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Term 2 - Issue 19
7 June 2018   
From the Principal's Desk....

Dear Parents
It has been an amazing opportunity and privilege for us as teachers to take a group of nine students to participate in the annual IES/SEK Intersek which took place last week in Budapest. The official ceremony started on Monday with an opening inauguration of the new Budapest school building. 
The students, teachers and parents were welcomed by Mrs. Gabriella Gidro and Dr Jorge Segovia.

We also had the privilege of being addressed by the Spanish Consul, Mr. Jose Luis Rodriquez in Budapest.  Mr. Rodriguez is an alumnus of SEK.
Our students participated in a variety cultural events for five days and also had the opportunity to go on a tour through Budapest.  The final activity was a scavenger hunt through Budapest Castle which we found to be an enriching experience in terms of the history of Budapest.
I wish to encourage parents to plan for the annual Intersek for 2019 as it will take place at our SEK-Los Valles International School in the city of Quito, Ecuador.  All activities will be sports related.  This is an amazing opportunity for both teachers and students and an experience they will never forget. 
I also wish to bring your attention to a couple of incidents which were reported to me regarding parking and vehicles which have been damaged in the parking lot.  I urge parents to please ensure that students are mindful of other cars when they open doors.  Quite a few cars have incurred damage and unfortunately, no contact details were left in order to resolve these disputes.
Term 2 is soon coming to an end and students are looking forward to having a holiday and enjoy some family time.  It has been a busy term with all kinds of activities.  During the school holidays we will have some construction activity at the school as the paving around the field needs to be completed.  We are looking forward to seeing the end result.
I wish you all a wonderful weekend ahead.
Best regards

Weekly Planner


Exploring the Science Centre

The Year 2 class visited the Science Centre on Friday, 25th May. The children’s attention was completely captured by the wonderful lesson, which was presented to them on the different types of soils. They also took a closer look at the soil’s elements, got to put their fingers inside the soil and even landed up making pictures with it. We then got to explore the exhibition floor on our own, from sticking our heads through the magic mirror hole to participating in the concor building site to build a wall.

The race was on, and our students had to work in teams to complete their walls. After all the excitement, we then, had the opportunity to see a Science Show which was the highlight of the day to some of our students.

Our last activity was visiting the camera obscura room where we got to see the outside images on a big lens.

The students thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the Science Centre and definitely learnt a lot. A big thank you to our mums, who helped us on the day. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Liezl Du Preez
Year 2 Teacher

Problem Solving with the Year 4's

The Year 4's have been problem solving in Maths this week. We were looking at Spatial Pentominoes, which are shapes made by joining 5 squares together. Squares must touch along their sides, not their corners. They managed to find 12 different Pentominoes. 

They then had to take the 12 Square Pentominoes and make a rectangle. I had some very frustrated children, but in the end everyone was very proud they were able to complete the task.

Ms Bridget Neal
Year 4

Daniel's Trip to Japan

Daniel Marriage, Year 6, has been doing karate since he was four years old. Since then, he has been training very hard. He has represented Western Province for the last three years.

He represented South Africa last year when he went to Canada for the World Championships. In Canada, he came fifth for Kumite, which is a style of fighting.

Earlier this year, he had a Western Cape Tournament where he was placed 3rd for Kata (a sequence of movements) and Kumite (the actual fighting).

At the beginning of the year, Daniel was selected to go to Japan to get his black belt with masters of his karate style. This thrilling event will be happening in October.

The Japan trip is a once in a lifetime opportunity and something that he will never forget!!!
Buhlebenkosi Masuku
Year 6 student

All school sport as well as Cooking and Arts and Crafts for the term will finish on Friday, 8 June 2018.

Outsourced extra-curriculars will end as per notifications by the Service Providers. 
Please note that the KS2 netball girls will still have practise and will play their last match next week. 
This week we celebrated the end of a great Soccer term by hosting a Soccer Derby between BIS and CBC. 
The U7 to U13 soccer teams played matches throughout the week. For the U7 and U8 teams, this was their first match and in true BIS style ,our parents came to cheer and support the players.  Their excitement was infectious, as some high school, KS1 and KS2 students came to support them. Although they lost all their matches, they were still in high spirits when they left the field and seemed determined to turn this around next term. 
Our older teams ended this term on a high and managed to win all their matches in the Derby. Scores for all the matches were: 

U9      3 - 1 
U9      3 - 0
U10    1 - 0
U11    3 - 1
U12    2 - 2
U13    1 - 0

We would like to thank all the parents and grandparents for all their support and encouragement next to the field every week. Once again, as soccer managers, we were so impressed by the excellent sportsmanship shown by our boys and girls. We look forward to next term and hope that the soccer teams go from strength to strength. Playing a team sport is a wonderful lesson in co-operation, collaboration and working together towards a common goal.
Yvette Fourie and Kim Coetzer
Soccer Team Managers 
Please click on the photo above to see pictures of the match

SEK & IES Sister Schools News

🇭🇺 🇪🇨 🇬🇧 🇪🇸 🇮🇹 🇿🇦 🇺🇸 🇬🇹 🇨🇱 🇩🇴 🇵🇾 

Click below to watch The Opening Ceremony

This is how the representatives of Boca Prep spent the first day

We had a great first day!  All five students have fantastic host families who are really going above and beyond, including boat rides and trips to the castle. We started with decorating our country (Boca Prep) table and then marching into the gym for the opening ceremonies with 16 different schools representing their schools and countries.  There, Boca Prep students were greeted by Mr. Segovia, Head of SEK and IES and the Ambassador of Spain in Hungary.
In the afternoon, they had their first timed competition involving rubic cubes, chess, riddles and sudoko.  We won't find out the winning results until the end of the week. We teamed with our school in England, St. Johns where Julien joined two others and they were amazing.  Julien impressed with quick times on both the small and big rubic cubes. Diego teamed with two others for a bonus point competition putting together a 3-D model, and they won beating 3 others.
Boca Prep International School

Congratulations to all those who compete and share at the InterSEK Cultural 2018, in Budapest

The first competition of the intersek 2018 culture was inspired by the famous Hungarian invention, cube rubik.

On Monday afternoon the rival students were put to the test in a series of logical games such as the 2 x 2 cube, the 3 x 3 cube, chess problems, riddles, mechanical games, sudoku, and 3 d Hungarian Monuments puzzle iconic.
We attach a link with representative images of that excellent week.

The View of Michelangelo

Most of the time we just see what is in the front of our eyes, losing sight of the details and living each day in the same way.

This week, Kinder 3 had a different class. We talked about Michelangelo Buonarroti and his work on the Sistine Chapel", which he painted lying on his back with a different perspective. Students had the opportunity to experience his practice using watercolors and lying on the floor. We were able to see through the eyes of this great artist.
Miss Gisela Carranza
Art Teacher
Colegio Internacional SEK Guadalajara
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