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Dear All,

Urgent – please read!

Poynings and Fulking FTTP Community Project. Ultrafast Fibre internet to your property

If you made a pledge for the UK Gigabit Voucher scheme, time is running out to validate your application if you haven’t done so.

Although sign up for the ultrafast Broadband scheme has hit target if we don’t get enough validated vouchers the network build can’t proceed. If you pledged for the scheme you should have received an email from with your voucher code and a link to validate. Please check your emails including your spam/junk folders. If you made a pledge and haven’t received your validation email please contact:

If you received a letter earlier this year asking you to sign up for the scheme and now decide you would like to pledge you still have time but you must act now as the pledge site will be closing soon. Please see “how do I sign up?” in the FAQ’s below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is my commitment? The main condition is that once the new network is in place you order a Full Fibre service within 2 weeks for a minimum of 12 months. This can be with a communication provider of your choice or an upgrade with your existing provider. I’ve heard that Openreach are flexible about this timescale. How much does it cost? Prices for Full Fibre vary by supplier, and it is difficult to get a quote, because if you put in your postcode, our area doesn’t qualify until the works are complete. It is unlikely that it will cost as much at £10 a month more that you are paying now. That means that if you signed up and it wasn’t for you it would cost £120 for a year and then you could cancel after 12 months.

My speed is fine, why should I spend more. If you think your current speed is fine, you are probably right, for now!! However, just think back how quickly things are changing. It wasn’t that long ago that dial up was fine, then 8 Mbps was fine, now 50Mbps is fine. But what about in 2025 when BT are switching off the analogue telephone network and you will have to use the digital lines (the same technology that WhatsApp, Microsoft teams, Zoom and Skype use). Will your current speed be enough then? When more games, films etc are using the network, will it be okay then?

Is Ultrafast broadband guaranteed to happen anyway? No. The infrastructure will only be installed if enough of the households/buinesses who pledged validate their gigabit vouchers.


I received a letter how do I sign up?

1. Go to the Openreach website: 2. Input your Postcode 3. Click on “Pledge for Poynings Ultrafast Community Project” 4. Input your details 5. You will receive an email to confirm your pledge

How long will it take As soon as sufficient vouchers have been validated the work will start and it will take about a year to complete.

For those that remember, back in the 70’s when the new gas pipeline was being laid to Brighton (it goes just to the West of Poynings), locals were asked if they wanted to have gas to the village, for a fee. Not enough people said yes, so no gas has been available. Will the same thing happen now? Possibly. It is unlikely that if this fails that Openreach will try again here for a long time as the government grant of £4K per property might not be available again and it is very expensive to install.

Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband will service your needs for decades to come. As fibre optic technology evolves, you’ll already have everything that your need in your property to get the benefits – upgrade or downgrade your speed without ever needing an engineer to visit your home.

Remember, you only have to commit for one year, no one knows what the costs will be when the project is complete but even if is £10 a month more (unlikely) that is only going to cost you £120 for the year and then you can switch back. However, at a later date, you will have the option to upgrade again if required.

House prices. As you are probably aware, with more people working from home, Rightmove now put estimated broadband speeds on the sales details when selling properties. A high speed could put £1,000’s on the price of a house.

So, what are you waiting for, validate your gigabit voucher or sign up now at


Mark Hind


Fulking Parish Council

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