February 2018 #002
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Thanks for all the feedback from our first newsletter, which explains why I'm back so soon with a second one. There are many plans afoot with Neotists and it's been made clear that you want to know more. So I'll do my best to keep you up-to-date, and also because a lot of it is very exciting.


St Neots Masterplan — if you're not sure what it is you can read more about the background here. The reason we're telling you about it with regards to Neotists is that we were invited by the District Council and the Combined Authority to represent our creative sector on their steering committee. This is great news as it means the recognition can lead to a much brighter future for not only each Neotist or creative in and around St Neots, but for all residents and visitors to our town. Hopefully we can help in some small way articulate everyone’s ambition for the place to help improve our town and stay involved in the future growth and development.



Creative pop-up event on 13 and 14 February

Chinese New Year themed crafts will be at the old Kodak shop which has very kindly been offered for use for free by those lovelies at Bohemia (yes, you heard that right). 11am to 3pm on Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14. Sessions will cost £2 each or a maximum of £5 per family. Drop-in if you're passing as it'll be great to get to meet a lot of you in the actual flesh. Also bring along anyone who would enjoy it.

When we've organised Meetups previously it's been in the evening in a pub, but a lot of the feedback from parents was that only one of them could attend each time due to lack of childcare. By doing these workshops for families it means we still get to meet up and get to know each other, and with the little darlings in tow. It'll be fun!


Five questions for creatives were asked of some of our Neotists when they joined. Becks Simpson from Thairapy answered hers which can be revisited here. She can be found at Lou Lou's Vintage Fair in Peterborough Cathedral this Saturday 10 February if you feel like a styling treat. If you'd like to take the plunge and take part in the five questions for creatives please do get in touch (simply reply to this email).

Inland Waterways Association's Festival of Water is coming to St Neots at the end of August. This will be a three day national event and will be a great opportunity to show people what we have here. We will be working closely with St Neots Town Council and offering you a chance to get involved.

Musicians wanted — we are aiming to do a skills audit of our group and before we even start it's clear that we're very short on musicians. If you know anyone who would like to become a Neotist for their musical creativity then please do pass this on.

Fellow Neotist Robert Barker has been selected to exhibit his garden Skin Deep at this years Chelsea Flower Show and there's already a lot of interest in the conceptual design. Well done to Robert and we'll look forward to watching the BBC coverage of the event at the end of May.

St Neots Film Club runs monthly at Love's Farm House and has a varied schedule lined up. You get the opportunity to discuss the film afterwards if you wish and they're a friendly bunch. The next film will be The Lobster on 16 February from 8pm.

An escape room is coming to St Neots Museum — Jail Break Escape Room is currently being put together and sounds like it's quite the challenge. Will you manage to escape? Coming soon.

Ok, thanks for making down this far, I know there's a lot crammed into this edition. I made the mistake of hinting at what was in the next one and had to see that through. What's in the next one? You'll have to wait and see.

Speak soon
Clair Slade
Neotist & Irish Tea Drinker (does that mean I'm Irish and drink tea, or that I only drink Irish tea?)

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