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Denver Zine Library
September 2020

Hi everyone.

It's been a stressful, painful year for many of us. The spread and continued proliferation of COVID-19 and racial injustice saw a shift in what kind of work was important to us and the communities we live in. It took some time before some of us were able to focus on the library again, but it was something we were eager to bring back into our lives.

Self-publishing and zines are important in times like these. Not many commercially-available books are going to teach you how to get started with direct actionhow to provide medical aid at a protest, or offer a quick distributable primer on racism. With access to the internet, even distanced, we can all share what we know, teach, report, make art, and lift spirits. If you have zines to share, or causes to support the community, let's connect.

Since we share space with a classroom, The Zine Library remains closed through this time. We love y'all and hope you're doing alright.

Denver MCA Call for Submissions:
Zines on the topic of Citizenship

Call for Submissions
Denver Zine Library ⨉ Denver Museum of Contemporary Art
Deadline: October 1st


Calling all Zinesters!

The Denver Zine Library is excited about an upcoming collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Art, focusing on the theme of Citizenship. As part of this event, we want to spotlight Denver's talented Zinester community by making zines available for free to attendees!

We're looking for zinesters who make content that specifically circulates around what it means to be a citizen in America, and is willing to donate up to 15 copies of their zine. We understand that being a citizen is different for almost everyone so we expect submissions to be on a diverse set of topics all spanning under what being a citizen feels like to you. Broadly we are looking for submissions that make the personal political and center people with identities that have been historically underrepresented. We hope you look creatively at the question "What does being a Citizen mean to me" because there isn't just one answer to this question. This can be an existing zine or one you create for this event.

Submissions are due October 1st. Please email us at if you are interested in donating your zine. We can provide you with details to mail hard copies or we can print copies for you if you have the zine electronically.

Call for Submissions: Denver Public Library's Social Distanzine

Denver Public Library is seeking submissions for a publicly available, all-ages zine about the current Denver experience in the time of COVID-19.

Learn more and submit your work on the Denver Public Library's website.

Pike's Peak Zine Fest 2020 Update

Weekend of October 3, 2020

The second ever Pike's Peak Zine Fest is all digital this year.

This year's zine fest will have four main parts:

1) Features - PPZF will be featuring local zinesters on their Instagram feed, Facebook, and website. Priority is given to Colorado Springs and Southern Colorado first, and then Colorado more generally. You can apply for this opportunity here: 

2) Hashtag - Anyone who's interested in participating can post images and information about their zines using the hashtag #PPZF2020. PPZF will also be promoting this hashtag and reposting images shared to their Instagram Story. 

3) Workshops - PPZF is in the process of developing a short program of workshops that will be open for all to attend. 

4) Zine Swap - The organizers are hoping to facilitate a zine swap as well! The idea is that you'll send PPZF some zines and they will send you some different zines from other creators in return, hoping to foster a feeling of community (and support the postal service!). Look out for more details about this soon as well.

You can send PPZF co-organizers Jennifer and Kelsey an email at if you have any questions.

Canzine 2020 Update

Weekend of October 24–26, 2020
Event at

Canzine and Broken Pencil are trying a fresh take on the digital zinefest format this year. From their release:

Canzine, the festival of zines and underground print, is going virtual this year! Thousands of visitors can explore the 18 lands of Canzine World, including fantastical places such as Librarian’s Lagoon, Punks Path, Sci-Fi Shore, and Riot Grrrl River. In each land, you’ll find vendors selling their wares just like they would in a regular in-person Canzine, but with a virtual twist.
With a built-in transaction platform, we’re making sure COVID-19 doesn’t mean that visitors and 350+ vendors miss out on the biggest zine fair in Canada. Along with our Zine Awards celebration, live panel, and other events, visitors can unlock special content in each land, including indie videogames, special archives, and other exciting surprises.

You can subscribe to the Broken Pencil newsletter for updates.

Interview with Kelly Shortandqueer on VoyageDenver

Read about the history of the Denver Zine library and how it's survived over 15 years in this short interview with a DZL co-founder!

Zines, T-Shirts, and Glasses from the DZL

Check out the DZL's distro by browsing our online store or just coming to visit us during open hours on Saturdays and Sundays between 11am-3pm. Items range from $1-20 and zines/books cover a wide range of topics. Most of the publishers are local to Colorado, and all of them are independent zinesters!

Zine Survey Results

Remember the zine survey that's been a staple of the bottom part of this newsletter for a while? You can now check out the results that have come in so far!

See the zine survey results

We're open on Saturdays and Sundays from 11am-3pm or by appointment.

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