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TERM 2 - ISSUE # 5

4 May 2018

From the Principal's Desk...

Dear Parents
I trust that you had a relaxing break over the long weekend and luckily, this is the last short week of the term. 
On Wednesday, 2nd May 2018 we started with the Cambridge Examinations for students writing in the May/June series. The senior hall is thus accommodating the examinations and will not be available for cultural activities during the month of May. We would like to wish our students all the best with their examinations.  It is essential that that our students start preparing for their upcoming internal examinations, as this will ensure their success.

The Primary School are actively practicing for the upcoming concert in August and it is indeed a pleasure to see the excitement amongst them. We are looking forward to an exciting production.
I am sure you would have noticed that we did not have our annual food fair event in the month of March.  However, do not despair, as this wonderful event will take place in the third or the fourth term.  Our reasoning for delaying the event was due to the field not being ready. Additionally, we felt that the third or fourth term would provide better weather conditions which would be more fitting for such an event.
This week I was very mindful of the saying “your reputation precedes your character”.  As an individual it is important to walk in transparency and to guard your reputation.  The same is true for us as a school community.  We need to guard against tainting our reputation.  How does one do this?  Especially in a world where social media seems to rule and it becomes so easy to just vent at every and any discomfort and discontentment.  A key rule I try to live by is to respond instead of react.  To listen instead of just vent.  To never respond in anger, but to see the point of view from the other side.  Most importantly, to communicate and to be transparent.
Lastly, I would like to invite parents to become part of our parent/teacher body.  This is where parents and staff can come together in order to work towards making our school, a school of excellence and to allow our school to grow from strength to strength.  Please could you email me so that we can set up a meeting as soon as possible.  Together we have a wealth of information, together we have a common goal; the importance of our children’s education, our reputation and the continuous growth of Blouberg International School.  I look forward to your response.
Best wishes

Weekly Planner


Please donate any old or new blankets for this wonderful cause and for further information kindly refer to the recent letter sent via Engage or contact Miss Janine van Niekerk - ( or Mrs Elena Berger - (

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

On Thursday, 26th April the Junior School celebrated ‘Workers' Day’ (1st May – Public Holiday), by dressing up according to what they want to be when they grow up.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” is the question I asked my class. I was fascinated by the answers the students gave me. It was interesting to guage where their passions lie and what their hopes and dreams are. The results were as follows:
Michaela Akinola (4) – “A Princess doctor because I like that.”
Daisy Cronje (3) – “A vet because I love animals and I’m going to get my own doggie soon.”
Mia Donnoli (4) – “A dancer because I like to dance.”
Mia Kemlo (3) – “I want to be a nurse because I want to help people.”
Lungaka Mabona (4) – “A girl in the rain with an umbrella.”
Paige Tolley (4) – “A mom so that I can put movies on for my little girl.”
Daniel Beer (4) – “A racing car driver because I like cars.”
Joshua Keller (4) – “A doctor so that I can help people.”
Matthew Hack (4) – “A doctor because I want to give people injections.”
Leyton Munro (4) – “A superhero so that I can fly.”

Micah Pieterse (4) – “A runner so I can make people go fast."

The most poignant thing about this list is that these students believe that they can be anything when they grow up. I hope I can do my part in making sure most of their dreams come true!

“Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts.” – Albert Einstein
Mrs Cindy Nunan

Workers' Day 

In Year 1 this week we celebrated Workers' Day. We asked the students to come to school dressed up as  their profession of choice. We had a class discussion about what each child wanted to be when they grow up, Jennifer Lepo, aged 6 shared, “I want to be a mother,” and Liltha Mgaba, aged 6 confidently said, “Miss, I want to be a rockstar! While a shy Shanna Rose Jenkinson, aged 7 whispered, “I’d like to be a popstar.” Okuhle William, aged 6 stated that he was dressed as a YouTuber, something I’ve never heard of before,  but he clearly explained what it was.

Gone are the days when children only thought of traditional professions, such as doctors, nurses and policemen. They are now considering a much wider range of occupations, perhaps due to their exposure of social media and screen time. What’s lovely is that children enjoy the freedom to explore, dream, think about and discuss what and who they would like to be when they grow up and the possibilities are endless.
Mrs Charlotte Cronje
Year 1

We love reading in Year 6

The Year 6 classes thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of Book Week.  From their newfound exposure to the Classics to their perusal of the books during The Book People's visit, they learned that the old adage is so true - the more you read, the more you know!  In particular, the students loved spending time with Teacher Cindy's pre-reception class.  Reading books to the these little ones showed the students just how far they've come since they too were that small. 

Happy reading, everyone!​
Mrs Marisa Esterhuizen
Year 6

In the Year 10 Geography class

The Year 10 class is fast approaching the end of their syllabus and we are currently looking at employment structures of countries in different developmental stages.

Within the employment structures, we are looking at the types of industry that can be found.  Although these are plentiful, we have focused on the following overarching four: primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary.  We have established all that falls into these categories. The students are finding it interesting as they are getting to the stage where they are deciding which industry they would one day like to join.  However, just learning the theory is not enough as in Geography we aim to develop practical skills too.

The skills they practiced last week was that of data collection and data representation. We focused on the construction of the pie-chart and the often feared, triangular graph to show representation of data collected. The students took turns to read and collect data from an array of triangular graphs displayed on the board. They also had the opportunity to plot data that they had collected onto blank triangular graphs.

Miss Janine van Niekerk
HS Geography
See below what Damian, Mpumalelo and Esethu had to say.....
Learning about the variations of industries and the importance of all the different sectors gives me an understanding about the how different sectors can influence different economic developmental levels of a wide range of countries”
Damian De Mattos
Learning about industry has helped me realize that every sector plays an important role in the lives we live today. Just the clothes we wear have to make their way through all 4 sectors before they reach us. It also helped me realize which sector I want to find myself in. Using graphs and pie charts helps me to understand the theory better than I would have if it had been presented to me in only words, it gives a visual representation of what we have learned
-  Mpumalelo Mgidi
Learning about industry has been an eye opener for me, but how does industry relate to geo? Some industries create more negatives than positives, for example mining in the secondary industry sector negatively impacts the environment, as it gives birth to problems such as soil erosion, various pollutions and soil degradation.

Industry involves reading triangular graphs that can be as easy as a puzzle but require intense brain power, so if you are the kind for challenges these types of graph representation are just for you! Personally I find great interest in this topic as it involves environmental, social and economic factors that link to what I want to venture into the future with, which is being an environmental lawyer”
Esethu Dlamini

SEK & IES Sister Schools News

A warm welcome to "Colegio Internacional SEK Colombia - Trinidad del Monte"


Last Monday April 18th Trinidad del Monte School of The Sacred Heart was incorporated into SEK International Institution being the first SEK School in Colombia. Trinidad del Monte has a history of more than 100 years and will contribute its teaching experience to SEK´s vision of international educational excellence.


What are fossils? How do they form? What are some kinds of fossils? These are the questions second graders have been studying. They also learned how scientists study about dinosaurs, plants and animals from fossils. Last week second graders took the place of scientists and created their own fossil with an imprint on a rock. They put in action what they had been reading and learning during science lessons. They really had fun being scientists and learning that fossils help us to learn how extinct animals looked, ate and moved. Moreover, students proved that fossils are left from plants and animals that lived long ago. Some fossils are imprints of small plants while others are the bones of huge animals, but all of them are very interesting. No doubt second graders enjoyed coming to the Science lab a lot!

Ms. Naranjo
Science Teacher

Colegio International SEK Costa Rica

The opening of the outdoor classroom  

We want to thank the PTO and the invited guests that participated in the opening of the outdoor classroom on Friday, April 20th.  The classroom was inaugurated with the first:
Watering of the flowers and fruit plants by our Prek & Kindergarten students
Hands on activities were taught by Dr. D’Allesandro and the Ecology Club

What is Ecology
Butterfly Life Cycle
Food Chain

Butterfly release - over 150 butterflies released into our outdoor classroom (all proceeds were donated to MSD)
Organic and healthy snacks were enjoyed by all

Earth Day is a special day for us as a Green School of Quality and the unveiling made it even a more important day for the students and staff at Boca Prep! Everyone is excited to begin working and learning in the outdoor classroom.

Boca Prep International School
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