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   From the President’s Desk
As we continue to navigate our way through Covid, we’re all finding our own way. At this writing, state and local mandates include all unvaccinated children and adults to wear facial coverings while inside public spaces, including the gallery. Those who are vaccinated, may enter the gallery without a mask, with the exception of children’s art classes. Please check requirements for individual adult classes and workshops. These mandates may soon change again, due to the rise of infections. Please bear with us as our policies may change while following state and county guidelines.
On a positive note, the July Art in the Park was well attended and artist vendors reported an uptick in sales. The September AitP is expected to be even better!  If you wish to participate, watch for the signupgenious in your email soon. When submitting artwork, you might consider offering various sizes to allow a wider range of price points. MBAA Marketing Director, Sue Allemand, will be on hand during the September Art in the Park to help guide our teams of cashiers and rovers. Sue is a professional artist who participates in numerous outdoor exhibits through the season. Her wealth of knowledge in this area will be a welcomed attribute for us all. 
It’s exciting for all of us when artwork sells. However, we understand that gallery policies can be a little overwhelming for emerging artists and new members. Please remember, MBAA accepts only original artwork for wall hung pieces. When looking for originality, we are not necessarily talking about copyright. Copyright and originality are (2) separate matters. The creation of artwork automatically implies that the artist who created it, owns his/her copyright, unless artwork is created during a workshop where an instructor or another may have done part of the work, or with the use of another’s copyrighted material. The artist need not purchase a copyright for this to happen. Purchasing a copyright merely adds insurance for the artist should he/she plan to pursue art as a profession or may need additional evidence of copyright ownership during a dispute. 
When we refer to an original, that means the artwork is not a photocopy of the artwork, it's the original painting or photograph.  
Here's where photography may get a little tricky.  Every individual photograph is considered an original simply because each is newly created (printing from the raw or manipulated photograph). However, a photograph that has been signed, re-photographedthen re-produced or printed, is no longer considered an original photo and therefore not allowed to be a wall hung artwork at Art Center Morro Bay. Up to (5) prints are welcomed during exhibits for display in the print bins. 
For additional information about the exhibit policies, please see the MBAA Hanging Policy which is updated occasionally. MBAA HANGING POLICY

This month, we would like you to welcome two new board members. Nola Barnick has officially stepped into the role of Docent Director. Nola and Barbara Sitar have teamed up to provide a docent training that will hopefully allow everyone a wider understanding of art in general in addition to the current show. As a result, docents may be able to better assist customers.

Also, please welcome Kirsten Wothe as the new Adult Education Director. Kirsten will be searching for accomplished artists to provide a variety of free monthly demonstrations. Her business card will be available at the docent desk soon. Look for Kirsten’s survey in your email soon. Please take a few moments to take the survey as Information you provide will provide her insight into the types of workshops and classes you are hoping to participate in. 
A huge THANK-YOU, to all of the art exchange crews, docents, hostesses, marketing volunteers and board members! A special thank-you, to Janet Hillson. Janet is the MBAA Board Secretary who oversees MBAA corporate records, including board minutes that are available to all members. Meeting minutes are hung in the gallery classroom on the cork board, located in the kitchen area. Janet writes grant applications, arranged for the fabulous lighting system in the classroom and is the MBAA Newsletter editor. Among other things, Janet helps with various fund raisers and has served as a docent.  

The very foundation of this organization was built upon dreams, and the artists and volunteers who make it all happen. It takes a large amount of hands to pitch in, manage and run an art organization that serves us all. If you would like to help build upon these dreams, please consider board service or donating some of your time as a volunteer.. 
Patricia Newton

Rosemary Bauer

Rosemary Bauer is a native Californian who in her words “had the good fortune” of coming from a military family. As a result, she moved around a lot during childhood.  Somehow, most of the movement was within California, providing early inspiration for the style of art she enjoys making today.  Art has been a lifelong passion for her.  Rosemary enjoys painting with acrylics or oils due to the texture that can be achieved with those mediums. While she sometimes plays with realism and abstractions, her favorite subjects are found outdoors in our scenic Central Coast. She shares a studio/gallery in Arroyo Grande with her artist-husband, Mike. 
Having found inspiration within nature, Rosemary’s first love of painting is an En Plein Air style using oil or acrylic paints utilizing a fresh impressionistic approach.  She continues to hone her skills by taking workshops from local and internationally known instructors, including Marcia Burtt, Debra Joy Groesser, Albert Handell, William Hook, Peggy Kroll-Roberts, Ray Roberts, Gabor Svagrik and Loraine Veeck.  
Rosemary has been an MBAA member since 2016, stating,  “I joined MBAA after attending a meeting and observing the camaraderie among the membership.  What I love most of all about MBAA is that the organization provides more opportunities for local artists than any other in our area.  This includes opportunities to show and sell artwork, and opportunities for skill building and professional development.  I have volunteered in the recent past to try and give back to this wonderful organization and will do so again.”
Rosemary has volunteered for approximately (4) years as a lead marketing crew member. She helped market gallery events and train others to do the same. Her efforts have helped build a sense of awareness for Art Center Morro Bay and its programs.  Thank you Rosemary for your contributions and doing a stellar job! 

Be the change you would like to see!  

Are you someone with vision and would like to make a difference? Board Members are in a unique position to help guide this organization into a future that's brighter than ever.
Are you a numbers kind of person? Experience in QuickBooks is helpful but not necessary. Book keeping, bank deposits, bill paying and attend monthly board meetings. 

Volunteers who cashier in the gallery for (1) or (2) four hour shifts per month.

Anybody out there ready to spread the word about Art Center Morro Bay, through the computer, just a couple hours a month??  It’d be great if you had BASIC computer skills such as: copy/paste, website navigation, email, etc.  Attention to detail and communication skills are a must.  It would also require that you have your own computer or one you can use (sorry, phone use for marketing, will not work).  If you’re ready to join the Marketing Team, please email Sue Allemand at
If you would like more details or attend a board meeting for insight into board positions, please contact Patricia Newton    (805) 423-1100


Nola Barnick is a native Californian, who grew up on a Ranger Station in the middle of  a national forest. During her explorations of the forested areas of Yosemite, Big Sur and the Central Coast, she’s found a richness and beauty within nature and the significant impact it has on our psyche and inner self.
Nola is a photographer who learned both ‘Black and White’ and ‘Color’ darkroom processes through community college and local photography experts.   Nola stated, “I do not make beauty, but I love being a witness to it and wish to share it with everyone, especially those who may not be able to go see it first-hand. A beautiful scene can be gone in an instant. The beauty of photography is that it can remember and create again, that precious moment in time.”
Also a graphic artist, Nola prints her own images and enjoys entering her photographs into local exhibitions, competitions and galleries.
Nola has been an MBAA member and volunteer since 2019.  She has experience as a docent and recently accepted the position of Docent Director.  Please welcome Nola as one of MBAA’s newest Board Members!


"Hello everyone my name is Kirsti Wothe and  I am the new Adult Art Education Director for Art Center Morro Bay. I am so excited to be a part of such a wonderful community and I am looking forward to getting to know more artists in our community.

Just a little bit about me, I am an art teacher from the Central Valley. I have taught all ages from preschool to adult. For the last 15 years I have been teaching junior high and high school beginning to advanced art classes. I earned a BFA from Texas A&M, my teaching credential from Fresno Pacific and I’m presently completing my Ma Ed. I am married to my wonderful husband Scott and we have two grown sons. We live in Morro Bay with our dog, Thumper the Wonder Dog. I enjoy all mediums of art but I spend most of my time working with acrylics.

My most recent works have focused on aviation since my husband is a pilot. I am really looking forward to building a community of artists and continuing to develop the adult art classes at Art Center. I am interested in hearing what our members want in the way of art classes and I am always available to listen to your ideas."


Travis Newton and Bob Rodgers set up the MBAA Art in the Park booths for us.  Children's Art Director, Shannon Larson, Deborah Lord and Patricia Newton took in the art and arranged the display.

Thanks to the volunteers who helped take down the displays and tents storing them for the next show!

Left to right:
Pat Watson, Travis Newton and Bob Rodgers

September 4, 5 & 6 – Saturday, Sunday, Monday  

MBAA Members, look for the Signupgenious in your email if you would like to participate in the September MBAA booth.  Participants must volunteer for a short shift, cashiering or providing breaks to our vendors. 

CLAY CREATIONS   6 - 8 yr olds
August 3, 5, 10 & 12

9:00am - 12:00pm

CLAY CREATIONS  9-12 yr olds
August 3, 5, 10 & 12
1:00pm - 4:00pm

Brooke Deegan is a university student studying graphic design, physical arts and psychology. She has a passion for working with people and hopes to continue her education with a Master’s Degree in art therapy.

During the first week, we will be using natural air-dry clay to learn different methods of hand-building while making several ceramic pieces. Week two, when our pottery is dry, we will complete the projects with permanent acrylic paint.

In addition to clay, students will use a variety of other materials to create art inspired by Native American cultures, including design based on traditional Lakota design and techniques. Students will learn about the colors used and what they represent to the culture.

The clay will be sealed by our instructor and ready for pick up after 8/14 (during normal Art Center gallery hours).

Pre-Register here

More Information here
  Gallery Director's Report

Congratulations to all of the MBAA artists that met the August 1 deadline and submitted 3D art into toMORROw’s SCULPTURE to participate in the upcoming twin exhibit.

The Visionary Human exhibit is a challenge to all and especially to representational, figurative and portrait artists to show their art. Let us visually express the visions of our world beyond crisis. How can we begin to transition toward a more just and sustainable future? Ours is a time of profound change. Let us contribute and connect with wisdom traditions and visionary ways towards the new possible!

September 9 - November 1

Art Take-in day:  September 7 10am-2pm

This pandemic provides an opportunity to break with the past, reconcile with current injustices and imagine a world anew.

We are at the crossroads. Turning away from yesterday, we’re leaping forward into a new future.

As we transition from current habitual concepts and a fabricated persona, we shed the past and pivot into a renewed spirit and sense of vision.

Visionary Human gives rise to questions of survival and demonstrates how art continually pushes us to reimagine our existence.

Visionary human is open only to 2D and jewelry artists.

Artworks for Visionary Human are accepted in all 2D media and jewelry artists, relating to the animalistic, instinctual, primitive, intuitive and surreal deep perception of nature of existence. Exploring and visually projecting indigenous as well as contemporary, dream-state as well as psychedelic states of consciousness. Reality reimagined and dream visualized within indistinct boundaries of fact and fiction. Artists are asked to construct their version of reality and self.

Artists in this show are encouraged to draw from centuries-old practices while imbuing them with fresh perspectives to examine issues bubbling up in today’s volatile cultural and environmental climate.

This extraordinary exhibit is open to all artists.
Refer to the website for further information. All general fees and commissions found on entry forms, located on the exhibit schedule.

For further questions contact Barbara Sitar, Art Curator and Gallery Director at

For more take-in and hanging information, please refer to our website at


toMORROw's Sculpture
September 9 - November 1, 2021  

toMORROw's Sculpture is an open theme exhibition of Central Coast Sculptors group  representing a range of artistic expression, scope and materials through the art of sculpture.  The exhibition is open to members of the Central Coast Sculptors and Morro Bay Art  Association and will be held simultaneously with an ACMB exhibition of paintings titled  “Visionary Human.” 

Entry Deadline: Sunday August 1, 2021 
Entry Fee: 1-2 submissions $35   3 submissions $45  Entry fees are non-refundable. 

Submission Images: Juror will select sculptures from digital images supplied by the artists via  online submission only. Eligible artists may submit up to 3 images of each sculpture. Each  JPEG image must be labeled with the sculpture title and dimensions (height first). No artist’s  name. File name example (BlueSky.16x20x40.jpg). JPEG image maximum and minimum are:   Maximum size 1800px @72ppi on the longest side.  Minimum size 900px @72ppi on the longest side.   Acceptance Notification: August 29, 2021 via email and on the CCS website.mmOpening Reception: Sunday, September 12, 2021, 2:00 - 4:00 PM, assuming Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted. Show Dates: September 9 - November 1, 2021   Juror: Russell Hodin   "I am deeply grateful in this life to be able to explore the interaction of form, texture, space,  sound, and light using this body, these senses, and this mind.  My extensive undergraduate work at UCLA, SCI-ARC, and Cuesta College; professional work  in carpentry, architectural design, and in political commentary; steps along a path of spirit with  deep reverence for wilderness encompass my interest in form and expression, and my  commitment to peace and truth and joy."

Awards: Three Juror’s Awards of Excellence $250 

The Fine Print

Agreement: Submission of artwork to this exhibition constitutes an agreement to the conditions  stated in this Call For Entry and a commitment to show accepted art for the duration of the  exhibition. If an artwork is sold, the purchaser can remove it upon proof of payment. The artist  can replace the sold artwork with one of similar quality, if desired. By entering this exhibition,  artists agree to allow CCSG and ACMB to use submitted images in promotional material. 
The Juror and CCS representatives reserve the right to reject any sculpture that does not meet  the standards shown in the images supplied. No substitutions are allowed. 
Qualifications/Requirements: Sculptures previously exhibited in any past exhibition of CCS  or ACMB are not eligible. Sculptures previously exhibited in the Phantom Project(s) are eligible.  All sculptures must be free-standing or pedestal mounted. No wall mounted sculptures can be  selected, as the walls will be used for the “Visionary Human” paintings.  Sculptors must supply any special mounting facilities. If pedestal mounted, please provide a  white pedestal for their artwork. If you need a pedestal, some are available from CCS or ACMB.  Please contact Carl Berney at 505-690-4283. 

The gallery at ACMB is on the second floor. It is up a 30” wide stairway. There is no elevator.  Please arrange for help if needed to carry your sculpture up the stairs. The ceiling height is 7.5’.  The outside patio and area in front of the gallery will be available for large freestanding  sculptures. You must install outside pieces so they cannot be pushed over. 
Insurance and Care: Artists are encouraged to carry their own insurance. ACMB and Central  Coast Sculptors representatives will make every reasonable effort to protect artwork from the  time it is received until it is returned to the artist. CCS, ACMB and their representatives will not  be held responsible for any damage or theft of artworks. 
Prices, Sales, and Commission: All sculptures must be for sale. ACMB will handle all sales,  collect the sales tax and retain a 25% commission. Artists will receive 75% of the sales price of  the work. Prices set by the artists may not be changed after entry. 
Take In: Tuesday, September 7, 2021 between 10 AM and 2 PM. 

Accepted sculptures must be delivered in person to:  
Art Center Morro Bay 
835 Main Street 
Morro Bay, CA 93442  
No shipping is allowed for this exhibition

Pick Up: Unsold sculptures must be picked up Tuesday, November 2, 2021 between 10 AM  and 2 PM. Information Contact: Carl Berney at 
Entry Process:  Your entry, images and payment through PayPal will be processed by a third party service  named we have hired.  Click ENTER NOW to proceed. If this is your first time using Entry Thingy, you must  create a Login. Choose the “Click here to Sign Up” link to do so. After creating your Login, you  will be presented with the main entry screen. Click the “Apply now” button, then follow  instructions on the consecutive screens to submit your work. Include all pertinent contact  information so we can reach you. Much of the information in this CFE is duplicated in the  EntryThingy process.  Payment is by PayPal — save a copy of the transaction for your records. Should you not want  to use PayPal, you may pay by check as described in the payment process. 

toMORROw's Sculpture at Morro Bay Art Center  
Art Center Morro Bay        Central Coast Sculptors    


MONDAY AUGUST 9  3:00 - 5:00PM


Morro Bay Art Association is proud to present a demonstration in, hammered metal jewelry creating unique one-of-a-kind designs. Discover the exciting world of hammered metal to create gorgeous jewelry. Joan Martin Fee is described as a craft designer, television personality, author, magazine editor, Instructions editor, voiceover specialist and owner of creative me time.

It’s amazing to know that Joan once had a full-time job in the aerospace industry. One morning in 1990 she turned on the television and while flipping through the channels, came upon a nationally televised craft show, Aleene's Creative Living. She watched with great excitement and at the end noticed that it was taped only twenty minutes from her home. Viewers were encouraged to submit ideas to the show. Joan did just that! She was totally shocked when the producer asked her to demonstrate how to make her "Dress up Dolly" using shrink wrap and feature her on the show! From that happenstance beginning, nearly 30 years ago, Joan's creative journey that includes working for the largest manufacturer's in the industry, brings us to today where she continues her passion of making people feel special through creativity.

During this demonstration, Joan will discuss metal gauges and demonstrate basic jewelry tools used to manipulate and make holes in the metal. Samples of several different techniques will be on display. Participants will have the hands-on experience of hardening and texturizing metal.


Silk Scarf Dying

with Sharon Gellerman
August 21 10:00am - 1:00pm

During this workshop every student will dye their own unique scarf. Sharon will guide you through the process and techniques used to obtain beautiful patterns and colors within the silk scarf. All materials, tools, and supplies are provided for you.  $45.00 MBAA Members $55.00 Non Members  All materials are provided and included in the workshop registration fee.  Learn more here

Quick Studies in Clay

with Anne Grannis
October 9 & 10
1:00PM - 3:00PM
Anne will be teaching techniques to sculpt a whole figure, a torso, or a bas relief using water-based clay. This intense session will guide the beginning or advanced sculptor in the essence of figure sculpting, giving the student a spontaneous, emotional arena to work in; without the finishing details of a refined piece. We will be working from a live model.  Learn more here ...COST: $125 MBAA Members $135. Non Members



Mosaics for Beginners
August 7, 10:00am - 2:00pm
August 29,  10:00am - 12:00pm
September 11, 10:00am - 2:00pm

Choose from several projects, register then dive in on the class date to learn mosaic basics to create a mosaic masterpiece. Great for beginners.

Sea Glass Hammered Metal Jewelry
August 8, 10:00am - 12:00pm

​​Learn how to drill holes in sea glass (for safety this will be a demonstration), hammer metal to create strength and texture and basic jewelry making skills. ​​​​

​Create a gorgeous sea glass necklace and two pierced earrings. Everything is provided to complete the projects from local sea glass (choose brown, white or green in class), to metal, jewelry findings and use of tools.

Preregistration required at 
or contact 805-286-5993

Keasha Wilingham, Bakersfield
Cindy Krist, Cambria
John Seed, Cambria
Linda Weesner, Cambria
Ron and Sandy Baers, Los Osos
Johnathan Lau, Los Osos
Cindy Cecil, Morro Bay
Bobbie Housand, Morro Bay
William E. Kinsella, Morro Bay
Jeremy Brooks, Orcutt
Lori and Steve Stotko, Orcutt
Lois Reynolds-Mead, Orinda
Teresa Ferguson, Pismo Beach
Roger Cantrell, San Luis Obispo
Paula Delay, San Luis Obispo
Tom Gratz, San Luis Obispo
Mary Jelden, San Luis Obispoo
Ethan,  Lotus and Susan Krout, San Luis Obispo
Next Board Meeting is August 23, 2021 12:00 - 3:00pm  
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