Hello, District 86 Members 2022-2023, here is the November edition with information to help you and your club grow
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It can at times be hard to keep all the dates and commitments straight. Here is an outline of what happens through the District for the rest of the year:
Club Contest Season
Date: November 1, 2021 - December 30, 2021

Contest Judge Training
Date: November 3, 2021

Club Officer Training, TLI
Date: November 13, 2021

Region 6 - Contest judges' training
Date: November 18, 2021
Club Officers Training Round 2
Date: November 1, 2021 - February 28, 2022

District Executive Committee Meeting
Date: November 6, 2021

Evaluation Educational Session
Date: November 15, 2021

Club Officer Training, TLI
Date: November 27, 2021
District Director
Myrna Barthe, DTM

Day of Celebration
It is a day of celebration in honor of volunteer leaders' tireless efforts

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Program Quality Director
Deridor Collier, DTM

As the year is winding down why not reflect on how much you accomplished and developed yourself

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Club Growth Director
Brahm Memone, DTM

How do we focus on membership building, and retention? Learn from the experiences of Meadowdale toastmasters

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Public Relations Manager
Nancy Movrin, DTM

Not all promotional videos are the same. Before you start shooting, decide what type of video you are creating

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Club Officer Training, TLI, Round 2
Club Officers, Thank you for attending Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) and/or Club Officer Training (COT) in Round 1. Time flies quickly and Round 2 of the training is here.
Your club will earn a Distinguished Club goal when 4 or more Club Officers attend training in Rounds 1 and 2 of the Club Officer Training.
Register today and attend TLI in November before the Holiday Season begins in earnest.
Club Officer Training (TLI)
Date: November 13, 2021
Time: 8.30 AM to 1:30 PM
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Club Officer Training (TLI)
Date: November 27, 2021
Time: 8.30 AM to 1:30 PM
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District 86 is having the International Speech contest and Table Topics contest this year. What a great way to develop and showcase your public skills or leadership skills supporting contests.

The contest periods are:

 - Club: November 1, 2021, to December 31, 2021. 
 - Area: January 1, 2022, to February 12, 2022. 
 - Division: February 13, 2021, to March 20, 2022. 
Visit the Program Quality Team Resources page for educational sessions and resources to support you! 
Contest Judge Training
Mikael Gatje, D86 Chief Judge
Date: November 3, 2021
Time: 7.00 PM to 8:30 PM
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Contest Judges' Training, Region 6
Jim Key, World Champion Public Speaking 2003
Date: November 18, 2021
Time: 7.00 PM to 8:30 PM
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Save the date!
Mark your Calendar!
Plan ahead!

District 86 Spring Conference, 2022
Date: April 22-24, 2022
Many opportunities for you to engage with your fellow Toastmasters – Speech Contests, Learnings Sessions, Keynote Presentations, Networking, and of course the Annual District Business Meeting.

District 86 Spring Conference 2022
Each spring, the District meets to conduct an annual conference that includes a business meeting to elect the new District Leadership, and perform Speech Contests, this year we are doing the Table Topics contest, and the International Speech Contest.... along with camaraderie, laughter, and fun!
If you would like to be part of the organizing committee for the three-day event (in April 2022), please submit your name by November 3, 2021

Put it in your calendars now.  See you in April!
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There are changes to PATHWAYS Level 1
Read more below>>

Toastmasters International is excited to announce that the new Pathways Level 1 projects are ready and available when a member selects that next new path
Read more in the Toastmaster Magazine>>
Of The year Award Winners
On October 23rd, District 86 had it's 13th Annual Of the year Awards celebration. What an event that was.
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Membership renewal Video Challenge
Here is a challenge for all members of District 86. Amazing prizes await the winners of the challenge
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District-Wide Open House
The Club Growth Team is putting together an Open House for all Clubs.
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Publicize your Special Club Event!
Let us know and we will help promote your event in the Newsletter
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Digital Visitors Packet
The "Why  Toastmasters?" webpage is a great link to include in your email to guests after they visit your club
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Why Toastmasters >>
Evaluation Resource
Did you know that members have multiple ways to access the evaluation resources needed to complete projects in the education program? 
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Can Blogging help promote your club?
Do you want to know more about how a Blog can help promote your club?

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Open Houses to WOW your Guest
An Open House is a demo of a typical QUALITY club meeting with a large number of invited guests
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Hybrid meetings: Are they on your horizon?
Nostalgic to return to in-person meetings, or indeed maybe meeting in person for the first time (for recently chartered clubs), we are again blazing a trail to learn new skills – that of hybrid meetings.

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If you are not present, you are not visible.
Does your club have a Social media presence? If your club is not active on at least one of the main social media platforms, it might as well be invisible.

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Cont'd DD Myrna Barthe, DTM

Toastmasters international (TI) recently sent an email about how over the past year and a half, our organization has gone through a remarkable transition. Throughout Toastmasters, leaders at all levels stepped up to ensure we could continue to provide learning opportunities for our members around the world. 
On October 22, Toastmasters’ 97th anniversary, TI hosted a  Day of Celebration webinar to
recognize and honor the efforts of our leaders!  
Were you too busy to join live? 
Sign up to receive the webinar recording! 
Get Recording 
It is not too late to participate!  Learn how in this Toastmaster magazine article. Whether you gather with a few fellow members or your whole club, send your photos, short videos, and details of your celebration to for the opportunity to be featured on the Toastmasters International website and Toastmaster magazine. 
Spread the love on social media using #CelebrateTI 
Thank you for your efforts and willingness to lead during a difficult time period. Your hard work and perseverance is inspiring! 
Cont'd PQD Deridor Collier, DTM
Hats off to you for investing in your personal Toastmaster development! Toastmasters International Pathways education program has lots of skill development opportunities for you through your journey. 
The calendar year is winding down, take a moment to pause and reflect. Assess how much you have accomplished and developed. Toastmasters International will recognize your accomplishments when completed Pathways projects and levels are approved and submitted.   
As part of your reflection: 
  • Check that your completed Pathways levels are approved and submitted to Toastmasters International. Follow up with your Club VP Education if needed. 
Did you know there are a number of Program Quality awards, incentives and recognition supporting members and clubs? 
Cont'd CGD Brahm Memone, DTM
Membership Building, Retention, and Renewals
It’s time to focus on membership-building activities. The Club Growth Team continues to interview successful clubs so that we can all learn from how these clubs succeeded and what we can implement in our own clubs.

We caught up with Saron D’Souza, DTM, and Cheryl Rankin from Meadowvale Toastmasters Club. In June 2020 the club had 46 members, but due to the pandemic, on October 1st they were left with only 26 members, which for this club was a huge drop. However, they recovered to an amazing 37 members by June 2021!!!

Here is what we learned: In any crisis, such as the pandemic, there is tremendous uncertainty.
Create a vision in uncertain times. Get the membership involved. Make sure that the Executive Committee and the members are all on the same page. Create projects and fun that involve the members. Be tenacious and persist on the larger goal to get over the disappointments, frustrations, and discouragement. Encourage members, empower them and get them engaged.

Projects such as a speechathon got the members of Meadowvale galvanized and excited.
They involved the members in a spacecraft to help guests learn. They also involved members in the YLP, which brought much excitement back into their meetings.
Celebrate your club milestones and the club charter anniversary. Invite all past members and guests.
Have a strong social media presence and promote the wins of the club. 
In the end, how did Sharon and Cheryl grow as leaders in the crises? You’ll just have to watch the interview. It is filled with so many gems of how it can help your club succeed. Watch. Take notes. Implement strategies that will work for your club!!
Watch the interview>>
Cont'd PRM, Nancy Movrin, DTM
Want to create video and post across your club’s social media channels?  Before you start shooting, decide what type of video you are creating. This is an important step in your PR video goal. 
Educational videos inform your followers.  These have a more polished tone and establish your club as the expert. Deciding on which communication or leadership tips are offered will be dependent on your chosen target audience. 
Behind-the-scenes videos show people what goes on operationally, such as revealing your zoom camera set up, or giving a virtual peek at the space your club will return to. Interviews are a great way of introducing members to your target audience. Having another Toastmaster on camera with you is fun and adds a different visual element to your posts. Entertaining videos amuse; a sense of fun helps build a community with your followers. 
Testimonials create social proof that your brand works. A potential member will see themselves in that video and be curious to learn how they can achieve success too. There are many ways to approach video creation. Deciding on which video type to shoot will help your game plan. And once you have posted your video, don’t forget.  Look at your metrics and measure how it's doing.  Analyze the results and make adjustments to your video strategy.  
Has your club posted videos?   What style has worked successfully for you?  We’d love to know!   
Cont'd  "Of the Year Awards"
On October 23rd, District 86 had its 13th annual Of the Year Awards celebration. What an event it was! That was the last Of the Year Awards for District 86 as we have known it for the last 13 years.  
It was an opportunity to get together and recognize the accomplishments of members of our district. The winners are…… 

Coach of the Year: Melanie Taddeo, DTM who helped Maple Leaf Toastmasters become President Distinguished.  
Publicist of the Year: Sue Hopcroft, DTM who through her articles and social media posts generated 28 new members for her club. 
ZOOM Master of the Year: Since the 2020-2021 year was entirely online, we decided to recognize the work being done behind the scenes to make our meetings successful. The winner of the ZOOM Master of the Year is Bill Kirby, DTM who helped with clubs, contests, and officer training. 
President of the Year: Aurelie Anne Contosta DTM who brought 2 clubs to President Distinguished. BASF and Chez Nous Toastmasters. 
Club of the Year – Membership: BASF with 56 new members.  
Club of the Year – EducationMi Speak with an impressive 98 education awards. 
Club of the Year: Mi Speak. Under the leadership of its President, Brahm Memone, DTM, this club has raised the bar when it comes to excellence. 
Area Director of the Year: Madhukar Shahi, DTM who brought his area to President Distinguished status and helped build new clubs. 
Division Director of the Year: Leslie Benfield, DTM. Under Leslie’s leadership, Division B was only one of 2 divisions to achieve President Distinguished status last year. 
The MMAD Award (Members Making A Difference) was awarded to: 
  • Ross Cunningham, DTM, for his work with the Air Cadets 
  • Neil Dunsmore, DTM, for his work in creating awareness of mental health issues. 
  • Ramm Lakhanpal, DTM, for his work with Seniors. 
  • Hitesh Parmar, DTM, for his work with kids in Kenya. 
  • Bob Topliffe, DTM, for his work in providing glasses to people who can’t afford them. 
The Spirit of District 86 Award was awarded to: 
  • Shahan Aaron, VC1 for his work not only promoting Toastmasters but also inclusiveness for disabled people. 
  • Mikael Gatje, DTM for his work not only in helping members adopt Pathways but in providing high-quality videos for the virtual International Speech Contests. 
  • Philip Lai, DTM not only for his work in promoting Toastmasters in the corporate world but also for creating a survey that helped us better understand the needs of our corporate members. 
Cindy Tate Award: Roger Caesar, DTM, for his pursuit of excellence through his service to not only our members but members around the world. His 3rd place at the World Championship of Public Speaking is a perfect example of what resilience, tenacity, focus, and passion can do for you. 
Douglas Barclay Award:  Vitaliy Fursov, DTM, for his work in promoting Toastmaster outside our district and his mentoring of new members so they have the best possible experience. 
To all the winners' CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! 
I hope that those individuals will inspire you to stretch your comfort zone and see what is out there that can help you reach your goal of becoming a better communicator and leader. 
IPDD District 86 
Cont'd Video Challenge

Here’s the challenge for all members of District 86

Create a video of less than a minute explaining why you renewed your membership.  

Post it in our District 86 Facebook group with the hashtag #renewedmembership 

An AMAZING prize awaits the most unusual or unique video telling us why you renewed your membership.  

Watch this video for the winning prize!! 


Why did you renew your membership?

“Publicize Your Club Special Event"

Let us know if you are hosting a special guest speaker at one of your upcoming meetings! We will help promote your event in the next edition of the District 86 Newsletter.

Ensure that the date, time, location and/or online platform, meeting format (online, hybrid, or in-person), registration, price, photo of your speaker, and contact information is provided. Send  this information to  our District 896  newsletter submission email

 Newsletter is published at the end of the month and is distributed to the district membership.

Next Newsletter submission deadline:   Nov 20, 2021”

The Club Growth Team is putting together a District-Wide Open House for all clubs. 
We would like each club to submit a member to assume a role in the Open House, including the auxiliary roles, the major roles, speakers, and evaluators.  
The date for the Open House will be November 19th, 2021. 
Please email the Club Growth Director Brahm Memone to nominate a member of your club to assume a role.  

Can Blogging be a valuable PR strategy for your Club?

Yes, it can
When people use the internet, its usually to:  
 - to learn how to do something,  
 - to be entertained,
 - to find out about the product or service. 

To capitalize on this, having a blog can boost your club’s online presence.  How does a blog do that?   
Having a blog can: 
 - help with link building (linking your blog article to another port or page on the internet) 
 - drive long-term results by reusing blog content on your social media channels,  
 - get the word out about Toastmasters, club news, and upcoming events. 
If your next speech project is “Write a Compelling Blog” (Pathways Level 4 elective), and you write about your journey in Toastmasters, why not leverage your blog posts to help promote your Toastmasters Club at the same time?  
Blogs can be an important part of your club’s PR approach. 
For more tips, take a look at some of the blog articles posted on the District 86 website about social media as well as blogging.  

Pathways Updates and Maintenance Schedule 

Pathways, the Toastmasters education program, is designed to help members build public speaking, communication, and leadership skills. Members access educational materials digitally through Base Camp, the online system where Pathways lives. 

Toastmasters is dedicated to continually improving the Pathways learning experience. Our teams regularly receive suggestions and feedback for how Pathways and Base Camp can be enhanced and improved. 

Feedback is carefully reviewed by our teams as we determine what comes next for Pathways. Addressing some of the more complex elements of the user experience will take time. However, as we create new plans and materials, they will be posted here, along with any planned Base Camp outages. 

The goal of this page is to share what is being worked on and ensure you can plan your personal education or training around enhancements and outages on Base Camp. Below, you will find current or future Pathways updates. 

Quarter 4, 2021—New Level 1 Projects 
Two new projects will be added to the Ice Breaker and Evaluation and Feedback to make up an all-new Level 1 in Pathways. Writing a Speech with Purpose and Introduction to Vocal Variety and Body Language will help teach new members basic public speaking skills right away and set them up for success on their Toastmasters journey. The Researching and Presenting project will become an elective in Level 3. Please note that these changes will only be in English for the time being and will only be available in paths assigned after the launch of the new projects. Paths in progress or already completed will continue with the previous Level 1 projects. 

Quarter 4, 2021—Level 1 Navigation Updates 
Toastmasters’ Education Team is currently reviewing Pathways projects based on feedback regarding the user experience navigating and marking projects complete. Updates to address navigation feedback will be applied to the Level 1 projects in the last quarter of 2021.

Congratulations On Your Club Anniversaries!
5 YEAR Anniversaries
5829917 | Knowledge First Financial
5754632 | Speed River Toastmasters
15 YEAR Anniversaries
0906010 | Saugen Toastmasters
We are sorry if we missed your anniversary please let us know and we can celebrate your clubs belated anniversary
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