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Term 4 - Issue 35
25 October 2018                                                   

From the Desk of the Junior Academic Head

Dear Parents


As a parent and adult, how much thought have you given to the word success? The dictionary defines success as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. 

As a teacher and mother, I have often pondered over my own success. What I see as being a success might very well be someone else’s failure or disappointment. Have I achieved my aims? Am I constantly striving to achieve my purpose? My answer – I try to succeed every day. Some days are more successful than others, but knowing I am a constant role model to my child, inspires and encourages me to keep trying my best.

Now ask yourself – how would your child, our student’s, define success? Is success seen only when one achieves top marks, is chosen for the top sport’s teams, awarded medals, certificates and trophies? Or possibly, if one shifts one’s focus, could success be: never giving up and always trying one’s best, no matter what the end result? As a mother of a three year old, every skill she attempts is seen as a success to me. Whether it be attempting to dress herself in the mornings for school or use her fork and spoon correctly. Why do we, as parents, change our expectations and understanding of success the older our children become? As far as I am concerned, if children continue to keep trying their best and never give up, they have already succeeded!

Just look at Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Steven Spielberg, to name but a few inspirational beings, who never gave up!

A reminder to all that during this incredibly hot weather school hats must be worn, sunscreen applied and extra water packed in for the day. Please also note that the correct summer formal uniform must be worn for Assembly.

On Friday, 30th November we will be hosting our annual Food Fair and this year we will be including a Games Evening as well. Further communication regarding this event will be sent out during the course of next month. Please diarise the date as it promises to be a fun-filled event with many delicious stalls and games to play.
Yours in continuing success.
Samantha Kiley
Academic Head Junior School

Weekly Planner

Pets are so much more than just animals!

Our Pre-Reception class have been learning about 'Pets'. Not just about the different types of pets but most importantly, caring for them. We have discussed that pets are living, breathing creatures, just like us and have the same physical and emotional needs.

In our class at the moment we are looking after and observing silkworms. The students love watching them and enjoy helping clean their box and giving them fresh mulberry leaves to eat. The students are not only learning about their life-cycle but about responsibility, compassion and kindness – all rewarding additions to the student’s development.

One of the students Daisy Cronje brought her pet rats to school the other day. It was very heartwarming to see the student’s reaction towards them. By observing their interactions with the rats I realized that the unconditional love of a pet can be restorative and that the affection provided by a pet can reinforce the feeling that a child is valued and loved.

*Those who teach the most about humanity, aren’t always human!*
- Donald L. Hicks

Mrs Cindy Nunan

Year 1: The history of transport

In Year 1 we have been learning about the 'history of transport'. For our Design and Technology project, the atudents were asked to plan and design their own rockets in class. Design and Technology develops children’s skills and knowledge in design, structures, mechanisms, electrical control and a range of materials, including food.

It is very important as teachers and parents that we encourage and nurture a child’s creativity and innovation through design, and by exploring the designed and made world in which we all live and work. Design and Technology also helps develop children’s communication skills including the ability to explain ideas, describe their work, talk about the process and verbalise challenges that they had along the way.

They all had a lot of fun and made fabulous rockets!
Mrs Charlie Cronje
Year 1


Year 4: Electricty/ Design and Technoogy
This Term our Year 4's have been learning about electricty and circuits. As an ending to this unit, we considered in Design and Technology how we could make our own torches with wires, a couple of batteries and a small light bulb. The students had to consider what they would use as reflectors to increase the light of their torches. They then decided what they could use as the casing - something they could upcycle. Some bright sparks made light easily, others really had to put time and energy into it. Eventually we could switch off the classroom lights and practise making light for camp.
Mrs Carey Schoots
Year 4

ICT Report

2018 has been an extremely exciting year for the ICT Department at Blouberg International. We live in an era where technology is changing at a rapid pace and it is therefore, of utmost importance, and our duty as educators, to raise the next generation to embrace these changes. 
As part of this experience we have started introducing Robotics for our juniors, where programming concepts are taught using Lego and ‘drag and drop’ style programming.
Our high school has started doing Computer Science where we deal with high level computer programming languages, such as JAVA, Phyton and .NET and recently our Year 11 class successfully programmed their first Cinema booking system. 
We are looking forward to the expansion of this department as our young students become adept in the skill of computer programming.

Mr Gemayel Kroukamp
ICT Department 

IGCSE & AS-Level ART and Design

The Year 8’s created collages using 'alternative media'. Their theme was anything related from their daily living.

They took photographs of their pets, belongings, selfies and places that they have visited. 

In IGCSE and AS-level Art and Design we always research other artists work to see how it could influence our own. The Year 8’s referenced Ian Berry, who is an international denim artist creating exquisite denim paintings.

Mrs I du Plooy

Sport News

Week 4 Sports Results and Week 5 Fixtures
This week we have only had one sport fixture due to our opposing teams having their concerts and other curriculum commitments. The tennis boys were eager to play their opponents and displayed wonderful sportsmanship on and off the field. We look forward to the fixtures taking place next week. Please see match results below as well as next week's fixtures.
Mr Alexandre Fraqueiro
Sports Coordinator
  Date Age Group Versus Results Special  Mention Man of the Match

Key Stage 2 Sports
  17/10 Boys B Curro Century City BIS: 4
Curro Century City: 2

Daniel Marriage and his Black Belt grading

Daniel Marriage, 12 years old recently travelled to Japan (without his parents) for his Black Belt grading with some of his peers from the same dojo. The boys had to train and work with some of the Masters together with some Japanese students. The grading consisted of fighting, kata, bunkai and 2 other pieces. 
Daniel received his Black Belt and certificate in a special Black Belt ceremony this week.  He is one of the youngest boys to receive a Black Belt at the tender age of 12.  After the grading the boys got to celebrate by going to 'Disney Land' in Japan. 
Daniel should be very proud of himself and what he has accomplished by working and training hard for the past 8 years. 

News from IES & SEK Schools from around the World

Nene Valley Railway

Year 3 & Year 4 had a fantastic day at the Nene Valley Railway on Wednesday.  They visited the engine workshop, where Steve told them all about the important mechanisms of a steam train!  Later a visit to the signal box gave them the chance to operate the side gate levers under the watchful eye of Reg, the signalman.  Climbing aboard an old decommissioned locomotive provided an opportunity to see what it was actually like to drive a steam train.  After a visit to the education centre the highlight of the day was a return  steam train ride to Peterborough.
The staff at the Nene Valley Railway are mainly volunteers who are retired.  Their commitment, expertise and enthusiasm was commendable, as were our pupils' behaviour.  Well done to all.
Grantham Prep International School

English in the Real World

Students in ninth grade were assigned a project where they had to apply their speaking skills to a real life situation:  a job interview.  Students prepared themselves by watching videos to get tips on how to conduct themselves during a job interview and what not to do.  Then they were given time to write their questions using a given format and practice answering them. Students then presented their job interview to their peers and were given immediate feedback by selected peers, as well as by the teacher. Students had a wonderful time dressing up for the part, and they were able to apply new vocabulary and practice speaking fluently in a real life situation, which made learning more meaningful to them.

Karla Paredes
Language Arts Teacher
Colegio Internacional SEK Guatemala

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