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          Term 2 - Issue # 6
     10th May 2018

From the Principal's Desk...

We have been lucky enough to receive some rain over the last few days…I am sure that this has been of great value, especially with all the Mini Checkers Little Gardens which are being created.  I know that some of our students are exchanging frantically in order to complete their gardens and I know that there are definitely some of our parents which may even be enjoying this too.  But I must say, that this is a wonderful initiative and again, also another learning opportunity for our students as well as an opportunity to learn responsibility.
During the past few weeks, we have been extremely busy with surveys and focus groups in order to have a clearer understanding of where our strengths lie and where we can improve.  This has been a very rewarding experience and also a time of reflection.  Recently, our Student Focus Group spoke of some very important issues which are close to my heart: kindness, respect and manners.  These three key factors will carry us through life and ultimately define who we become and how the world sees us. 

I felt that this showed a great sense of maturity from our students, who wish to contribute to the school in creating an awareness about the importance that surrounds kindness, respect and manners.  We will make a continued effort to instil these values and we hope that together as a community, we can encourage this in each area of our children’s lives. What I have realised in life, is that it is the little things that count… and our words or actions are what make us memorable. 

Lastly, many of our students are busy with examinations and progression tests and our internal examinations will start in just over two weeks’ time. Preparation is key, it is the deciding factor on the results which we wish to obtain and in essence, it will only benefit each student further for their preparation for the Cambridge Examinations. Therefore, I urge students, to take the necessary time to plan and prepare so that they can eliminate the unnecessary anxiety and stress and obtain the results of which each of our students are capable.

To all the grandparents and special people which will be joining us for assembly tomorrow from the Foundation Phase, we know that you will thoroughly enjoy the concert and that you will be receiving many hugs, kisses and smiles.

May you have a lovely weekend.
Warm Regards

Weekly Planner

This goes to all our wonderful Mothers' out there, we wish you a very special day on Sunday. Remember Mother's Day means more than just flowers and gifts, it means saying ‘thank you’, it means saying ‘I love you’, it means saying 'you are my friend' and most of all 'you are my Mother'
*Sunday is your day!*
Happy Mother's Day from Mrs Carolissen and Staff at BIS

Reception Year class celebrating their grandparents

Grandparents hold a special place in the hearts of their grandchildren. This Friday we are celebrating Grandparents and Someone Special Day in Foundation Stage tomorrow Friday, 11 May 2018.
Ms Bronwen Nuthall 
Reception Year 

See below, this is what Ms Nuthall’s Reception Year class had to say about their grandparents
Juan Amouhadi (4 years old): “I love them with all my heart.”

Divyanshi Bajpai (4 years old): “They fill my heart with joy.”

Aidan Bezuidenhout (6 years old): “I like the way they play with me.”

Emily Combrink (5 years old): “They sometimes give me sweets.”

Liam Burger (5 years old): “They help me with homework.”

Ava De Lange (5 years old): “They love me.”

Sriyan Duddukurri (5 years old): “They always come to my birthday party.”

Diyana Gani (5 years old): “My granny tells me what to do and she’s clever like me.”

Akshaj Gainibaiti (5 years old): “They buy me nice toys.”

Khanya Gcwabe (5 years old): “They take me out to special restuarants.”

Sachin Gramoney (5 years old): “They make me happy.”

Mackenzie Matthee (5 years old): “I like my grandparents, because they play with me.”

Eshwar Jansen (5 years old): “My granny always plays with me and loves me.”

Sinddhizhai Divakaran (4 years old) “I love them”

Gamelihle masuku (5 years old) “They play with me.”

Gabriel Perdigao (5 years old): “My granny helps me with everything.”

Noelle Rosa (4 years old): “They take me to fun places.”

Joel Mofokeng (6 years old): “My granny is always happy.”

Chloe Stewe (5 years old): “They take good care of me and my granny really makes nice food.”

Layla Ahmed (5 years old): “I love them very much.”

Tian Rightford (5 years old): “They give me love and buy me toys.”

Mother’s Day

On Sunday, 13 May we celebrate Mother’s Day.  Hopefully moms around South Africa will be spoilt this Sunday.

Mother’s Day originated in America in 1908, where Anna Jarvis campaigned to have Mother’s Day declared a public holiday in honour of her mother who had passed away.

Today, people around the globe celebrate Mother’s Day in many different ways. When I asked my Year 2 students why mothers were special, there were some interesting observations:

…..moms are better at doing homework than dads ….. moms help you do lots of things ….. moms love you a lot….. moms take care of us….. moms clean the house ….. moms cook better than dads … some moms have to go to work and then work at home.

So I asked them what they could do on Mother’s Day to help mom on her special day:

….do my chores without mom asking….  make her a card …. make her breakfast …. listen to her for a change …. spoil her like she spoils us ….  give her lots of hugs ….. be kind to her ….

So, to all the moms out there, I hope your children have something special lined up for you.
Ms Kim Coetzer
Year 2

The Year 4’s shake their bones

This term the Year 4's have learned about bones and the skeleton. We investigated what makes bones strong (calcium) by seeing if vinegar could make a chicken bone bend. It could, but the smell was very bad!

We then looked at the parts of the skeleton and their functions. After making movable paper skeletons to decorate the classroom (and learn the names of the bones); our students spent some time constructing puppets. Using recycled boxes, string and toilet rolls they had to make a labelled, moving skeleton that showed the functions of the parts of the skeleton. Then it was time for 'dem' bones to do some dancing!
Ms Carey Schoots
Year 4

Year Five’s Travel back in time to the Victorian Era

The *Victorian Era* was the period of Queen Victoria’s reign from 20 June 1837 until her death on 22 January 1901. It was a very important time as Great Britain's moved forward and became the great country that we know today. Several inventions during the Victorian era changed the life of humanity forever. Whether it was in the field of medicine, engineering or transportation.There are a number of fascinating interests during this period of time, however, what the Year 5 students found most fascinating, was the theme of the *Victorian children* during 1837 – 1901.

On Tuesday, 8th May 2018 the Year 5 students visited the Centre for Conservation Education in Wynberg. It was a delightful experience, shared by all. Laughter and chatter filled the gates as we arrived and began to dress into our ‘Victorian’ school attire. As the bell sounded, all came to a complete silence. We were reminded of a few rules that MUST be adhered to at all times…   

*Victorian children were expected to:*

- Be respectful, obedient, polite and courteous
- NOT speak unless spoken to
- Walk in straight lines to the classroom
- Wait behind their desks quietly until ordered to sit down
- Sit up straight with their hands behind their backs or on the desks

*Golden Rules*

- Children should be seen and not heard
- Good, better, best; never let it rest; until your good is better and your better is best
- Speech is silver, silence is GOLDEN

Nerves set in as the students walked silently and up straight into the Victorian classroom. In the end, a good time was had by all and the Year 5'S left feeling rather grateful for the schooling and classrooms of our modern times.

Mrs Mahomed

Article from Year 6 students Charlie Thatcher and Buhlebenkosi Masukur 

Interact club outing

Fallen Angels Pet Rescue – "From Torn to Reborn"

Click to follow Fallen Angels on Facebook

On Friday 4th of May, the Interact club members visited Fallen Angels to offer our help. Upon arrival we were welcomed by the coordinator for volunteers and we were briefed on the rules and safety precautions when it came to walking the dogs. 

The dogs were then released one by one and given to an interactor to take for a walk. We were allowed to walk as many dogs as we wanted and we took the opportunity to walk as many dogs as we could. We then spent some time with the other animals of the rescue center, such as the cats and puppies.
We enjoyed the experience and are thankful to Fallen Angels for the great hospitality, we can’t wait to get back out there and help our community as volunteers of Blouberg International School.
- Jemima Hermabessiere
Year 11 student

Soccer Results   

U10 BIS vs Ysterplaat  - drew 2-2 both goals scored by Dale Barker 
U11 BIS vs Ysterplaat  -  won 3-1 all goals scored by Julian Haslinger 
U9 BIS vs Westriding lost 0-1
U9 BIS vs Seamount drew 1-1 goal scored by Harry McAllen 

U12 BIS vs Yesterplaat - 3 all draw
U13 BIS vs Ysterplaat - 3-0 loss
Both teams played very well and were up against stiff competition

 U/14 BIS vs Bloubergrant High School  - 2 - 1 win

SEK & IES Sister Schools News

Digital Design and 3D Cell Models - Zero mess Guaranteed!

Are you tired of clay and Papier Mâché messes?  Well don’t fret anymore, because our senior class students have the solution.
Our senior students have been involved in the digital design and 3D printing process of an animal and plant cell. They have used various digital design programs such as “Tinkercad” in order to create a detailed model of a plant and animal cell; followed by printing their cell and finally adding the finishing touches to complete their model. This interdisciplinary activity enabled students to think out of the box and create models using alternative technological tools and methods.
Mrs. Evelyn R. Quiroa
Biology and ICT Teacher
Colegio Internacional SEK Guatemala

Pre-School have been playing and learning across the generations!

On Tuesday Pre-School visited Brick Kiln Place to meet and play with a group of elderly people in residence.  The children were confident enough to take themselves up to an elderly person, say hello and either share a reading book or engage with another activity that encouraged meaningful and beneficial interaction across the generations.  The children were treated to a biscuit (or two!) and a few crisps with a small squash drink.
For the last 15 minutes we showed our singing ability and sang several songs with instruments in hand.  The residents even joined in with some of the actions!
Mrs Whinney and Mrs Sellers were extremely proud of our students for their excellent behaviour and confidence.  The visit was hugely enjoyable by everyone and with no surprise we have been asked back!  We hope to go again after our half term break.
Thank you to Mrs Clegg for being our driver!
Mrs Whinney
Grantham Preparatory School
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