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Happy New Year! Here's to a 2019 full of understanding - understanding your child's or student's strengths and struggles and to the 2e people in your life understanding themselves.

I truly believe this is the first step toward calm, joy and fulfillment.

In this issue gain understanding on these topics:
  • The In-Between that time when stimulation is at a standstill and 2e minds overcompensate
  • One Parent's Mission to Light the Way for 2e Families
  • Screen Time Attention and Growing Minds
  • Slow Processing and Anxiety: What You Need to Know
  • Refresh, Refocus and Assess your Students with Processing Breaks

Where to find With Understanding Comes Calm out in the Community.

2 Days of 2e virtual conference ON-DEMAND through April 2019

Events for twice exceptional families and educators.

Julie's Blog

Julie's blog, "The In-Between" talks about the uncomfortable moments for 2e brains when they are not intensely engaged. What it feels like and what to do about it.


In "One Parent's Mission to Light the Way for 2e Families," Stuart Matranga, Bridges Academy teacher and former Rolling Stone writer, discusses his interview with Julie Skolnick about parenting 2e kids and starting her service, With Understanding Comes Calm.
Screen Time, Attention and Growing Minds talks about how screen time affects young minds and suggests how to moderate.
Why NOT doing homework may inspire more kids to do work at home is explored in this article: Freeing Students - and Teachers - from Homework.
Read about "chunk and chew" time - when students pause to absorb and process materials in "Refresh, Refocus and Assess your Students with Processing Breaks."

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What people are saying about
2 Days of 2e Virtual Conference:
"I just finished watching all 10 sessions of the Virtual Conference and thoroughly loved every session. The idea of twice exceptional is not something I learned about in my educational studies (bachelors or masters programs).  I had first hand experience with a 2e student in my classroom early on in my career... if only I had resources back then like you provided in this conference.  I wish I could go back and fix things that could have been handled differently. While I am a former full-time teacher I am currently a stay at home mother of gifted children (1 possibly 2e) and things I learned in this conference will be used in my home with my children right away." -Parent and Educator

"Not only are you providing impactful information and strategies but the fact that it is a virtual conference you are able to reach so many more people.  Full time working parents who are busy but can watch sessions at night, teachers who can't afford to take a day off but can watch sessions on a Saturday, or parents and teachers watching sessions on their own but then being able to discuss the ideas in a group setting (grade level meeting times, etc.).  Truly the virtual aspect of the conference opens the door to so many possibilities!!!" -Parent

"I really appreciated the reminder of what school is like for 2e students, and why it is so important that they have teachers who see their gifts, their strengths, and their potential. Even though we as educators are pulled in so many directions, we cannot afford to lose this population. We owe it to them to consider creative approaches to engage them in learning." -Educator

"Although the focus of the conference was 2e children, the content was applicable to other demographics, including in my case, as a professional working with and supervising some 2e adults. I gained a deeper understanding of 2e topics and learned practical tools for helping to empower 2e individuals to thrive. The conference made resoundingly clear that while 2e populations face challenges, they bring tremendous gifts to our world that we all have the ability to foster with proper knowledge and understanding." -Adult

Julie spoke with "Someone Gets Me" Producer, Dianne Allen, about Diversifying Your Life Portfolio. Listen in! Dianne has worked with the Gifted and Twice Exceptional population for decades and is an inspirational speaker and writer.
Julie looks forward to presenting in February to an audience of parents and educators in Ashkelon Israel. The Center for Gifted and Talented Students in Ashkelon is sponsoring this virtual event where Julie will discuss twice exceptionality and strategies for issues such as perfectionism, routines, school and family.

If you would like Julie to speak to your school or group, in-person or virtually, contact
Opportunity for "Gifted & Distractible" Readers!
Use code: RIRRMW9IW4_WUCC at to get $10 off a full subscription to 2e News! This is a fabulous resource for parents, educators and professionals.  All you have to do to sign up is click subscribe, enter your information, enter the code, submit payment and you are all set! 

Calling All MD, DC and VA Professionals!

Tuesday, January 29 Lunch and Presentation at the New FlexSchool
Featuring Tom DeTrolio, MSW and M.Ed., Director of Social/Emotional Growth speaking about "Social and Emotional Growth for Gifted and Twice Exceptional Students."

For more information and to register email Head of School, Towanda Cofield.
FlexSchool Rockville
(temporarily in Tenleytown)
4750 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest
Washington, DC 20016
Call: (301) 637-3022


FlexSchool's mission is to create learning spaces where gifted and twice-exceptional students all over the world are accepted, valued, and supported.

What FlexSchool Parents Have to Say:

“I haven’t seen this smile since kindergarten.”

“My son talks to me again.”

“My daughter told her therapist that she has friends for the first time in her life.”

“Since my son started FlexSchool, we’ve had a big change in the atmosphere at home. It’s hard to place a value on the rebuilding of trust between parent and child.”

“FlexSchool is like magic!”

What FlexSchool Students Have to Say:

“Thank you so much. This is the first year I haven’t despised school.”

“There are no stupid worksheets here.”

“FlexSchool is a place of awesomeness.”


  • January 8; 10:30 am -12:00 pm FlexSchool Coffee Chat for interested parents or professionals. FlexSchool Rockville (temporarily in Tenleytown) 4750 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest Washington, DC 20016 Call: (301) 637-3022, Email Head of School Towanda Cofield or Register
  • January 9; 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm; "Wednesday Workshops" presentation from The Chesapeake Center Clinical Director and Founder, Dr. Kathleen Nadeau facilitating a discussion on ADD/ADHD in girls and best practices for treatment and support. Click here to register! Location: The Chesapeake Center - 6430 Rockledge Dr, Suite 500, Bethesda, MD
  • January 10; 7:30 - 9:00 pm, SENGinar The Most Pressing Concerns and Questions of Parents of Gifted Learners, Presented by Dr. Joanne Foster, Register.

  • January 10; 1:00 pm EST, Q&A Webinar with James M. Greenblatt, M.D., New Supplement Strategies: Using Trace Minerals and Plant Extracts to Treat ADHD in Children and Adults, Register

  • January 10; 5:30 - 7:00 16-week PEERS-based program that includes ways that high schoolers can improve their interpersonal skills. Facilitated by Dr. Robert Greenstone. email 

  • January 10; 7:00 - 9:00 pm, Join xMinds for an evening with Julia Bascom, Executive Director of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN). This event is suitable for parents, educators, professionals, and students who have questions about their diagnosis.
    Where: Silver Spring Civic Building, Fenton Room, 1 Veterans Plaza, Silver Spring, MD 20910. Free parking is available in the Town Square Garage on Ellsworth St. Cost: Free for xMinds members; $15 for non-members
    Registration: Registration is recommended. Register online at

  • January 16, 7:00 pm, THE EMOTIONAL LIFE OF TEENS:  HOW FEELINGS IMPACT ADOLESCENTS’ LEARNING, MOTIVATION, AND ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE With Dr. William Stixrud and Ned Johnson, The Nora School, 955 Sligo Avenue, Silver Spring MD 20910, RSVP to, Free and open to the public, (geared to parents and professionals who work with teens), Free Parking in the large covered garage next door, Directions:
    More information:

  • January 17; 7:00 - 8:30 pm, JOIN CHADD NoVA/DC, Presentation: “Homework 911:  Supporting Children with Executive Functioning Challenges” FREE and open to the public!  Click here to register. The Kingsbury Center, 5000 14th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20011, Contact: Pat Hudak at (703) 455-6236 or

  • January 27, 3-4pm Better Grades in Less Time,  Hill Center at the Old Naval Hospital, Washington, DC, Smith Rivas Study Skills and Academic Coaching, $15, Register

  • January 28 - Feb. 3; Bright & Quirky Summit, Learn More and Register.

  • January 29; FlexSchool Professional Lunch featuring Tom DeTrolio, MSW, M.Ed., FlexSchool Rockville (temporarily in Tenleytown) 4750 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest Washington, DC 20016 Call: (301) 637-3022, Email Head of School Towanda Cofield
  • January 29 - Feb. 2; Council for Exceptional Students Convention and Expo, More info and to Register

  • February 15-17; Learning and the Brain, Educating with Empathy Conference, San Francisco, CA, Learn more and Register.
  • February 18-21; Annual LDA International Conference, Ft. Worth, TX. Click here for more information and to Register.

  • Feb. 22-24; California Association for the Gifted Conference, Palm Springs, CA More Info and to Register.
  • Feb. 27; National Association for Independent School Conference, Long Beach, CA Register.
  • March 22-24; Women, Whisky and Wisdom, "Intensity and Transition," Louisville, KY, Gifted Unlimited, Register.
  • March 23; 8:00 am - 12:30 pm, 5th Annual ADHD Symposium featuring Jonathan Mooney, Chesapeake Bay Academy, 821 Baker Road, Virginia Beach Virginia, 23462, (757) 497-6200, $40 Register.
  • July 18-21; SENG Annual Conference, Houston, TX, More information and to Register.

  • July 24-28; World Council for Gifted and Talented Children 23rd World Conference, Nashville, TN, More information and to Register
  • Through April 2019:  2 Days of 2e Virtual Conference; On Demand through April 2019! Content, Community, Collaboration. Learn from 2e Thought Leaders, build community and gain resources. More Information and Register.
  • Dr. Adam Pletter's online iParent 101 course "Safety in the Digital Age." Learn more and REGISTER

  • First Sunday evening of each month; Procrastination Webinar & Student Group Discussion. Includes discussion how procrastination is an emotional response to task aversion - includes current research and strategies to help avoid procrastination. Student group discussions for high school and college age students. Contact Michael Bromley at
  • Mondays, Virtual Gifted Adult Support group, "The Intensity of Life," September 24 - December 10, with Kathleen Crombie, M.A., M.E.d., 2:00 -3:30 pm (EST) Register
  • Tuesdays, 4:15 pm; Social Adventurers Preschool - Kindergarten. Location:  Center For Communication and Learning Rockville, Maryland  to receive intake information. Complete our Social Interest form:

  • Tuesdays, September 25-December 11, Virtual Advanced Parent Discussion Group with Cathleen Crombie, M.A., M.E.d, 4:00-5:30, First Tuesday of the month. Register.
What is With Understanding Comes Calm, LLC?
Our mission is: To empower parents, educators, professionals and adults to bring out the best and raise self esteem in their children, students, clients and themselves.
  • Mentoring Families Understanding, Durable Strategies, Implementation Plans and Advocacy
  • Supporting Individuals Connection, Fulfillment, Validation, Solutions 
  • Partnering with Educators and Clinicians Collaboration, Training, Best Practices, Resolution.
Contact Founder and President, Julie Skolnick with any inquiries.
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