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This issue of "Gifted & Distractible" is dedicated to the memory of
Dr. James Webb
This issue of "Gifted & Distractible" is dedicated to Dr. James Webb, founder of SENG (Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted) and author of so many important books that discuss the emotional needs of the gifted and how to best support growth and enjoyment for gifted people of all ages. Jim was an incredible mentor and friend to so many. He is sorely missed.
To hear Julie interview Jim scroll below.
August. How can it be? It's been the busiest summer of my life - lots of excitement (and hours!) preparing for our upcoming Virtual Conference "2 Days of 2e" (read about it below).

This summer has given me opportunities to grow in knowledge and know-how. It is the first summer my two teens were away from us, and I've learned to respect their independence and to appreciate the time I have with them. I've enjoyed showering our youngest with tons of attention and I've had to balance work/home life like I've never had to before.

I'm hopeful that this has been a summer of growth for you and yours and that as you prepare for the school year, that you feel fresh faced, with excitement and a dose of reality, that you are prepared to advocate for your child, your student or your client and that you will take off the sunglasses of summer to don strength-based lenses for the school year.

Start off back-to-school nights, meet-and-greets, IEP meetings, formal and informal gatherings talking about all the wonderful things your child did over summer break, or asking what your new student loved doing over the summer. 

In this issue of "Gifted & Distractible" read Julie's blog, "Shining a Light On the Shadows." Read about the importance of looking for what's not so obvious to gain a true understanding.


Want to attend a conference featuring world-renowned speakers, without having to pay for travel, hotel or food? 2 DAYS OF 2e is for you!

Register now to take advantage of our discounted price and get ready to watch 10 sessions of incredible content all about the 2e experience.

Educators can earn credit hours from the University of Connecticut.

It can be lonely parenting and teaching 2e kids. Build COMMUNITY in our virtual discussion forums - one for each speaker topic. Looking for resources and opportunities to COLLABORATE? Our Virtual Exhibitor Hall will feature important information for you.

To Exhibit at 2 Days of 2e, Register. Contact with questions.
Check out the 2 Days of 2e Virtual Conference Lineup!
Julie's Monthly Blog, Shining a Light on the Shadows talks about looking for the important information that isn't so obvious, so brightly shining in front of us. Whether it's looking for what lies behind our child's behavior or the important - not as obvious - meaning to something, shining a light on the shadows gives us a glorious way to reframe what's difficult.


Flex School is thrilled to announce it will be opening a FlexSchool campus in Rockville, MD for Fall 2018! Parents, professionals, and investors came together to bring FlexSchool to the MD/DC/VA area. You made it happen!

Our first day of school will be September 10, 2018.

We expect to sublet space at the Stone Branch School of Art.
1331 Rockville Pike, Suite M, Rockville, MD 20852

Come to our information session TONIGHT at 11825 Seven Locks Rd. (Beth Sholom Synagogue)

We will host an information session at 7:30 pm on August 1, 2018. Contact Stacia Taylor or Jacqui Byrne for details.

We will host interviews on August 2-3 and August 20-21, 2018.
Interview times for applying students will be available online once we receive your application.

If you know of any wonderful teachers interested in working part or full-time for FlexSchool, please have them send their resume to Kyle Kahuda,

We will be announcing information about the Head of School and teachers soon!

Apply Today!

Please use the instructions below to apply for FlexSchool Rockville.
  1. Log into FlexSchool’s parent portal (Blackbaud) here. Your Blackbaud account has been set up with a login name and temporary password.
  2. Your login name is your first name, a period, and your last name. For example, jane.smith. 
  3. Your temporary password is your first initial, your last name, and “2018”. For example, jsmith2018.
  4. Once you have logged in and cleared the automatic Blackbaud greeting message, click on your child’s name (upper left corner of the screen). 
  5. Under the “Admissions Progress” tab, Checklist, click the “Fill Out” button next to the Admission Application form. Included in this form is an opportunity to upload your student’s application essay. You may also submit your child’s essay via email or mail if that is more convenient.
  6. When you’re done, you can log out by clicking your name in the upper right of the screen and selecting “Sign Out”.
If you are applying for financial aid, you will need to complete a financial aid application as well.   will take you to a flyer describing the FlexSchool financial aid application process. Please ignore the application dates listed on this flyer, as they are not for the Rockville campus. We will update everyone with important financial aid application dates as we move through the process.

If you need help with logging into Blackbaud or any systems issues, please call 203-628-4018 x 101 or email Susan Hemingway, Director of Technology ( 
For questions related to your application, please contact me directly,


In this article, Simple Relationship Building Strategies, learn strategies for building relationship strengthening opportunities in the curriculum. 
Bibliotherapy is an excellent tool to address many issues; how to manage emotions, seeking positive role models, exploring relationships and so much more. In How Bibliotherapy Can Help Students Open Up About their Mental Health read about how using books as 

Ever hear a little voice in your head saying "Why am I even fighting with this person?" Ever find yourself figuring out your next retort like you're playing a chess game only your conversing with your partner? Why We Crave the Drama that Sabotages Relationships talks about the ADHD brain and how it can crave stimulation that leads to relationship drama.

With Understanding Comes Calm
in the Community

I had a lot of fun talking with my friend and colleague, Dr. Dan Peters on his Parent Footprint Podcast! In this show, "With Understanding Comes Calm - Bringing Out the Best and Raising Self Esteem in 2e Kids" we talked all about the "Cycle for Success," and P-R-A-I-S-ETM, my acronym for specific categories of strategies I teach to clients - Personal Connection, Reframe, Anticipate, Incentives and Choices, Sense of Humor and Exercise. Dr. Dan always asks about a personal parenting moment...listen in to hear when I as a parent realized the importance of being present.
As always it was great to catch up with old friends and make new connections at the SENG (Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted conference last month! I love teaching about the Cycle for Success: Bringing Out the Best and Raising Self Esteem in 2e Children
Julie is looking forward to speaking at the Maryland Educators for Gifted Students Conference on October 19. Learn more about the conference.
Julie interviews Dr. James Webb at SENG 2017

  • August 1, Flex School Rockville, MD Info Session. Contact Jacqui Byrne or Stacia Taylor for more information. See detailed application instructions in the Newsletter above.
  • August 3-6; The Creativity Conference, Southern Oregon University, More Information and to Register.
  • August 8-11; ECHA (European Council for High Ability) Conference, Dublin, Ireland, Register

  • August 11; SENG mini conference, The Point at Otterbein University, Columbus, OH, Topics include: supporting twice-exceptional students, empathy, mental health, gifted literary characters, using creativity as a window, facilitating dialogues, gratitude & growth, and what to do when a gifted student struggles in mastery learning. Continuing Education credits may be available. Register. On Friday, August 10, SENG Model Parent Group (SMPG) facilitator training will take place during the day, with a free SENG Parent Model Group Discussion Experience in the evening.

  • August 20-24; Asia Pacific Conference on Giftedness, More information.
  • September 29; SENG mini conference, Lafayette, LA, More Information.
  • October 11-13, WAETAG Washington Association of Educators of the Gifted and Talented, Bellevue, WA. More information.
  • October 14-16; Iowa Talented and Gifted Association, Des Moines, IA, Learn more.
  • October 19; MEGS, Maryland Educators of Gifted Students Conference, Owings Mills, MD, Register.
  • October 19-20; Gifted Association of Missouri, Drury University, Springfield, MO. Register.
  • October 27; Michigan Association for Gifted Children, Annual Conference, Avondale High School, Auburn Hills, MI More information.
  • Nov. 9; TECA - Twice Exceptional Children's Advocacy, Molloy College, Rockville Centre, NY. More information.
  • Nov 15-18; NAGC Annual Conference, Minneapolis, MN, Register.
  • February 18-21; Annual LDA International Conference, Ft. Worth, TX. Click here for more information and to Register.

  • Dr. Adam Pletter's online iParent 101 course "Safety in the Digital Age." Learn more and REGISTER

  • First Sunday evening of each month; Procrastination Webinar & Student Group Discussion. Includes discussion how procrastination is an emotional response to task aversion - includes current research and strategies to help avoid procrastination. Student group discussions for high school and college age students. Contact Michael Bromley at
  • Tuesdays, 4:15 pm; Social Adventurers Preschool - Kindergarten. Location:  Center For Communication and Learning Rockville, Maryland  to receive intake information. Complete our Social Interest form:


What is With Understanding Comes Calm, LLC?
Our mission is: To empower parents, educators, professionals and adults to bring out the best and raise self esteem in their children, students, clients and themselves.
  • Mentoring Families Understanding, Durable Strategies, Implementation Plans and Advocacy
  • Supporting Individuals Connection, Fulfillment, Validation, Solutions 
  • Partnering with Educators and Clinicians Collaboration, Training, Best Practices, Resolution.
Contact Founder and President, Julie Skolnick with any inquiries.
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