Hello, District 86 Members 2022-2023, here is the April edition with information to help you and your club grow
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Congratulations, Soar to Excellence TMC
Do you know what TikTok users want?
District 86 Conference 2022
Thank you!
Taking the Leap to Post on Facebook
Your vote is important - Register TODAY
What's a #Hashtag and what does it mean?
Servant first - Listening
Using YouTube for your club
How to write Blog posts for TM clubs
Be intentional with your social media content
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It can at times be hard to keep all the dates and commitments straight. Here is an outline of what happens through the District for the period of April 1 - May 31, 2022:
Club Open Houses
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Start promoting "Beat the clock"
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Club Officers prepare for Bussiness meeting
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Final three - Member and Club Success
Date: April 12, 2022

Time: 12.00 PM - 1.30 PM
Final three - Member and Club Success
Date: Apr 12, 2022
Time: 6.00 PM - 6.45 PM

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Voting practice for Council meeting April 23
Date: April 12, 2022

Time: 6.30 PM
Voting practice for Council meeting April 23
Date: April 13, 2022

Time: 6.30 PM
District 86 Spring Conference
Date: April 22-24, 2022

District Council Business Meeting
Date: April 23, 2022

District 86
TableTopics Contest

Date: April 22, 2022
District 86
International Speech Contest

Date: April 23, 2022
Area Directors to report 2nd Club visit
Date: April 30, 2022
Election of Club Officers
Date: First Club meeting in May
Final two - Member and Club Success
Date: April 30, 2022

Time: 12.00 PM - 12.30 PM
Final two - Member and Club Success
Date: April 30, 2022

Time: 6.00 PM - 6.45 PM
District Director
Myrna Barthe, DTM

Have I told you lately how much I appreciate you!
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Program Quality Director
Deridor Collier, DTM

Our development and achievements continue!

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Club Growth Director
Brahm Memone, DTM

Dare to lead, four ways to be a leader
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Public Relations Manager
Nancy Movrin, DTM

Keeping up with the speed of the internet
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Finance Manager
Randy Moore, DTM

Financial Presentations do not have to be boring to be effective
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District 86 Parliamentarian
Avis Brodie, DTM

Club Financial Policy - Yes, there are rules
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District 86
Spring Conference, 2022

Date: April 22-23, 2022 Virtual
Date April 24, 2022 Hybrid

Have you Registered for District 86 Spring Conference 2022?

3 days of Learning, Leadership development, Fellowship, Networking and more awaits you!

Start a new chapter in your life. 

Watch the video for details on WHY you should attend the Conference.

Option 1
3 days of virtual - $15
Option 2
2 days of virtual and
1 day in-person/Hilton Meadowvale
Mississauga Ontario - $105
Keynote Speakers
International Speech Contest
TableTopics Contest
Banner Parade
DTM Recognition
Dance Performance
First Timers Meet and Greet
C&L Award and Luncheon

Lark Doley, DTM
2018-2019 International President

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Margaret Zanel
Strategy & Leadership Wentworth Strategy Group Inc
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Jennifer Jones
2021-2022 President-Elect Rotary International

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Roger Caesar
2021 3de place winner World Championship of Public Speaking

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Communication and Leadership Award

Michelle Baldwin
2022 District 86 Communication and Leadership Award Winner

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Congratulations to these clubs on achieving Distinguished status in February with membership paid to September 2022.
Mississauga Valley Toastmasters – Distinguished Status
Meadowvale Toastmasters – Select Distinguished
Milton Toastmasters – President’s Distinguished
Program Quality Team Sessions and Support
Are you looking for support, the PQD-team is here to help you
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District 86 Conference 2022
Register now to be part of the first District 86 Hybrid Conference
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Congratulations, Soar to Excellence TMC
Congratulations to a phenomenal membership drive 

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Thank you!
When was the last time you got a handwritten thank you note
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Do you know what TikTok users want?
Hint, they want funny and entertaining content

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Taking the Leap to Post on Facebook
Having a Facebook posting strategy may seem overwhelming at first,
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Milton Escarpment Toastmasters
Hosts Effective Networking Panel Discussion

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Your Special Event
Do you want the world or at least District 86, to know about your special event? Why not write about it or share a link to your event - remember to follow Toastmasters branding guidelines if you want your event picture posted. If your invitation is shared with us before the 20th, we will do what we can to share your news
Here are some blogs that could help you make your club even more successful. If you have a blog that you think would be helpful, please contact us
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Your vote is important - Register TODAY
Register TODAY for the District 86 Annual Bussiness Meetings
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Using YouTube for your Club
Watch Cat videos! Learn how to use a product! Get World Champion speech tips!
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What's a #Hashtag again and what does it mean
According to Merriam-Weber, a hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by the symbol #
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How to write Blog posts for TM  clubs
Are you stuck writing blog posts? Does "Write a compelling blog" in Pathways Level 4 feel insurmountable?

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Servant First - Listening
Exploring the benefits of "Servant Leadership"

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Be intentional with your social media content
What can you do to be part of the social media explosion
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Cont'd DD Myrna Barthe, DTM

Have I told you lately how much I appreciate you!  I am in awe of how much you/we have accomplished to date!  District 86 is buzzing with upcoming workshops and educational sessions…something for everyone! 

Division Contests have all been completed and the winners will be competing at the Spring Conference on Friday, April 22nd, and Saturday, April 23rd.  I had the pleasure of attending every one of them and let me tell you, the judges are going to have a difficult time deciding who the winners will be. 

Speaking about the Spring Conference……have you registered to attend?  The workshops look phenomenal, and the line-up of speakers is first-class!  Check it out on the District 86 web page.  If you are a Club President or VP-Education, remember to register for the Business Meeting on April 23rd so you can cast your vote and make a difference.  Electing the 2022-2023 District Officers is your responsibility. 

A reminder, membership renewals need to be submitted by March 30th latest in order to keep your members and clubs in good standing.  Thanks to all those who have submitted their dues to date.  As of March 22nd, we are #1 in our Region and 23rd in the world for paid members!  Let’s keep the momentum going! 

Where has the time gone?  Only three more months until the end of our Toastmasters year.  Are you on target to end the year strong?  Have you completed and submitted all your education accomplishments?  Don’t hesitate to contact us if there is something/anything we can help you with.  We are here to serve YOU. 

Myrna Barthe, DTM 
District 86 Director, 2021-2022
Cont'd PQD Deridor Collier, DTM

Congratulations! Your development and achievements through the Toastmaster program continue. Collectively: 

  • 7 Distinguished Toastmaster awards achieved.  
  • 95 Triple Crowns achieved.  
  • 994 completed Pathway levels.  
  • 68 clubs have achieved 5 or more Distinguished Club Points. 
  • 122 clubs have had 4 or more Club Officers attend Club Officer training to support you. 

Each year, you have a unique New Chapter and a New Beginning, building on your achievements. Reflect on how Toastmasters has helped position you to embrace opportunities and achieve your personal and professional goals this year.  

You are encouraged to renew your membership and keep growing through Pathways! 

Club Officers thank you for attending Club Officer training and supporting members! See District 86 Program Quality Awards, Incentives, and Recognition: 2021–2022 for incentives you can earn by June 30th, 2022. Your support to members is reflected in their achievements as you submit their completed Pathway levels. 

Deridor Collier, DTM
District 86, Program Quality Director

Cont'd Program Quality Team Sessions and Support

The Toastmaster year ends on June 30th, 2022. Are you looking for support with the Toastmasters program or have questions and seeking solutions? Please contact the Program Quality Team, we are here to support you.  

Visit the PQD Resource page for other upcoming events. 

Deridor Collier, DTM
District 86, Program Quality Director, 2021 - 2022

Cont'd District 86 Spring Conference 2022 – April 22nd to 24th, 2022

Join me in congratulating all contestants for stepping up and competing in the International Speech and Table Topics contest. In addition, thank you to contest organizers and functionaries for making the contest fun and successful at every level.  

Register now to attend the first Hybrid Spring Conference, a New Beginning in District 86. Invite your friends, family, and others to register to learn and enjoy the Conference.  

Hear from Lark Doley DTM, 2018 – 2019 President Toastmasters International about the Spring Conference-  

Why You Should attend 

  • Enhance your communication and leadership abilities by listening to leading experts and fellow Toastmasters. 
  • Get rejuvenated and learn new things by engaging and sharing ideas and best practices. 
  • Experience what Toastmasters has to offer, beyond the club level. 
  • Meet new friends and expand your network by connecting with like-minded Toastmasters. 
  • Attend workshops and listen to keynote speeches to support your personal and professional growth goals. 
  • Cheer on your District’s International Speech and Table Topics contestants. 

Club Officers, please encourage members to attend and experience District 86 Spring Conference 2022

District 86 Spring Conference takes place from April 22nd to 24th, 2022. Join us, register now and attend

Option 1: Virtual (April 22nd to 24th). Cost - $16.45

Option 2: Hybrid (virtual attendance on April 22nd & 23rd, in person on April 24th at the Hilton Hotel Meadowvale). Cost - $111.47  

Winners of the International Speech and Table Topics contests and DTM award recipients attending the Spring Conference using the hybrid (option 2) will be presented with their respective trophies and DTM medal at the Hilton Hotel.  

Use District 86 Spring Conference to share images on your social media, LinkedIn, and websites to raise awareness of the Spring Conference.  

See the Hilton Hotel's special rate for Toastmasters.  

Deridor Collier, DTM
District 86, Program Quality Director, 2021 - 2022

Cont'd CGD Brahm Memone, DTM

Dare to Lead: 
4 ways being a Club Extension Chair will make you a LEADER.  

A key role on the Club Growth team is the Club Extension Chair, who this year is Stephanie Lam. She works behind the scenes alongside the Club Growth Director by keeping track of new clubs in the pipeline to become chartered. As always, the role described on paper is far from reality; the leadership development from this role is one of the best leadership development experiences Stephanie has encountered as a Toastmaster. 

Organize and lead a team 

Organization and updated records are critical in this role. There are often more than 15 clubs at various stages of chartering and keeping up to date with each club lead is critical for the success of each one. Stephanie says that this has trained her to be prompt in responding to emails and phone calls, accurate in keeping records, and courteous to her volunteer team and club leads. As she progressed with organizing multiple Club Launch meetings, she learned to be highly professional and organized and in the process inspired many of the volunteer Toastmasters members to pitch in. 

Gain confidence in yourself and in your life 

By mastering the details in the Toastmasters charter process, she was able to confidently and concisely explain to a variety of people the steps and instructions on how to charter a club. As Stephanie helped more people with the chartering process, she gained confidence each time she picked up the phone to speak to someone interested in starting a new club. By the 5th phone call, Stephanie was thrilled to speak to anyone about Toastmasters. She knew she could do it in Toastmasters, so why not be as confident in the things she does every day in her life?  

Identify, motivate, and inspire new leaders 

As the number of the club leads increased, she soon realized her ability to help new clubs with Club Launch meetings, with strategic Club Sponsors and Club Mentors as and when needed to step in.  

Stephanie in her own words “How good are you at inspiring and motivating someone? This is the moment you learn to spark the leader in others (both Toastmasters members and non-members). You learn to persuasively influence and inspire others to become leaders. This involves transitioning members to Club Sponsors, Club Mentors, and Executive members.” 

Make a difference 

With every role, there are challenges. One of the most challenging struggles as a Club Extension Chair is to see a club charter slow down or halt its charter process. It's true, not every club lead will charter for a number of reasons; however, Stephanie still makes a difference! A Club Launch meeting still results in allowing 20 to 30 (or more!) people to learn that a feasible and effective program for communication and leadership exists and is available to help them when they are ready.  

At the end of the term, Stephanie will have contributed to the foundation of the Club Growth Committee and the chartering of multiple clubs across the district. Sometimes progress is slow but as it accumulates, Stephanie has realized the hundreds of people she has left a positive impact on or helped start or progress their Toastmasters journey. 


I am grateful to Stephanie Lam for being on the Club Growth Team. She has excelled and done an excellent job. 

Brahm Memone, DTM
District 86, Club Growth Director, 2021-2022

Cont'd Congratulations Soar to Excellence Toastmasters Club 

Phenomenal membership drive between December and March!! From 10 members to 23 Members!!! Net growth of 13 members. 

Shout out to President Jenny Tse, VPE & VPM Rob Belsby, Club Coach & Secretary Dimitra Bolton!! 

How Did They Do it? 
Please attend the Coaches Corner on April 8th at 7:00 PM to learn how they did it. 

Plus I will reveal my own strategies for how I grow clubs to be highly successful. Mi Speak from 2 active members to 58 members and is globally recognized as one of the top four clubs.  

As well as how my team and I masterminded a club launch (Leadership Speak) to charter in one week in February 2022.  

Invitation to Coaches Corner 
We will also share other success stories from other clubs and how they are succeeding. I hope you can use these strategies in your own clubs.  

The more you know how other clubs are succeeding in the District, the more great ideas you will have to implement in your own clubs 

To attend the Coaches Corner on April 8th at 7:00 PM EST, please register now at: 

As usual, if there is anything I can do for your club please do not hesitate to contact me at: 

I look forward to seeing you on April 8th at 7:00 PM as we share how we can all succeed together.

Brahm Memone, DTM
District 86, Club Growth Director, 2021-2022

Cont'd PRM, Nancy Movrin, DTM

Keeping up with the speed of the internet: Generation Z

Gen Z (born between 1997 – 2021) is the age group following millennials. Keeping Gen Z top of mind while creating your PR campaign takes a bit of effort.

Tailor Messaging for both Mobile And Desktop

Gen Z spends a sizable proportion of their time online compared to the older age groups, and they frequently use more than one device at the same time. Any content you put out (website, Instagram reels, blog posts), needs to be optimized for all devices.

Emphasize eye-catching, visual content

This marketing savvy demographic prefers short-form video content. Consider incorporating visual tactics (such as Instagram Stories) and bite-sized video content using overlays, visual effects, and royalty-free music.

Create a Quality Experience

Gen Z is accustomed to having boundless online options. With new apps and creative filters, anything that’s static or text-heavy is “boring.” Anything that doesn’t speak to their WIIFM (what’s in it for me) channel is “boring.” 

Anything that encourages interaction or conversation on social is appealing. Leverage engagement (tap, swipe, click); give them something to do on your posts.

What matters most is to have a distinct voice, highlighting interactions that don’t sound traditional suit-and-tie. When interacting with this generation, have timely organic posts, rather than cookie-cutter content

Time to take your promotion strategy from A to Gen Z.

Nancy Movrin, DTM
District 86, Public Relations Manager, 2021-2022

Cont'd Randy Moore

Financial Presentations do not have to be boring to be effective 

One of the issues I have with many financial presentations is when the presenter makes the topic so serious or boring that either no one listens or everyone is so intimidated that they feel like they can’t ask a question.  Finance doesn’t have to be boring or overly serious.  I believe it’s better to engage the audience instead. If a financial presenter is knowledgeable, fully understands their material, and cares about the organization financial presentations can be quite engaging. 

Here are 3 tips to create more engaging financial presentations: 

          1. Remind everyone of the purpose of the organization 

Why does your club exist?  When presenting, use the financials to remind everyone what you are doing and why you’re doing it.  Tell stories of how the organization accomplished its purpose during the time period of the finances presented. 

          2. Connect the revenue numbers to the customer experience 

For example, when I talk about revenue, I talk about customer experience and how revenue represents how your organization is helping clients.  In Toastmasters “member dues” represent a returning member who reached a new level or gave a speech who wouldn’t if it weren’t for Toastmasters 

          3. Create vivid illustrations for each line item 

Just like regular speeches, vivid illustrations add a lot of flavor to your presentations.  Tell a story about what your club used funds for like an open house that had a world-renown speaker or an event you held that went well. 

Randy Moore, DTM
District 86, Finance Manager, 2021-2022

Cont'd Avis Brodie

Club Financial Policy
As with all things in Toastmasters, there are rules. Have you considered using club funds to pay member dues? Did you know this is against the authorized use of club funds? The protocol is important, and this little known fact is something that comes up at least twice a year. Here is an excerpt to guide you. For the complete text, please click on this link: 

Club Constitution: Article XI 

Authorized uses include: 

  • Educational/administrative materials for club/member use 
  • Meeting place rental fees (if applicable) 
  • Refreshments for club meetings (must be approved by the club) 
  • Donations to the Ralph C. Smedley Memorial Fund 

Unauthorized uses include: 

  • Pathways educational materials 
  • Parties and social gatherings 
  • Scholarships 
  • Payment of dues for individuals 
  • Donation of money or goods: 
  • to outside causes or individuals 
  • to individuals at any level of the Toastmasters organization 

Please note that purchasing Pathways paths as member incentives is also against policy while purchasing other educational material such as books is permissible. (“Roberts Revised Rules of Order” perhaps?)  

Avis Brodie 
District 86, Parlaimentarian, 2021-2022 


District 86 Communication and Leadership Award

Congratulations Michelle Baldwin, this year’s Toastmasters District 86 Communication and Leadership Award recipient.

As Senior Advisor, Transformation, with Community Foundations of Canada, she explores societal transition and transformation at the intersection of equity, climate, and economy. Michelle is also a faculty member in the Governance, Leadership, Ethics program at Huron University College in London, Ontario; and serves as the Board Vice-Chair for Atlohsa Family Healing Services, and Past Chair for Ontario Nonprofit Network

She holds a Master of Educational Psychology, a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, as well as a Maytree Policy School Certificate, is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and a recipient of the YMCA Women of Excellence, Business & Professions Award.

When she is not involved with community work, you can find her out in nature collecting beach glass, hiking, biking, and snowshoeing.

The Communication and Leadership Award will be presented at the Spring Conference, Sunday, April 24th.  Many thanks to Harold Usher, DTM PID for nominating Michelle Baldwin for this notable award.

Nancy Movrin, DTM
District 86, Public Relations Manager, 2021-2022

Cont'd Thank You!

When was the last time you received a handwritten thank you note in your mailbox?

It happened to me last month. I donated money to a local charity, and they replied with a handwritten card thanking me.

I read every word of this thank you, written in the flowing script that took me back to a time before the internet, when letters, notes, and cards were commonplace in my life.

The card boosted my mood a day when more than 100 new emails stuffed my inbox — most of which I probably won't read.

The fact I was so taken — indeed, pleasantly startled — by a thank you card should be no surprise. That's what was found in a 2018 study, "Undervaluing Gratitude: Expressers Misunderstand the Consequences of Showing Appreciation," published in the journal Psychological Science. I learned about it at

The study found that people expressing gratitude underestimated how pleased people would be with a handwritten note. And they overestimated the potential awkwardness that someone might feel receiving a heartfelt thank-you note.

Business coaches promote the power of handwritten thank you cards for career success — especially after job interviews

Handwritten, anonymous “Caring Cards” are exchanged between mental health patients. The cards may reduce the risk of suicide because researchers believe the personal notes build a sense of purpose for the creator and a social connection for the recipient. 

Don’t worry about how to write a thank-you note. Write like you would say it in person, says greeting card company Hallmark. Or look here for seven tips to write a thank-you note.

Here’s a challenge for you to help garner the emotional and career benefits of purposeful gratitude: write and mail one thank you note every month for the rest of 2022.

Or, better yet, make that once a week.

Kevin Swayze, SR2
President of Cambridge Toastmasters 2728

Cont'd The majority of TikTok users want funny/entertaining content

A 2022 GlobalWebIndex survey found that when they asked users the main reason they go on TikTok, the majority of respondents answered: “to find funny/entertaining content.”

So, is TikTok right for your club?

The short answer? It depends...

  • Your target audience is younger (ages 16-30).
  • You are familiar with shooting videos and adding special effects and features.
  • You are fun and can get to the point in 15.6 seconds (the optimum TikTok video length is 16 seconds)
  • You don’t mind spending time on the platform posting content

TikTok is a heavy feeder. Some of the bigger TikTokkers post up to 10 times a day.  At a minimum, you need to post new (organic) content between 2-3 times daily.

TikTok isn’t a serious platform and is definitely not the right fit for every club.  However, if you have the time to devote to this platform, are open to being quirky online, and are looking to expand awareness of your club to a younger audience, this app may work for you.

Is TikTok part of your social strategy? Share your experience to

Nancy Movrin, DTM
District 86, Public Relations Manager, 2021-2022

Cont'd Taking the Leap to Post on Facebook

Are you finding it a bit difficult to keep coming up with a variety of unique posts for your Toastmasters Club Facebook page?  

Thinking of a Facebook posting strategy may seem overwhelming at first, but once you start posting consistently on Facebook you will start becoming more comfortable generating your own ideas about what topics to post about.  

Here are a few suggestions to help you get started posting on your Club’s Facebook page. First, be sure to check out Toastmasters International’s website page ( ) or our District 86 website page (  

These websites offer a variety of current and past articles, helpful tips, plus blogs to reference and talk about on your Club’s Facebook page.  

Secondly, videos generally garner high fan engagement levels when posted on social media channels such as Facebook.  

Try checking out the Toastmasters International videos available on YouTube; Toastmasters offers many videos with inspirational speakers and helpful tips which are quick and easy to re-share online.  

Finally, just get out there and start posting on your Toastmasters Club’s Facebook page. Try not to over think what to posts about in the beginning - remember after you get comfortable posting regularly on your club’s Facebook page you can continually tweak your Facebook strategy to further enhance its performance.  

Best of luck with your Facebook posts! 

Deann Brown 
VP of Membership MSMTM 

Congratulations On Your Club Anniversaries!
1 YEAR Anniversaries
7865702 |
Speak With Spark PMI Lakeshore

7852554 | WL Toastmasters

5 YEAR Anniversaries
5940499 | Own the moment Toastmasters Club

15 YEAR Anniversaries
1029833 |
Tech Data Toastmasters Club
25 YEAR Anniversaries
6307 |
McMaster Toastmasters Club

30 YEAR Anniversaries
8767 | Talk It To The Max Toastmasters Club

70 YEAR Anniversaries
1114 | Hamilton No1 Toastmasters Club

1102 | Garden City Toastmasters of St Catherines
We are sorry if we missed your anniversary please let us know and we can celebrate your clubs belated anniversary
Toastmasters District 86

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Program Quality Director
Deridor Collier, DTM
Club Growth Director
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