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Term 4 - Issue 38
15 November 2018               

From the Principal's Desk

Dear Parents
I often think about the days when we were at school versus schooling today.  Although many positive changes have taken place in various areas of school life, we are also faced with many negativities.
My children remain astonished when I tell them how often an entire class got beaten with a cane when only a few were making a noise. Some of these events left a bitter taste, as well as an incredible sense of detestation within me because of such injustice. Being punished for someone else’s error is never a good feeling.
I do, however, recall the respect we had for teachers and every other adult we encountered.  The politeness of greeting adults, even if we did not know them.  The caution of going home and informing my parents if I got into trouble at school; essentially, although I would be disciplined at school, I would be disciplined at home too.
We have to face the reality, that something, somehow, went amiss. I find it incredibly disrespectful when I see parents or teachers walk past students and none of them greet. The disregard in which some of our older students treat the younger students is unacceptable. Where has the accountability and responsibility gone? What has happened to general manners and etiquette? A teacher’s role becomes incredibly difficult when what we expect and perceive as acceptable in general etiquette is foreign to students. This is not the general norm at our school, yet it does exist.
As adults/parents/teachers, we have to take a stand and instill this protocol again.  We are raising the next generation of future leaders.  If we do not instill this today, then we are looking at a future of chaos tomorrow.
In 2019 we will introduce “Manners for minors” in our Junior school again.  At Blouberg International we are raising the bar! We will be known as the school of choice in our community.  Together, as we owe our children this much.
I wish to thank Mr Alexandre Fraquero and every teacher involved for our very successful, fun sports day last Saturday. It is always nice to see how everyone gets together and enjoys family time.
I wish you a wonderful weekend ahead.
Warm regards

Weekly Planner

Reception Class Farm Art

Mrs Crawley asked her Reception class to draw a picture that tells a story about a 'farm'. 

We are happy to share some of their talented work.

To the left:
Zac Gouws drew a picture of a farmer.

Charlotte Neal and Ella-Rose Nel drew farm animals

Learning about Space

The 'Solar System' visits the Pre-Reception classroom

The Pre-Reception students have been learning about Space this week.

They learned all about the 8 planets in our Solar System; Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Pluto, Uranus, Mercury, Earth and Neptune and not forgetting the Moon, Sun and Earth.
They sang new space songs and learnt how the earth moves, then they painted space pictures.

Photo left:
Chen Rui Ye, 5 years old

Photo below left:
Zoe-Jane Way, 5 years old 
Ayush Mathulall, 5 years old 
Anthony van Tonder, 5 years old

Cambridge Examinations coming to an end

It has been an extremely busy fourth term for the High School; what with Cambridge Examinations taking place, camps and November Internal Examinations just around the corner.

Our Year 10 and 12 students started their IGCSE and AS-level Cambridge Examinations on the 1st of October and the last examination will be on Friday, 16 November 2018. The High School received an unannounced inspection from Cambridge during the examination period and parents will be proud to hear that the school received an excellent report.

Year 10 students have a special end-of-year programme mapped out for them, which will run from the 26th of November until the 5th of December 2018. The programme consists of job shadowing, community service and Level One First Aid Training (which is valid for three years).

The Year 7, 8, 9 and 11 students begin internal examinations on Monday, 26th November and the last examination day will be the 7th of December 2018. 

A letter regarding the programme for the period of the 10th to 12th December 2018 will be sent out soon.

Mr. J Harrison
Head of Academics High School

Inter-House Crest Competition

We open this competition to all our families at BIS. Firstly, please consult Engage to see which house your child belongs to.

Remember all 3 houses have been named after Royal Castles in England.

Bodium - Green
Leeds - Blue
Windsor - Red

Criteria for the Crest
* The crest must incorporate an image of the castle the house is named after.
* The colour of the house.
* An African animal of your choice.
* The name of the house must be clearly visible with a slogan.
* An explanation of the significance of the animal must be included with each entry.

Closing date for entries:  Friday, 7th December 2018
Entries submitted to Ms Yvette Fourie; 
Hard copies can be handed in a clearly marked envelope to your class teacher.

Voting will be done by the staff and students of BIS. The winning Crests will be unveiled at the Interhouse Athletics Day in Term 1 2019.

Soccer Tournament in Dubai

From left to right: Shikar Pillay, Lihle Mndini, Panashe Samasuwo and Christian Lombard have been selected to represent Euro Soccer Schools, Cape Town in a prestigious junior soccer tournament in Dubai at the end of the month. 

These four boys will showcase their soccer talents against some of the toughest competition at an international level. 

We want to congratulate as well as wish these boys the best of luck for their tour ahead. 
Coach Fabian

Sports Bulletin

The highlight of this week has most definitely been the FS and KS1 Fun sports day that took place, Saturday 10 November. The event was a huge success due to the great level of support and participation from both the students and the parents. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the teachers and the SRC for all their help with the events and running of the tuck-shop.

This week three of our High School Cricket players were selected for the u15 District North Sunningdale Cricket Circuit. Matthew Petersen, James Hart and Daniel Schlacher also represented the u14 team in the District this year.

The team will receive their caps at the official Capping Ceremony to be held later this year. Well done, boys. We are very proud of you! Although all matches are now done for the season, sport practices will continue as normal for the Primary School students from Monday, 19 November until Friday, 30 November.

Due to final exams the High School sport will come to an end on Friday, 23 November.
Mr A Fraqueiro
Sports Coordinator

News from IES & SEK Schools from around the World

PreColombian Masks

Our fourth grade students worked hard on gathering information about PreColombian Masks. This was an interdisciplinary activity undergone together with Arts and Social Studies. After students researched about different cultures, their rituals and traditions, they created masks using recycling materials. On the other hand, based on the contents studied in class, they drew a chart describing aspects related with the original materials used in the making of masks, the rituals and situations in which they were used and their religious beliefs.
Colegio Internacional SEK Austral

Lynx Bake Sale

On Thursday 26th October at the UIS we had a bake sale where the team Lynx had to provide the baked goods. As it was close to Halloween there were a lot of Halloween-themed cakes and cookies. It was another successful event and we raised €286.71 for the school’s charities. We are looking forward to participating in the next bake sale at the end of this month.
Elena, Alessandra S and Ginevra
Grade 8 students
Udine International School


During the week of the 29th of October up to the 3rd of November , ISA celebrated its 2018 Youth Leadership Encounter at the India International School in Jaipur, India.  The theme for this year was “Global Issues”.  
Students from all over the globe participated and experienced what real international education stands for.  They all had the opportunity to share and participate in different workshops, giving them hands – on experience in managing and dealing with diverse opinions, values and viewpoints.   The students did brilliant teamwork displaying the core values of ISA - tolerance, respect and understanding.  
In the course of the YLE event, ISA also celebrated its Annual General Assembly and Board of Directors Meeting.  The SEK International Institution was represented by Mr. Luis Martinez, Vice-president of the SEK Schools.
Mrs. Mónica Segovia, Vice-president  of the International Education Systems,  was also unanimously elected as a Board Member for a period of three years.

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