first annual art rummage sale was a huge success thanks for all who donated their gently used art supplies and to those artists who purchased those art supplies!!  What a wonderful way for the community to support it's local art organization and a fun way for artists to meet one another.  

Shout out to DJ Patrick Spurlock for providing the fun shopping tunes for everyone to enjoy! Patrick is the proud owner of Phantom Stranger Records in Grover Beach.

Find Patrick on Instagram @artbymindoftheboogeyman

Pour & Pour Workshop 
Acrylic Pour Class with Wine!

November 20th, 4:00 - 7:00pm  

During this workshop, students will learn how to stretch canvas
onto stretcher bars.

Then, we'll pour the wine while you learn several different methods of pouring acrylic paints to make stunning abstract artworks. No previous knowledge or artistic skills required. Participants will take home two completed acrylic paint poured artworks.

Proceeds from this event will go toward the upcoming Art Center remodel.

Participants must be 21 years of age or older.

Join us for an evening full of fun and laughter while we pour our way through this fun filled workshop!

This is a fundraiser for the MBAA remodel. Come join us in the fun!
Members $50, non members $65. 



Join us on Saturday, November 26, 12-4pm while artists offer a huge amount of special artworks on the patio of Art Center Morro Bay during Art & About, sponsored by SLO County Arts!

Enjoy other businesses exhibiting artwork during this event which takes place during Farmer's Market!

For artists wishing to participate on the Art Center Morro Bay patio, please contact Deborah Lord, or phone: (413) 207-1821.

Businesses wishing to participate, please contact Deborah and register with SLO County Arts Council


If you would like to be an editor for bi-weekly eblasts, we need you! Put your creative spirit to work and help us get the word out for important reminders and special events! 

If you would like to help with marketing , we have an opening.

This important position should take about 2 hours per month. 

Help arrange and manage monthly art demonstrations and art workshops.  
Adult Education Director

Looking for a 2023 Exhibit Director. 
Exhibition Director

All of our volunteer positions are important in the success of our gallery. If you are able to spend just a little time, you'll help make a huge difference. Please contact Patricia Newton:

Wednesday mornings   
9:30am - 12:00pm

All paint out meetups are FREE and will begin at 9:30 on location. If you need a ride email the group to car pool or reach out to Kirsti- Lunch and optional critique to follow at 12:00 pm at agreed upon location near the initial meeting. All levels and all mediums welcome. 

Please send me photos of your finished or unfinished works to be displayed on our social media sites. 
All Paintouts meet on location and gather for lunch afterwards. The last Wed. each month is our scheduled nocturne paintout and dinner. We will meet for dinner at 5 pm and then go to our painting locations. This is a very fun evening. 

November Paint-Outs:

Nov. 2 Atascadero Lake

Nov. 9 Coastal Access Monarch Butterfly Preserve Los Osos

Nov. 16 Cuesta Inlet
Cuesta Inlet Los Osos, CA 93402

Nov. 30 Nocturn 4:00 pm Dinner @ House of Ju Ju Morro Bay sunset @ 4:50. Painting along the waterfront. 

Here is this weeks painting inspiration:

Painting by Hilda Freyre at Laguna Lake

Bruce Miller’s amazing painting from Laguna Lake
Avila Barn paintout

Plein Air painting tips-
Life Drawing

Wednesdays  6:00pm - 9:00pm

Put yourself on the pathway to better art! This evening workshop, is open to all adults regardless of experience. Bring your own art supplies and work with medium of choice.

Models pose for various lengths of time, up to 20 minutes while taking short breaks. There is no instruction. This workshop is appropriate for beginner to advanced and participants should be at least 18 years of age to register.

COST: $10.00 MBAA Members and Students $12.00 Non Members

CONTACT: Bob Rodger at

Online registration:


You've asked for many years, and now we're doing it!  It's really happening!  We are upgrading the galleries at Art Center Morro Bay by removing the carpet from the gallery walls, adding sheetrock, painting the new walls with a light gray color, adding baseboards and a modern hanging system!


Here’s how you can have fun and help!

Pick up 3 to 6 ornaments (please take a variety) from the gallery docent desk.  Take them home to paint and decorate. It would be lots of fun to see artists paint a tiny scene or incorporate a personal style of artwork onto the ornaments. The best paint to use on bisque (clay style) ornaments is acrylic. You can use colored markers, glitter, beads and other bobbles to decorate.  Don’t forget to sign your tiny work of art!

Then, return your newly painted/decorated ornaments to the docent desk when finished. A sealer will be added to completed ornaments and prepared to hang on the gallery Christmas trees. The gallery will sell these tiny works of art for $15.00 each.

Customers will be looking for great little works of art to hang on their tree or give as gifts and you’ll help finance the new building upgrade.


Ive had the pleasure of working with Bob Rodger over the last few years. Getting to know the artist has been an honor and a pleasure at the same time. While talking, he described himself as not necessarily being an artist, rather a painter. He expressed how important it is to him, that his work maintain an overall honesty and personal characteristic.

I wondered, what drives a person to become an artist? For everyone, this answer seems to be deeply personal. For Bob, the pure joy of art was putting color on canvas and watching a painting grow. Along his journey of discovery, Bob has found art to be meditative in the healing process of grief. Although Bob doesn’t pursue artistic recognition, he strives to become an accomplished artist.

Like so many of us, Bob married, raised a family and his work history was established outside the realm of art. Building trade show exhibits and doing finish carpentry has given him overall skills, that he has shared with us at Art Center Morro Bay. “When I retired and finally had some time to myself, I did a little helping at MBAA. One year as treasurer, sitting desk, doing repairs, painting the interior, installing outdoor signs on the building, building the desk surround. etc.” Bob also helps during Art in the Park, hanging exhibits, pressure washed the patio gate, built eight art pedestals, helped manage financial audits, driven to the gallery in the middle of the night to check on an alarm, worked on preparations for adding gallery spotlights, changing out music speakers and more currently helping to prepare for the upcoming gallery upgrades and manages weekly Life Drawing and Portrait classes.

Volunteering has been an impactful part of life for Bob and his wife Marilyn. Both volunteered at organizations they felt to be important such as public outreach on behalf of Citizens Climate Lobby, a 501(4) (c), dedicated to education and finding solutions for climate change. While their children were young, both volunteered at Baywood Elementary with assignment preparation and helped individual students learn to read.

Marilyn was asked to join the Site Counsel at Baywood and Los Osos Middle Schools, was a member of the Superintendents committee on budget, following a PG&E bankruptcy and now is an incumbent trustee on the School Board.

Bob Roger's artwork has recently been featured in the Faces of Morro Bay exhibit.

The fundamental core and foundation of the Morro Bay Art Association are people dedicated in the support of the organization and the community it serves. We are grateful for Bob’s countless acts of kindness. Thank you.


Join us for a monthly meeting geared toward sharing information about what’s happening at Art Center Morro Bay and enjoy a free, fun filled, interactive art demonstration!

The World of Needle Arts

with Debra Cobb and Sue Melvin   

Monday, November 14
3:00 - 5:00pm

Join us for an afternoon of learning about the fine arts of needle work.   We will cover the history of needle work, type of canvas and fabrics used, variety of  threads, needles and other tools.  Samples of various needle work techniques, such as needlepoint, cross-stitch, surface embroidery, satin ribbon embroidery, beading, bargello, hardanger, pulled thread, etc .                                 

Highlights of the October Demo

Writing and Illustrating Haiku
with George Adsel


George Asdel shared his gift of drawing charactors and writing haikus to accompany each other. His wife Kathy assisted during this extraordinary demonstration that took on the feel of a workshop offered to everyone free of charge.

Thank you George for sharing your wonderful talents with us! 


Preregistration required at

Family Playtime with Alcohol Inks

November 25  9:00am
Looking for an event for the entire family? Come play with alcohol inks! They are basically inks with alcohol in them so they dry super fast. We'll be making ornaments, necklaces or magnets and shaving cream cards.  $25 each person.

Succulents and Driftwood
November 26  8:00am
Learn how easy it is to create with succulents. Choose a wreath or decorate an 18" x 8" piece of recycled wood with driftwood then add succulents or create a beautiful holiday tree or letters. Care instructions are provided so your succulent projects thrive for a very long time. Class fees vary. 

Mosaics for the Holidays
November 27  10:00am - 2:00pm
Invite your visitors to this fun event! Everything is provided so all you do is choose your project, sign-up and come have a ball!

What will you create using all of the colorful supplies Joan Martin Fee brings for you to play with? How about a snowman, a holiday tree, a stepping stone, a garden rock, wine bottle wall art, a heart...the choices go on and on.
Preregistration required at
You may have noticed of late that the cost of everything seems to be increasing and Art Center Morro Bay is facing the financial challenges of these rising costs.  Therefore, the Board of Directors has agreed that due to the rise in operating costs, memberships will be increasing by $10.00 beginning on January 1, 2023. Commissions and submission fees will remain the same.  We thank you for your understanding and for your continued support!


Lorie Lackland
Catherine Rowe
Barbara Hawkins
Laara Israhel
Joan Boyd
Joe Michaels
Jennifer Guernsey
Hether D. Ludwick
Claudia Spera
Cheryl Strahl
Debra Piazza
Kim Ramos
Ann Kalb
Marianne Eichenbaum
Jon C. Malachowski, MD
Mimi Whitney-Hafft
Sheridan Govers
Margaret Beebe
Anne Laddon
Deborah Lord
Suzanne Cikowski
Jenny Durling
Marsha Shaw
Sandi Heller 
Patricia Newton
Kathleen Heil
Barbara Sarkin
Lisa Wright

The next meeting of the Morro Bay Art Association Board of Directors is
November 15, 2022  1:00pm - 3:00pm.
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