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Our third newsletter in and I'd like to thank those of you who have been in touch with feedback/suggestions and I'm pleased to welcome new members and subscribers. If there's anything that this newsletter sparks in your brain, just get in touch. Don't be shy, just hit reply!


Michael Murfin explains his project painting the A14

Ever since I started painting professionally one of my specialities has been the depiction of people at work - the stresses that labour places on the body, the relationship between the figure and the environment and both the camaraderie or solitude of working life. 

The A14 project feels like an absolute gift to someone like me. Because I live in Offord Cluny I am particularly interested in the section that will cross the railway and the river. The contrast between the complex constructions that are appearing in this nature-rich environment can seem quite bizarre but often a strange juxtaposition of elements can cast a new light on the way one can evaluate the world.

You can find out more about the A14 Project on We're looking forward to seeing more of Michael Murfin's finished work as the project progresses.


As I mentioned in the last newsletter, we wanted to make sure you could attend something with the family during the half term and you didn't let us down. Thanks to your support we had 140 people attend the two sessions.

We had Chinese New Year crafts which evolved over the two days from the original ideas. Watching this organic process is always a joy as each set of visitors bring their own unique take on a craft and sometimes their ideas can improve so much on the orginal, or even make it totally different.

A big hit over the to days was the pile of cardboard we hadn't decided a use for being turned into a castle, a fort, camps, dens and all sorts. We will be sure to expand on that experience in the future. Thanks again to XL Print for donating carboard to us, it's definitely been appreciated and well-used.

Many thanks to our volunteers Fiona Brice, Clair Slade, Claire Montgomerie, Melanie Fowke, Georgina Westley, Dave Fleet, Penny Lusha, Richard Slade for making it happen. Thanks to Maciek Platek for taking photos both days. And of course thanks again to the wonderful guys at Bohemia for allowing us the free use of the space.


Woodcraft Folk

Neotists Melanie and Martyn and their children are keen to restart our local branch of the Woodcraft Folk youth group. They cater for any young people interested in exploring and playing outdoors, bushcraft, cooperative games, crafts, camps and making friends. If you have anyone interested in finding out more, please go along to Paxton Pits visitors centre on Thursday 1 March from 5.45 pm. They'll have a taster session with crafts, games and songs, a chance to shape the new Pioneer group (9-12s) and discuss setting up a younger group in Little Paxton or Loves Farm.

See the Wood Craft Folk national website, and have a look at the Woodcraft Lockerbrook hostel in the Peak District, where they took four kids in October, and Cudham in Kent where they're going this weekend.

Woodcraft Folk also need adults to help run groups and do essential administration. As well as the fun, games, camps and hostels, leaders can also get family tickets to festivals for free in return for helping with kids activities (they go to Latitude and Folk East in Suffolk each year). For further info email Melanie.

Photo from a Woodcraft Folk weekend with other groups, in the Peak District October 2017


Join us on Friday 9 March for the launch of our seventh exhibition of work by local artists and photographers. This month we feature a collection of paintings by local artist and philosopher Melina La Firenze in the foyer and café space at Love’s Farm House. From 7.30pm, supervised children welcome until 9pm.
PechaKucha was something that drew much of our group together at the beginning and we are very keen to continue its success. If you would like to get involved with this quarterly event please do get in touch. We were only able to make it such a success thanks to our great volunteers.
Some of the Neotists recently volunteered to go and talk about their various careers to students at Longsands Academy. They found it very rewarding (and tiring) and were very glad they did it. If you would be interested in inspiring our local children by talking a little about what you do, St Mary's Church of England Primary Academy are keen to hear from you. Other schools are showing interest for future projects, too.
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