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Japan’s Growth Soars in 1Q19
Japan continued its recent hot streak as 1Q19 marked the fourth quarter in a row of growth with an extraordinary 82% increase, according to the most recent (1Q19) Optical Hardware Report from research firm Cignal AI. North American growth continued to disappoint as slow spending among traditional telco operators obscured growth in sales to cloud and colo operators.
Additional key findings in the 1Q19 Optical Hardware Report:
  • Metro Bandwidth Outpaces Long Haul – While long haul spending grew at a much higher rate than metro, analysis reveals that metro spending is actually growing more rapidly, but this growth is masked by metro’s lower cost than long haul.
  • Growth in China Decelerates – Growth in China moderated in the high single digits during 1Q19, as 2018’s high spending by Chinese carriers could not continue indefinitely. However, first quarters in China are usually slow and can be misleading.
  • CALA Continues Lackluster Performance – After a flat fourth quarter, Q1 showed no improvement. Relief may be coming, as vendors believe major carriers in the region will return to spending later this year.
  • EMEA Posted Solid Gains – Both metro and long haul spending grew during the quarter and the region had high single digit growth.
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Test Drive Cignal AI’s Superdashboards

Cignal AI now has Superdashboards active for all of our reports (Hardware, Applications and Customer Markets). These dashboards are interactive tools which provide clients with real-time metrics as company results are announced and users can customize views according to specific vendors, segments, and timeframes.

We are so excited about this unique tool that we want to give everyone the chance to see it in action. We've created SAMPLE dashboards with 2016 market data for you to try. Just log in with a registered account - no subscription needed.

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Active Insight: NGON Observations
Analysts Scott Wilkinson and Andrew Schmitt presented at the Next Generation Optical Networks (NGON) trade show in Nice, France. NGON focuses on EMEA operators and suppliers (including Chinese vendors Huawei and ZTE) and emphasizes technologies like OTN transport.

Discussions at the show included 400ZR and ZR Plus, Huawei’s situation under the US ban, select vendor’s technology roadmaps, the importance of OTN within and outside of China, and vendor preparation for 5G. Partial and full disaggregation strategies were also discussed.
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Live Presentations on 1Q19 Reports
Our live presentation of the 1Q19 Optical Application Report is tomorrow, June 20th at 11AM EDT (Boston). Don't miss it!

We'll discuss recent results in compact modular equipment used in applications such as DCI, and review the latest coherent port market share and technology forecasts.
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Clients are notified of upcoming live report presentations and can watch replays afterward.
Cignal AI Presenting at FOE

Directing Analyst Andrew Schmitt will be a featured speaker at the Fiber Optic Expo (FOE) in Japan July 17-19.

Andrew will examine current spending trends among traditional operators and cloud operators and the effects they are having on the market supply chain. If you are attending and would like to speak with Andrew, please contact us.

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Interesting News

What is ZR+?
Comprehensive summary of ZR+ including the challenges it faces for widespread adoption.

Huawei a key beneficiary of China subsidies that US wants ended
Interesting breakdown of Huawei government grants and $30B CDB sponsored line of credit. Reliance and Oi in Brazil have already defaulted.

Nokia and TIM break European record for long-distance data transmission
This is still PSE-3s emulation, not real silicon.

Smartoptics - First Colo 100G DCI
Whitepaper covering the first public example outside of Microsoft of an Inphi ColorZ deployment.

Department of Commerce Announces the Addition of Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. to the Entity List
Official release, license to sell or transfer components or technology to Huawei now required. Will they be issued? How long will it take? No one knows right now.

Huawei's American suppliers
Good graphic illustrating which companies do business with Huawei and including the percentage of revenues.

AWS Global Cloud Infrastructure
Super cool global map of Amazon AWS connectivity and data center availability zones.

Tencent Completes 200G IP over DWDM Demo Using Acacia CFP2-DCO
Pluggable coherent has the potential to disrupt a large part of the optical hardware market

Success Stories – OIF - Tunable Lasers
The story behind how the OIF standardized tunable lasers.

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July 17-19, 2019
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Examines market share and size for portions of optical market addressing specific functions or customer applications, including compact modular and Packet-OTN switching equipment. Details market size and share for the 100G+ coherent and non-coherent market across multiple technologies and reaches.

Optical Customer Markets
Tracks the size of optical equipment market by six end customer types, including incumbents, cloud and colo, and wholesale. Includes vendor market share of the cloud and colo customer segment.

Active Insight 
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