To champion art as essential to life and give our community
a creative voice


   From the President’s Desk

Sometimes we need only look backward to gain a clearer picture of where we may be headed into the future. The MBAA mission statement offers a conceptual framework of which the past may be brought into a future within a comprehensive, yet constructive and updated path. Morro Bay Art Association is a board run, member supported, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The mission is simple, To Champion Art as Essential to Life and Give Our Community a Creative Voice, since its beginning in 1951.  In the coming months, I will share a little history about this wonderful organization and how it came about.
For those of you who are newer to the organization, MBAA launched its first art festival in 1955. Art festivals in the early years included parades, costumed themes, puppet theater and more. It involved or more like took over, the little town of Morro Bay!  These art themed events evolved into what we so proudly present today as one of the longest running park exhibits in California!  Art in the Park provides a venue for artists to exhibit artwork, helps bring tourism dollars to the community and lends financial support to the gallery and its programs. Art exhibitions include local and national events. Art Center Morro Bay provides classes, workshops, art demonstrations and other art related events for adults and children free or at reduced rates. MBAA is happy to work with student interns and offers annual art scholarships to those who wish to pursue artistic passions and ongoing art education. 
Current members benefit from a comprehensive marketing outreach that extends from printed materials, newspapers, radio, sometimes local TV news, to online platforms and social media. MBAA has ads in the Access Visitor Guide that goes out among several local hotels and restaurants. Look for our ad in the upcoming Open Studio Catalog!  Current members may also have a personal, art related website linked to the MBAA artist page.
At the nucleus of this organization are the many volunteers who work together in support of each other and the arts. A special shout out of thanks to our Membership person, Jody Lee, Incentive support, Dianne Ravin and Ardella Swanberg.  Marketing team members: Jan French lends her graphic art design experience to the monthly NewTimes ad.  Angie Young is the newest member of this team with her graphic design and social media skills. Brianna Woo, Patrick Spurlock, Deborah Wogan and Bobbie Housand are all helping to share all of the documentation for events to newspapers, radio, online platforms, etc. If you see or hear about our events somewhere out there it's impart due to their dedication! Kathleen Heil added her expertise as a graphic artist in the new kiosk posters and OSAT ad and Shannon Larson provided her graphic artist talents to the design of the new open sign.  If you would like to volunteer and only have about 2 hours per month or more to spare, becoming a member of this team may be a perfect fit. 
Don’t miss PASTELS USA and the pottery of Phillip Lopez this month!
The opening reception is Sunday, July 3, 2-4pm.  Make a day of it and visit Art in the Park!

Have a happy and healthy July 4th!

Patricia Newton


   Take-In:  August 9   
10:00am - 2:00pm

One might first consider the feelings of being locked-up. This may conjure thoughts of incarceration and confinement. Shackled by pain and fear, bound by personal or family strife, suppressed emotions of anger, sadness, grief or frustration. In other words, what keeps you locked-up?

This exhibition inspires fresh consideration of our most pressing social concerns through the lenses of art and history, inviting us to consider how we may become allies in the creation of a more humane world.

During this exhibit, artists are asked to emancipate themselves from artistic boundaries and unlock creative freedom! Read more ...

Submission information, fees and entry forms are located on the website: 
Artist may become a member by going to or


Faces of the Central Coast


Take-In:  September 20 

10:00am - 2:00pm

Portraiture encompasses a broad spectrum of artwork that has the power to generate conversation, inspire compassion, and express identity in unimaginative ways. They invite discussion while looking through the eyes of another. This very special exhibit is an artistic representation spotlighting a likeness, personality and mood of people and animals, the face of buildings and the beautiful landscapes that make the Central Coast a vibrant community!  Read more ...



A Sense of Place

with Diane Williams and Chuck Potter
July 16 & 17    10:00am - 4:00pm

Whether a world traveler or a homebody, a sense of place naturally finds its way into our painting. Social isolation has allowed us to consider our internal space more than ever. In this workshop we examine the concept of “place” by painting the essence of landscape - both internal and external. You will practice abstract acrylic painting techniques that are connected to the spirit in nature. Abstract painting is often misconstrued as an unrecognizable style of painting where no standard rules of perspective, color theory, or composition exist. We will dispel that myth. Read more here ...  COST: Members $225.00 Non Members $235.00

A Quick Studies Sculpture Workshop

with Anne Grannis
August 7     12:30pm - 4:00pm


This is an opportunity to work with a live model in a more spontaneous, more emotional arena; focusing on movement and gesture. Participants may choose to sculpt the whole figure, a torso or a bas relief during this workshop with a short pose of 3.5 hours. Read more here ...


Open Studios Art Tour 2022


The SLO County Arts Council is happy to announce that applications are now available for Open Studios Art Tour in 2022. The event this year will take place on October 8/9th, and October 15/16th throughout San Luis Obispo County. 

This year is our first post-pandemic, and we are excited to offer the following features: Preview Show featuring a sampling of artwork throughout the county, ticketed Kick-Off Celebration and art auction, and Art Market (a new feature this year) to provide more accessibility for artists without studios, Artist Blog to assist participants with virtual networking in advance of the event, a digital and printed catalog, annual membership in our Membership Directory, and virtual artist professional development workshops. We are also excited to announce that this year’s catalog will be printed in collaboration with New Times. 


The Application and full guidelines are available on our website:

For more information, contact the following:

Jordan Chesnut, Programs Manager,

Katy McGrath, Board Vice President,

        Brush Strokes July 2022

From the Desk of Kirsti Wothe
Director of Adult Education ACMB


Buenos Dias artist!  I just returned from Puerto Vallarta Mexico and I am so inspired by the art of the Huichol People. I just love the colors and designs expressed in their beaded sculptures and yarn paintings.  I wonder if any of you have had the pleasure of seeing these beautiful artworks.

This month the Art Center’s Plein Air Coastal Artists (P.A.C.A.) has many fun paint-outs planned. Please email me if you would like to be added to our email group and receive weekly updates on our locations. P.A.C.A. meets every Wednesday at 9;30 am on location to paint and meet for lunch. It’s a fun relaxed group and we are all learning from each other. Some of our fun locations include wineries, beach scenes, harbor scenes, and park scenes after our sessions we meet to share a meal together and discuss our paintings.

Our Faces of Morro Bay portrait group has been having a blast painting local shop owners and have featured Julie from Goin’ Coastal and Candice from Salon V. This month we will begin our sessions with Rick Nagano of Nagano Farms. Rick is a third generation Morro Bay farmer whose family immigrated here in the 1800’s. The Nagano Farms grows avocados.

Workshops in July include an abstract workshop, “A Sense of Place” on July 16-17 from 10-4 pm with Dianne Williams and Chuck Potter. This workshop will venture into the realm of self-expression to unveil the mysteries of abstraction. Please sign up online by going to the website and clicking “Register for Classes” look for the workshop by name “A Sense of Place”. Other workshops are offered through Joan Fee’s website “Creative Me Time.” Check out her classes for all ages and skill levels.

Our monthly association meeting and free demo is on July 11th with Art Central’s Product Demo. In this demo Spencer Colins will show you how to use Pinata Colors and you will get to use vivid alcohol inks. I’m so encouraged as more and more people are joining us. I hope you will join us for our association meeting and demo.

This month I would like to recommend the movie “Leaning into the Wind- Andy Goldsworthy” on Amazon Prime. This film explores the work of Andy Goldsworthy and his process over the years.

As I reflect on this past few weeks of travel to Mexico and the beauty of the art of the indigenous people of Jalisco and Nayarit I am challenged to explore my own use of color, pattern and design to express my ideas and culture. Here is a link to a video about their art:

I look forward to seeing you all at the next association meeting and free demo on July 11th, as well as at our P.A.C.A. paint-outs and our workshops. Remember to sign up for our workshops online.


Kirsti Wothe, Adult Education Director


JULY  2, 3 & 4


If you wish to have your own booth, please contact Steve Powers, email:

For those who might wish participate in the MBAA booth during the September, Labor Day weekend, you must be a current MBAA Member. BECOME A MEMBER

  • There are no take-in fees. 
  • All sales go through the gallery, 25% commission fees are aplicable.
  • No sales license needed.
  • Participating artists must volunteer as a docent or rover for at least one shift.  Docents work in the MBAA booth, help customers, provide information, make sales and sign up new members.  Rovers wear an MBAA vest and give vendors short breaks by sitting in their booths for short periods, letting customers know the vender will return soon.
  • Parking: All vendors and artists may park vehicles to load/unload artwork along the park for take-in and pickup only! While working any other time at the park, please park at least 2 blocks away from the park. Parking within 2 blocks of the park is reserved for customers only. Please note, the bus stop lane is a tow away zone. 

Booth space is limited.  Participates in the MBAA Art in the Park booth, may bring up to (3) wall hung peices, 10 prints and 20 note cards each.  Please keep artwork sizes under 30 inches on any side. If you are bringing large pieces, please limit to (2) artworks. If you are bringing jewelry or 3D artwork, please call or email ahead so I may ensure enough space for your items.  We'll try to fit in what we can within reason.

Patricia: 805-423-1100,

Please bring your artwork and pre-filled entry forms out to the park on Friday, July 1, 3-5pm for take-in, AT THE PARK.  If you do not have a printer, we will have forms available.  Fill in the blank wall cards will need to be used for wall hung art.  You may pick up wall cards ahead of time at the gallery docent desk or fill them out at the park.

You are encouraged to replace sold items throughout the weekend. 

At the end of this show, please pick up any unsold artwork at the park,
Monday, JULY 4th, 3-4pm.

The next Art in the Park will be Memorial weekend! Watch for the signupgenious and get involved!


                                                                          Left to right: Dick Marshall, Mark White and Travis Newton


Pat Newton and Dick Marshall

Deb Piazza sold 2 pieces!

Plein Air Painters of the Central Coast

Image courtesy of Bobbye Thompson

Tuesday mornings   
9:30am - 12:00pm

Plein Air Coastal Artists - PACA, Happy 4th of July!! This month we will explore land, water and city. Be thinking about our upocoming shows at the Art Center. We have “Unlocked” on August 9th and “The Face of the Central Coast” on Sept. 20th. Think about how these two themes can be expressed through your plein air paintings. Below are the locations of our Art Center Plein Air paint-outs for July. 
Plein air locations for July 2022- all paint out meetups are FREE and will begin at 9:30 on location. If you need a ride email the group to car pool or reach out to Kirsti- Lunch and optional critique to follow at 12:00 pm at agreed upon location near the initial meeting. All levels and all mediums welcome. 
July 6th Baywood Park Pier - Baywood, Los Osos
July 13th Tidelands Park and Marina - Morro Bay
July 20th Los Osos State Reserve - Los Osos
July 27th Main Street and Morro Bay Blvd - Morro Bay

                               By Bobbye Thompson                                                         By Bobbye Thompson
                                By Bruce Miller                                                                 By Kirsti Wothe
Life Drawing

Wednesdays  6:00pm - 9:00pm

Put yourself on the pathway to better art! This evening workshop, is open to all adults regardless of experience. Bring your own art supplies and work with medium of choice.

Models pose for various lengths of time, up to 20 minutes while taking short breaks. There is no instruction. This workshop is appropriate for beginner to advanced and participants should be at least 18 years of age to register.

COST: $10.00 MBAA Members and Students $12.00 Non Members

CONTACT: Bob Rodger at

Online registration:


 Wednesdays   12pm – 3pm*  

FREE and informal

Members may use the Art Center classroom as their art studio anytime on Wednesdays from 12:00pm - 3:00pm.  Bring your art supplies and your lunch!  No pre-registration needed. Coffee and pots are available for your use. Please be sure to cleanup when finished.

 *unless other events/workshops conflict

Pastels USA

June 30 - August 8

OPENING RECEPTION: Sunday, July 3  2-4pm
CLOSING RECEPTION: Sunday, August 7 2-4pm

Morro Bay Art Association is proud to host Pastel Society of the West Coast and their 36th Annual, International Exhibition of Pastels USA.

This juried event is a collective of exceptional pastel artworks, featuring some of the finest contemporary artists in the world. Many of the artists are internationally acclaimed. Former entries have come from all over North America and as far away as Africa, Turkey, Asia and Europe!  Click here for more information.
Highlights from the June Printmaking Workshop
with Rosey and Barbara Rosenthal

Children's Art Camp
Monday - Thursday
9:00 - 11:30am
Ages 6 - 12
$120.00 per week

register HERE

Each week offers students art exploration with experienced instructors using a wide variety of art techniques and materials including painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, & more. All materials and snacks are included.  Small classes! Sign up online at Sessions can be viewed and purchased in the Class Registrations tab on our website.
Questions? Email 

Messy Masterpieces
July 11-14
Campers will learn about the most important artistic movements in history, while creating their own masterpieces influenced by renowned artists. Get inspired by the techniques, styles and stories of great artists of the past and present.

Go Wild!
July 18-21
Discover the exciting world of animals and their amazing habitats. 
Campers will explore the textures, patterns, colors and shapes of 
animals from around the world and use them as inspiration for 
creating wild and wonderful art projects.

Art Explorers
July 25-28
Young artists set sail for an art adventure! Each day we will trot around the globe or travel back in time to discover art forms from different cultures around the world! A variety of media will be used, including painting, drawing, and more!

Patrick Spurlock

Patrick Spurlock, also known as “Mind of the Boogeyman” has been creating art his entire life! He took a more serious interest in art during his Freshman year of high school after exhibiting at a friends home. From that experience, Patrick hasn’t looked back!
Patrick relocated from Bakersfield where he was a music promoter and radio host.  Patrick is drawn to what he refers to as darker art, inspired by horror movies and music. He owns Phantom Stranger, Inc., makes unique posters and his style affords a way to bring a form of street art to the walls inside! 
“Moving to the Central Coast has been life changing and the artistic culture here is a huge part of that. The opportunity to express yourself and bring people together with art is an amazing experience! It’s one of the reasons I love Art Center Morro Bay. My art is off the beaten path compared to other artists, exploring the darker and weirder side but is accepted and well received. Being surrounded by the talent and people in the gallery is inspiring and I feel lucky to be part of it, each show.” 
Patrick has been working at Mike’s Record Rack located in Grover Beach and DJ’s for special events. As of July 1st, Patrick will have closed a purchase agreement and become the proud owner of the record store which will officially become Phantom Stranger Records!
Another of Patrick’s talents is knowing his way around social media. With this unique talent, Patrick helps to promote Art Center Morro Bay exhibit information and call for artists. We appreciate Patrick’s efforts and wish him the best in his latest adventure! 
Find Patrick on Instagram @artbymindoftheboogeyman


Monday  July 11  3:00 - 5:00pm

Join us for a monthly meeting geared toward sharing information about what’s happening at Art Center Morro Bay and enjoy a free, fun filled, interactive art demonstration!

Art Center Morro Bay is happy to present an art demonstration provided by one of our favorite art supply stores, Art Central.

During this interactive art demonstration, Spencer Collins will show you how to use Piñata Colors. You’ll get to use vivid alcohol inks on Yupo® and Posca Markers to add extra flair! Piñata Colors clean up with alcohol and re-wet themselves, allowing for unique effects and techniques not easily achieved with water-based inks.



Preregistration required at

Succulents and Driftwood Planter
July 23  10:00am - 12:00pm
What a fun combo - succulents and driftwood! You have several projects to choose from including lush wreaths (no driftwood) or create a beautiful garden hanging using reclaimed wood, driftwood and succulents or layer driftwood to create three smaller hangings.  Just preregister, no need to bring a thing and you'll walk out with a gorgeous, lush succulent creation. Care instructions provided.
Mosaics for All Levels
July 24   10:00am - 2:00pm
Preselect your project at and then choose your baubles, tile and plate pieces to complete your project the day of the workshop.  Everything is included to complete your project that you can complete in the class.  There are so many designs and colors to choose from. Preselect your project at Some choices are - Teacup Mosaic - $60, Mosaic Rock - $50 or Mosaic Wall Art - $55. So many designs and colors to choose from.

Preregistration required at


Nancy Lehman
Penny Fitzgerald
Susan Rutledge
Beth Ostapluk
Anita Hampton
Paula Radke
Luz Hernandez
Terri Quinn

The next meeting of the Morro Bay Art Association Board of Directors is
July 25, 2022  12:00 - 2:00pm.
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