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Data for Development Network Newsletter
April 2023
Welcome to the Data for Development Network ( newsletter. This newsletter covers the recent activities of, including project updates, blogs, publications, and the latest info on our regional and global initiatives. Please feel free to share with your networks.

Project Highlights

Global Index on Responsible AI

We have added a new page to our website! Check out our new ‘Frameworks and Tools’ page which provides a database of the key tools and frameworks on Responsible AI that have been developed around the world. These tools and frameworks constitute an important starting point for building the conceptual framework and measurement areas for the Global Index, together with the wide consultative process we conducted with stakeholders from around the world.

The State of Open Data

We are thrilled to announce that we recently held Series 3 of the State of Open Data roundtables in support of the new edition of the State of Open Data publication. Since June 2022, we have hosted a total of 14 roundtable discussions to gather perspectives on the recent  use and impact of open data around the world. Check out all the roundtables - from Artificial Intelligence, and Accountability and Anti-corruption, to Climate Action, Land Ownership, Gender Equality, and Global Observations on the State of Open Data. Alongside this process, expert researchers have been working on chapter updates for the second edition of the State of Open Data Report and a number of the chapters are now available on the State of Open Data homepage.

We invite you to take a deep dive into all updates, including: Corporate Ownership, National Statistics, Health, South, East and Southeast Asia, Crime and Justice, Telecommunications, Land Ownership, Accountability and Anti-Corruption, Algorithms and AI, and Latin America.

Global Data Barometer

The United Nations' World Data Forum kicks off in a few days in Hangzhou, China, and we are excited to share that we will be presenting the session, “Global Data Barometer: Measuring the state of data for public good and the achievement of the SDGs” co-organised by our partners: Open Government Partnership, Land Portal Foundation, Open Contracting Partnership, and Open Data Watch

This session aims to share and discuss the main findings and observations with key stakeholders and how the data generated by the Barometer can be used for better decision-making and to achieve the SDGs. This session will also showcase the partner organisations that have supported this endeavour and a discussion of the plans for future editions of the Global Data Barometer. The panel will be divided in two sections. The first section will consist of a presentation on the importance of data to measure the progress in advancing the SDGs, and in the second section, the conversation will focus on the results of the Global Data Barometer and a dialogue between the partners (international expert organisations that were involved in the development of thematic modules of the first edition of the GDB) in terms of current and future plans for the use of the GDB data. We invite you to join the conversation — add the event to your agenda.

Global Partner Highlights

The Inclusive Data Charter (IDC) increased visibility, awareness, and engagement on inclusive data. In this new resource, the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development shares how, in Four Years of the Inclusive Data Charter, IDC Champions have contributed to progress #IDCdata4all and how you can join the movement.

Building Capacity in Using Earth Observations for Environmental Decision-Making - The Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data shares how they created and implemented a systems-based approach to help country partners increase proficiency in the use of Earth Observation (EO) data, tools, and services.

Open Government Partnership
Five Lessons for Civil Society Collaboration - The Open Government Partnership shared five important insights and lessons learned during a Democratic Freedoms Learning Network (DFLN) webinar, highlighting Civil Society’s essential role for research and data in the construction of more ambitious and stronger policies.

Are you looking for a tool that can help you master problems? - The new “How to Master the Practice of Defining Problems: Problem Definition Tool” from the Governance Lab’s (GovLab) Open Data Policy Lab, is a new tool designed to assist practitioners with problem identification, clarification, and mapping actionable pathways to problem solving.

Resource Centre

D4D Resource Centre

The D4D Resource Centre continues to grow as a repository of knowledge and now includes over 800 resources designed to help academia, civil society, and governments work together to discover, manage, and use data for development. Here you will find publications such as the’s new horizon scan report “The Future of Digital Democracy in the Global South: Exploring the horizon of democratic and inclusive governance in the context of emerging digital technologies.” The report was produced in collaboration with the International Development Research Centre.

Latest Blogs

How Can Digitalization Help Speed Up the Energy Transition?

Read this blog by Martin Hullin, Deputy Executive Director at the Datasphere Initiative, and Laura Williamson, Director of Member and Institutional Partnerships at REN21, to learn about the key takeaways from the SPIREC panel on digitalization and the opportunities technologies can bring to renewable energies.

Open Data Matters: Getting Back to Basics

Over the years, the number of topics that require attention, expertise, and funding that the official statistics community must contend with has expanded tremendously. We’ve seen a well-deserved focus on disaggregated data beyond sex and age through initiatives like the Inclusive Data Charter. We’re navigating the rise of new digital technologies and artificial intelligence — ever heard of ChatGPT? Read more.

One Click Away from Crossing the Border

In the last fifteen years, digital technologies have been incorporated into migration practices around the world. Today, the stories of migrants show how digital technologies have brought them vast benefits. At the same time, the potential risks of rights violations of their rights have increased. Centro Latam Digital has published a series of blogs chronicling the use of mobile data by migrant populations. Checkout the blogs:

Part 1: One click away from crossing the border

Part 2: One click away from crossing the border: part 2

Part 3: One click away from crossing the border: part 3

Workshop on Data Governance and Machine Learning in KHIPU

In this new blog from ILDA, Violeta Belver highlights key takeaways from ILDA’s participation at KHIPU, the Latin American conference on artificial intelligence that took place in Montevideo, Uruguay. Read more.

Governing Responsible AI and Data in the MENA Region

The Center for Continuing Education (CCE) at Birzeit University is leading a regional project entitled “Governing Responsible AI and Data in the MENA Region.” In order to assure the ethical use of Artificial Intelligence and Data for social benefit, this initiative aims to pioneer AI development and data policy research, discussion, advocacy, awareness raising, and capacity building. The Center has published a number of blogs focusing on Health and AI developments in the region. Read more.

CSOD Partnership with Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT)

The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) and the Caribbean School of Open Data have partnered to develop a comprehensive and sustainable open mapping digital/data literacy program aimed at underserved populations in the Caribbean, part of a wider goal to grow the region’s open mapping movement. Open Mapping can be a powerful data-driven enabler for a variety of developmental opportunities in the Caribbean including Disaster Resilience and Climate Change, Displacement and Migration, and Public Health and Gender. Read more.

Network Watch

Recent Events

ILDA ILDA recently participated in the codesign and launch of the Feminist Accountability Framework, collaborating on the analysis of regional data and positioning an open data approach.

LIRNEasia LIRNEasia’s CEO, Helani Galpaya, set the stage at the UN Global Digital Compact Deep Dive on Internet Governance. Find Helani’s remarks here


Centro Latam Digital - Centro Latam Digital has published a new report on Mapping Cyber Policy in Latin America: The Brazilian Case (available in English). This report draws from the framework for cybersecurity policy analysis developed by Gonzalo Bustos Frati and Carolina Aguerre (available here) and focuses on mapping multilevel dynamics that underpin the processes of formation and adoption of cybersecurity, cyber defence, and cybercrime policies in Brazil.

CIPIT - Our partners at the Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law (CIPIT) recently co-hosted the Digital Rights and Inclusion Forum 2023 organised by Paradigm Initiative. At the forum, CIPIT launched a report “Contextualising Political Advertising Policy to Political Micro-Targeting in Kenyan Elections”. The report highlights the implications of political micro-targeting on individual privacy using the Kenyan 2022 elections as a case-study.

Research ICT Africa - With its mission of accelerating digital equality and data justice in Africa, RIA has developed a submission in response to the UN Secretary General’s call for inputs on the Global Digital Compact. Organisations wishing to do so may endorse or associate themselves with the submission.

Opportunities - is a global research alliance that works to strengthen collaboration across a broad network of stakeholders by developing and mobilising the knowledge needed to advance the use of data to address critical development challenges. We are looking to expand the pool of professionals & collaborators that work with us, both part time and full time. If you are interested in working with us, learn more about us here contact us here.

GPSDD - Just a week left to apply to host a session at the Festival de Datos, a forum for the exchange and discovery of data solutions to the world’s biggest challenges, taking place in Uruguay. You can apply to run a session by April 23.

Derechos Digitales - Apply to the Rapid Response Fund for the protection of digital rights in Latin America. This initiative aims to contribute between USD 5,000 and 8,000 to civil society organisations and activists facing emergencies to which financing cycles cannot respond quickly. Find more information here.

Paris Peace Forum - The Call for Solutions is now open for the newest edition of the Paris Peace Forum, a platform to advance governance solutions and mobilise stakeholders to take action. This year, it’s inviting applications on 10 themes, among them: protecting and preserving our planet, building a fairer and more equal world, fostering a safer world, and making digital transformation work for all. Submission deadline: May 23, 2023.


Let's Talk About Data and AI Regional Event

The Datasphere Initiative, D4D Network, and the Global Index on Responsible AI are organising a webinar on “Data for Artificial Intelligence in Latin America and the Caribbean – Trends and Challenges”. This session, which will be held in Spanish, aims to spark the discussion around the data governance that is being used for AI developments in the region and the potential disparities that are created. Join us on 9 May, 2023.

United Nations World Data Forum

The United Nations World Data Forum meets this month in Hangzhou, China to listen, understand, discuss, and collaborate on how to harness data for the Sustainable Development Goals. The four-day conference will feature more than 100 events, 70 parallel sessions, 30 learning labs, exhibits, and much more. Our global partners at the Open Data Watch will be co-hosting or speaking at a number of events during the UN World Data Forum 2023. Check out the list here.

Global Data Barometer at the UN World Data Forum

The Global Data Barometer will be at the United Nations’ World Data Forum presenting the session, “Global Data Barometer: Measuring the state of data for public good and the achievement of the SDGs” co-organised by GDB partners: Open Government Partnership, Land Portal Foundation, Open Contracting Partnership, and Open Data Watch. Add the event to your agenda.


The 12th edition of RightsCon will take place in San José, Costa Rica from June 5-8, 2023. The world’s leading summit on human rights in the digital age will bring together prominent voices from companies, governments, foundations, think tanks, civil society organisations, universities, and international institutions. Early bird tickets are still available. Register here.

Women in Tech Global Conference

The Women in Tech Global Conference will bring women in tech from all over the world together through an interactive platform featuring educational content. The Datasphere Initiative will host a session on “how to unlock the value of data for all with data-driven innovation”, on May 12, at 14:30 CEST.

Open Gov Week

Open Gov Week will take place on May 8-12, 2023. This is an opportunity to organise or attend events to come up with open governance solutions to tackle your community’s biggest challenges, and bring reformers together to create change. At the event, the OGP will be launching its new five-year strategy. Find and register your events here.

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