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Term 4 - Issue 34
18 October 2018                                                   

From the Desk of the Principal...

Dear Parents

Comparison distorts
I recently had an interesting conversation with one of our high school girls.  She was very concerned about a particular group of friends who religiously follow the trends of celebrities and the standard they set.
Social media is known to have a great, or even possibly the biggest influence in our children’s lives.  Sadly, they follow the trends of the most popular and most liked profiles on Instagram etc.  These trends becomes the goals or the ‘be all and end all’ of so many children.  It is worrisome as what is perceived as the latest trend or what is seen as socially acceptable, is set by these people or celebrities.  They become idols whom many children worship and adore. Sadly, children land up comparing themselves to these celebrities – the outcome can be devastating as this is what leads children to have a poor self-image or even a distorted self-image.

If we are not careful, these will be the role-models that shape our children in a particular way.  I admired the boldness in which this young 14 year old could display emotional intelligence.  She was confident in explaining to me that what our young teenagers are missing; the belief in themselves and the clarity about their identity and who they are meant to be. Although her heart was aching for some of her peers, she firmly believes she can encourage them one at a time and assist in building their confidence.

As a school, we are able to arrange motivational talks and speakers who can enlighten our students in their understanding.  Additionally, it is important for students to improve their self-image by being physically active and this is why school sport plays such a vital role as it has so many benefits.  

Our Term 4 sports have started and it is very disappointing to see how many excuses are coming in an attempt to get students exempted from participating; sports play a significant role in improving both body and mind and go even beyond this in terms of socialising and motivation. Therefore, we urge all students to participate for their own benefit.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend ahead.
Warm regards

Weekly Planner

Why is the Ocean so Important?

Why is the ocean so important?

During the past two weeks we have been learning more about the ocean and everything that lives under the sea.

Oceans are very important to us because they cover about 70% of the earth’s surface and contains 97% of the earth’s water supply. Oceans affect the weather and temperature, provide food and it is estimated that between 70 and 80% of our oxygen is produced by marine plants.

Here are a few things that we can teach our children to do in order to help protect our oceans:
  • Buy recyclable products
  • Pick up any litter that you find on the beach
  • Try to pick non-endangered seafood when you eat seafood
  • Buy items that reduce packaging
  • Stop using plastic as much as possible
  • Tell your friends and family about protecting the oceans too
Martie van Dyk
Reception Year

Year 2's create their own city in ART class

Recently the Year 2 students created their own city for art. They first had to create an outline in black. They then proceeded to cut it out and decorate their buildings with coloured cardboard. Thereafter, they were divided into two groups and had to create their own cities on a big piece of blue paper so that one could see details on the back wall.

They worked extremely hard on this project and I am very proud of them.

They looked absolutely stunning.
Mrs Marylyn van Wyk
Year 2

Ancient Egypt

This term, in History and Geography, the Year 3’s are studying Ancient Egypt. This week we have been looking at the various roles and social rankings of the Ancient Egyptians. After discussing roles such as ‘fishermen’, ‘farmers’, ‘scribes’, ‘pharaohs’, and ‘slaves’ and what some of their responsibilities were, we presented our class with a dilemma.  

The Nile river, which the Ancient Egyptians so heavily depended on, had started to dry up! The children were assigned roles to play and they needed to explain their character’s point of view and offer reasons why they thought action should be taken to protect the river. The children thoroughly enjoyed taking on their roles as Ancient Egyptians and some of them showed quite dramatic flair. They made some very valid points and had great fun arguing their case to the Pharaohs Vizier.

Well done, Year 3’s!
Ms Macmillan
Year 3

Year 7 Entrepreneur Day

Budding Entrepreneurs

On the last Friday of Term 3 our Year 7 students demonstrated their talents by hosting a student market day.

For weeks the students planned and prepared their business ideas. They carried out market research, surveying students across the whole school, used art lessons to design and produce company logos, signage and advertising material and they prepared financial plans detailing the start-up costs (thank you parents) and selling prices for their chosen products.

On the day itself, in conjunction with the grade 6 students, there were 43 different stalls at the market.  Products ranged from a variety of food and drink to plants, jewellery and homemade lip balm.  The junior hall was a hive of activity all day with the entire school supporting the event. 

Huge thanks must go to everyone who bought products from the students, the parents for their support, assistance and money, but especially to our business studies students who worked hard prior to and during the entrepreneur day. 

With the skills, ideas and determination on show it is safe to say the future looks very bright!

Ms Justine Thatcher
HS Accounting

Interact Club

Our Interact Club recently offered new openings for High School students who wish to become 'Interacters'. We received beautiful letters of motivation detailing what being a member of Interact means to our students.

We would like to share some excerpts:
  • “I want to be available to help others and see a positive change in their lives.”
  • “…as a young adult now, I feel as it is my turn to step forward and give back to this community”.
  • “I have seen first-hand what a difference it makes to those on the receiving end to have someone dedicate their time and effort to helping others.”
  • “I tend to try my best to make those around me smile… I am strong willed with a drive to make our world a better place for all.”
  • “Together we may not change the world but we are able to change lives if we put our minds to it”.
  • “The best way to find oneself is to lose oneself in the service of others”.
  • “I have a vision to build a home for the homeless, to provide them with education…”
  • “I know the differences that we make may be small but I think they’re plausibly influential towards others”
Thank you to all the candidates for the amazing enthusiasm and dedication they expressed in their letters. B.I.S. Interact Club promises to be a strong one!

The newly elected members will be announced later in the term.

Elena Berger and Janine Van Niekerk.
High School B.I.S. Interact Club coordinators

Sport News

Week 3 Sports Results and Week 4 Fixtures

This week was the start of the league matches for both tennis and cricket. The students were eager to play their opponents and displayed wonderful sportsmanship on and off the field. All our teams won their matches this week. Congratulations we are very proud of you. 

Please see match results below as well as next week's fixtures.

For more information you can contact the school or email at
Mr Alexandre Fraqueiro
Sports Coordinator

News from IES & SEK Schools from around the World

Dragon's Den

The annual Dragons’ Den brought to you by Hout Bay International School in conjunction with the IGCSE 1 Business Studies students took place on Wednesday.

The IGCSE 1 students had to create their own business venture based on the Cambridge Syllabus. The students had to formulate an actual business prototype complete with a business plan, samples of products, estimated cost, selling price & break-even point.
These business ventures were presented to a panel of the finest business owners in Cape Town: Mr Richard Lurie (Excellence Group), Mr Ray Chaplin (Solo Adventurer) and Mr Warren Franken (Elementree Design).  
Each business venture also had their own exhibition stand representing their business, which the audience could also enjoy while asking the entrepreneurs more questions based on their business/product.
The evening was a great success and enjoyed by all who attended. The panel of Dragons where incredibly impressed by our students.
Congratulations to each and everyone of the IGCSE 1 Business students.
This evening would not have been possible without the panel of Dragons and we thank them for taking time out of their busy schedules to invest in the future leaders of the business world.
The overall winners were as follows:
1st Place: S&D Gin (Scott Macfarlane-Chase & Devon Saville)
2nd Place: D’Vine Light (Ella Drummond)
3rd Place: Refresh (Imaad Baderoen)
Best Exhibition Stand: Maca Bowls (Erika Bierny & Viola Cisari)

Hout Bay International School

The difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something


The primary purpose of schooling is that our students apply the knowledge and skills they learn with us to other challenges inside and outside of school.

In order for transfer to occur, students need to gain a good understanding of the concepts that we wish them to be able to apply to new problems. As Nobel Prize winning physicist Richard Feynman said, it’s “the difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something". Memorizing a list of facts is unlikely to promote sufficient understanding of a concept for students to be able to apply it in a new situation.

As an example of transfer, by building a protection device that was able to preserve the integrity of a chicken egg (Humpty Dumpty) from a great fall, students were able to apply Physics concepts such as, Momentum, Pressure, Air Resistance and Gravity.

The question “Why are we learning this?” is arising less frequently as we make “transfer of learning” a high priority in our educational efforts.

Mrs. Evelyn R. Quiroa
Science and Biology Teacher

Colegio Internacional SEK Guatemala

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