Illinois Trial Team
 January 2016 Edition

In January, the Trial Team participated in two competitive tournaments, the weekend back from Winter Break. The Blue and Orange teams visited  the University of Michigan for their first ever Invitational. While Silver stayed closer to home and made the trek up to Indiana University for their annual tournament. With an incredibly successful weekend, 3 members took home Outstanding Attorney awards,  one taking home an Outstanding Witness award and Blue took home the gold with a record of 7-1.

On her time Job-Shadowing:     

   Over winter break, Sharon Kirchner and I had the amazing opportunity to shadow Lena Shapiro, a University of Illinois alum and former mock –trialer.  She currently works at Swanson, Martin, Bell, LLC., a defense firm located in downtown Chicago.  There, Lena gave Sharon and I a personal tour of the firm, her office, and let us watch a deposition.  I couldn’t have asked for more of an influential and awesome experience. Observing the behavior of each attorney and their clients was pretty inspiring and personally made me incredibly excited to become a lawyer.  Also, near the end of the day, I had the opportunity to speak with some current attorneys  and they gave me advice about my future really helped as well.  Again, I am so grateful that I had the chance to partake in such an experience and am looking forward to shadowing again soon. 
-Sarah Lemerman
A First Year Member's Look Back:
        When I transferred to the University of Illinois last fall, I set my goals on finishing my undergrad with distinction and then, eventually, going to law school. I knew I had to get involved in some way, with everything/anything pre-law, but I had no idea where to go or what to do. As a transfer student, you are told that it will be more difficult to make friends, that by this point most people have created their friend groups. However, in no way were they correct about the Illinois Trial Team. 
          Right after try-outs, I wasn’t really sure what I was getting myself into. I was told from returning members that this group would become your ‘family’ in a way. That statement couldn’t have been more accurate. Since being a new member on the team, I’ve had nothing but an amazing experience. Getting the opportunity to argue in a true court room setting, traveling to different Universities across the country, and creating friendships that will last a lifetime are just a few of the things I’ve gained from being a part of this family. As a new member, I wasn’t sure what to expect from a collegiate mock trial team.  Now as we approach regionals, I have a different outlook on the team. It’s a competitive atmosphere, surrounded by inspiring academic scholars, who all have a similar goal in mind. Joining Mock Trial is the best decision I have made this school year, and I am already looking forward to the next season.
-Joseph Mulhern
January Mocker of the Month:
Alyssa Castronovo
   Since her joining the team in mid-season tryouts, Alyssa Castronovo has continually demonstrated her drive to work hard, learn and improve, and make things more fun for everyone she 
works with along the way. From the moment she first joined the team, Alyssa immediately took to mock trial, working hard to 
memorize all of her material flawlessly in record-time. Even when she was given workloads which could have easily overwhelmed a veteran member, she never once complained, and she never once faltered. It’s been great having Alyssa on team silver, I am extremely proud of all the work she has done and the effort she has put in to work, learn, and improve, and I’m very excited to see where she goes in the upcoming years.
-Nick Ruble
Upcoming Events:
    As we approach the end of the team's season all three teams will soon be attending regionals. Blue and Silver will be traveling to St. Louis for their Regional on the 6th-7th. And Silver will be going to Cleveland for their Regional on the 13th-14th.
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Orange and Blue posing to show of their style. The picture is taken in Ann Arbor's District Courthouse, in one of the two original courtrooms.
The Silver Team gets ready to head in to Closing Ceremonies at Indiana University.
Sharon Kirchner and Sara Lemerman pose with Lena Shapiro, the attorney and trial alumn they shadowed over Break.
7 Members take a picture at the Trial Team booth, during the Activity Fair in the Union.