January 2019 #012
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Happy new year, bonne chance and gesundheit (not really sure how to greet anyone these days after the merry season). 

I hope this finds you well and rested. This year is set to be a big one for us all here at Neotists. Get ready for the big trumpets as there’s a big announcement…. No, not yet, you’ll have to wait till further down the email.

As always, it’s great to hear from you so if you feel the urge to get in touch at the end, don’t be shy and hit reply.


Neotists is legit

We have taken the plunge and instead of being this unquantifiable (but still glorious) entity, we needed to exist on paper. So as of Christmas Eve (nice prezzie, thanks Mr C – not him from The Shamen, that’s a different sort of present altogether…) we have become a Community Interest Company. What the what now? It’s as exciting as it sounds, really, but means that we can start applying for funding for us all to create and take part in all sorts of projects, without being a charity. Simples.

Neotists and Drive The Network

With a lot of our members being freelancers, the world of business is something we must engage with at some point. This can be a breeze, or, as with a lot of creatives, the stuff of your deepest darkest nightmares (elevator pitch, anyone? Thought not…) However, there’s a group called Drive The Network run by the amazing and supportive Ann Hawkins which chucks all that stifling networking stuff out of the window and gets people together to talk. Yep, just talk. And ask questions. And share knowledge. And share problems. We’re hoping a lot of you will find it useful so the first meetup is booked in Art & Soul on 17 January 10-12pm and we’ll see how we go after that. To book your place click here.


What's the matter?

"The matter of expanse" is a collaboration with graphics and paintings by Anna Piecha and music by Dave Fleet (who also goes by Laica). It’s on from Sunday 13 January to 1 February in Art & Soul, 7 New Street, St Neots. Don’t be shy when you go in, you can go straight upstairs and take a look and listen.


Future Takeover

The event which is on from 24 to 26 January, will explore the vision for the expansion of St Neots and its creative sector, considering the town’s long-term future and how citizens can help to drive this change through creativity, data and emerging technology. 

The event, organised by Cambridge-based arts and technology company Collusion, will look at the role technology can play in creating a smart market town, and the impact it could have on issues such as air quality, the future of transport, public services and market town life. The sessions will also consider the importance of the cultural and creative industries in creating a thriving community.

It follows the launch of the St Neots Smart Places Initiative in November, which brought more than 250 responses from residents who took the opportunity to share their views on key challenges facing the town.

Hosted at the Art & Soul Café, the event offers evening and daytime activities so everyone can get involved:
  • Thursday 24 January from 6.30 to 9pm will explore the development of the cultural and creative industries sector in St Neots, including opportunities for growth and future skills needs, while Friday 25 January from 6.30 to 9pm will delve into the vision of expansion for the town and how the public can help to drive this change. You'll need to register for these dates here
  • Saturday 26 January from 10am to 3pm, drop-in event will consist of talks, workshops and gaming for all the family plus a maker fair, showcasing the talents of the local Neotists network. No need to book - just come along on the day.


Making an exhibition of oneself

Are you a local artist just starting out and want a space to exhibit your work? If the answer is yes then Love's Farm House has just the spot to test your audience. The community centre's reception can display between 10-12 pieces of work and will be seen by residents young and old. Exhibitions last 2-3 months and an grand opening night if you fancy it? Message us or email

That's it for now, but feel free to forward this email on to anyone you think would benefit or who may have an unrealised desire to join us in our creative revolution. 

Clair Slade
Neotist and grumpy when freezing cold

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