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What Can You Expect at OFC 2019?
The 2019 Optical Fiber Conference (OFC) is less than three weeks away, and we're gearing up for the biggest annual show in the optical communications market. 

We wrote up what we think are going to be the key trends and announcements at the show, and we wanted to share our thoughts with you. Let us know what you think!

The four-page report is free to download!
  • 400ZR will steal the show
  • Roadmaps will extend beyond third generation coherent
  • Disaggregation will continue, under many definitions
  • IP-over-DWDM will start to make sense
  • 5G is the buzzword of the day
  • Software is critical for optics
  • Vendors will embrace vertical integration
  • The post-consolidation era begins in 2019
  • 400GbE optical module supply improves and becomes cheaper
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Optical Hardware Tracker Goes Interactive
Cignal AI is unique among market research firms in providing a real-time view of quarterly results in the optical hardware market. Now we're taking the next step and making the data interactive and user-friendly.
With the availability of our 4th quarter 2018 Optical Hardware Market Share Tracker, we're introducing a new, interactive format that allows you to manipulate data online and see information in a way that is most useful to your company. Cignal AI's modern data infrastructure and toolsets are unique in the industry and make it possible to offer our clients this value-added content.

We invite clients of the Optical Hardware report to check back regularly for the latest results. If you are not yet a client, contact us and we can arrange a demo.

The final 4Q18 Optical Hardware report will be published by February 28. At that time, subscribers will be able to download the traditional Excel and PDF files with complete results for the quarter.
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OFC 2019 Live Presentations
Don't miss these sessions featuring Cignal AI analysts:

State of the Industry - Analyst Panel
Tuesday, March 5, 10:30 a.m.
Andrew Schmitt, Cignal AI's directing analyst, Optical Networking, will provide details about key shipment and industry trends in the coherent WDM optical market, with a focus on 400ZR and its complex supply chain. Andrew also previews which companies are poised to lead the transition to 4th and 5th generation coherent technology.

Market Projections for Wireline and Wireless Technologies to Support 5G
Tuesday, March 5, 12:30 p.m.
Scott Wilkinson, Cignal AI's lead analyst, Optical Hardware, will outline the impact of 5G on optical hardware sales, both today and in the future. He also will discuss what the industry has been saying about requirements for optical networks and the reality of what has been delivered, as well as share his predictions for the future of optical networks to support 5G.

Both analysts are also available for meetings during OFC.
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Cignal AI to Moderate March 14 Webinar on Disaggregation Strategies
Join Cignal AI's Scott Wilkinson for a free webinar on Thursday, March 14 on Disaggregation Strategies & Transport SDN, hosts by NGON & DCI World.

Scott will moderate the discussion, which will center on how to reduce the disconnect between multiple components and improve interoperability, with a focus on the blueprint for bringing enhanced disaggregation strategies and SDN toolsets together.
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Optical Spending Not Increasing to Support 5G
While conventional wisdom would lead the industry to believe that metro optical network upgrades are needed in advance of the move to 5G, the reality appears to be different. 

We spoke with several network operators around the world with 5G trials underway or planned, as well as five of the largest optical vendors providing 5G frontal/backhaul solutions, and discovered that network operators are instead building the radio network first and updating their optical networks only when needed.
The findings of these discussions are outlined in a two-part series we're publishing that offers a thorough analysis of the current and future state of 5G. Part one, now available, looks at optical hardware spending for 5G in North America, budget limitations, the monetization of new services, and the impact of both fixed and mobile 5G wireless. In part two, expected to be published shortly, we will share our forecasts for the future impact of 5G.
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Interesting News
Nokia and M-net Conduct First Field Trial Using Nokia Photonic Service Engine 3
First field trial of new third generation coherent DSP from Nokia. Not clear if this used the actual DSP or emulation, but the company appears to be gearing up for launch later this year.

Aligning Blue Planet with the Future of Intelligent Network Automation
Ciena spins off group into an independent division. This is interesting because financial metrics will be more visible. Potential customers are supposed to see this as a more neutral supplier.

Nokia at Risk of China Ban
Nokia's optical business in China is negligible. A loss of China is more than offset by the potential gains in Europe if a security and trade war is escalated.
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