Illinois Trial Team
 February 2016 Edition

In February, the Trial Team traveled and competed in two tournaments. The Blue and Orange teams traveled to St. Louis to participate in the Washington University Regional and Silver traveled to Columbus, to participate in the Ohio State University Regional. While not the final result we had hoped for, the very young team performed exceptionally well over the course of the year.

On Graduating:     

   Graduation is bittersweet. On one hand, you’re finally done with your undergraduate degree and don’t have to worry about homework or tests ever again (at least until law school). On the other hand, you’re leaving a place where you’ve made great memories and met phenomenal people. A place you’ve called home for the past 4 years.
          I can’t help but feel guilty for graduating early. I’m leaving a team that I’ve come to know as my family, and I’m leaving some of my closest friends at U of I. Looking back, I had an amazing time, last year, on Orange with a great coach and an inspiring captain and co-captain. This year, my invitational team wouldn’t have been half as successful were it not for the help of Keegan and Kathryn. And Blue would not have been nearly as fun without my co-counsels Rhett and Manan.
       There are dozens of others that I haven’t mentioned, but every single person I’ve met on this team has made my experience better, one way or another. I truly believe that everyone will go on to do great things, and I hope you’re all very successful in life. I wish the team the best of luck next year, and hope to see them holding the Nationals trophy next April! Go Illini!
-Alex Galant
A Message from the Vice-President Internal:
     This year I've had the privilege of serving as the Vice President Internal and as one of the captains of Blue. It is my third year on the team, but it has been filled with many new experiences. Not only did we have an entirely new tournament schedule, but almost seventy percent of our team was new members as well. With the incredible skill, hard work, and (extreme) patience of our coaches, we were able to continually push the bar of expectation higher throughout the season. We finished with sixteen individual awards and six top-five team finishes. 
    The season ended far sooner than all three teams intended, but it will be a serious learning experience for next season. Above all, I've never been more excited about the future of the team. The drive and work ethic that this group has is second to none. I'm tremendously thankful to have one more season to share with these incredible advocates; to represent the University of Illinois, and to fight the good fight for the Illinois Trial Team. 
- Phil West
February Mocker of the Month:
Jake Hesslau
        As a new member of the Illinois Trial Team, Jake Hesslau has consistently proven that he is a skilled mocker. Jake’s work ethic and ability to understand the facts set him apart from his peers and makes him a force to be reckoned with in trial. I am always impressed with Jake’s faculty to adapt to whatever role we throw at him; not only does Jake adapt to these various roles, but he excels at them. Although Jake is not the most vocal member of the team, he has certainly asserted himself as a leader. Jake brings an insightful perspective to the case and can always be relied upon to accomplish any task assigned to him. So long as Jake continues to put in hard work, I see a bright future for him in both mock trial and in any endeavor he wishes to pursue.
-Spencer Chikahisa
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The Orange and Blue teams pose for a picture after their performance at Washington University in St. Louis.
The Silver Team posing in a beautiful courtroom, at their Regional, hosted by the Ohio State University.
The entire team came together for a very eventful Valentine's Day Celebration.