April 2019 #013
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Welcome! We’ve managed to get to the lucky thirteenth newsletter and it’s still as irregular as ever… I could promise that’ll change but hey, where’s the fun in knowing when these bad boys are going to drop into your inbox? I’m like Kato to your Inspector Clouseau. It’s the element of surprise, but without the violence (apologies for those who have never watched The Pink Panther…). As always, loads to get through and if you want to get in touch you can hit reply and it comes straight to my inbox! Magic.


PechaKucha: The Return

YESSSS! It’s the one thing you’ve all told us time and again that you want to attend - PechaKucha, it’s really where all the magic of Neotists started. If you’ve never been, you can view some of our previous presentations online, but it doesn’t match the live event. Not knowing what you are going to hear on the night is always fun and you get to learn about some interesting folk here in your home town.  If you’d like to present get in touch as soon as you can.

When: Thursday 25th April 7pm doors/bar open, first presentation 8pm.

Where: Art & Soul Café

Cost: FREE! Donations to PechaKucha world fund welcome. 

Emily's Vision

At the Future Takeover event, local resident and student, Emily, gave a great talk which reflected not only her thoughts, but also her classmates and friends on what they would love the future of St Neots to look like. It was so well received that the next day it heavily influenced the infographic notes created by Anne Marie which looked fantastic and really reflected the hopeful vision which everyone realised over that weekend. 


A State of Change —One man’s view of the A14 upgrade

A series of new works by Michael Murfin that document the region’s biggest road project; the £1.5 billion scheme to upgrade the major road between Cambridge and Huntingdon is on at St Neots Museum until 27 April 2019. It's well worth a visit to see the level of detail Michael includes in his work — looking at images online just doesn't come close.

Exhibition of watercolour paintings by John Bell

Until recently, John lived with his wife and two dogs on the picturesque island of Mallorca and now reside in Cambridgeshire. In John's own words "Only the natural beauty and variety of scenes an artist can find in East Anglia could draw me back to the UK." The exhibition opens today at Art & Soul Cafe and runs daily until 17 May.

John will be giving a talk this evening (Saturday) from 6pm on how to become a professional artist. To find out more about the talk and to book your space, click here.

Faces of St Neots exhibition launch

Following the successful workshop, last month held at Love's Farm House the call for artists to produce a portrait of or by a resident of St Neots has resulted in 90 entries. To see these all exhibited then pop over to Love's Farm House tonight (Saturday) from 6pm for the exhibition launch, plus drinks, nibbles and amazing artworks, general happiness and feel-good community vibes. 



We've been asked by a few members of Neotists if there is any interested to meet up for an acoustic musical gathering, whether you are a musician, hopeful, or great at applauding (a gathering is nothing without an audience). Art & Soul are also on the lookout for musicians to play there. So if you know anyone at all that would be up for this, please forward this on to them. I personally would love to see live music make a welcome return to more places, especially acoustic, friendly and relaxed evenings. You can hit reply or email

Likewise, if you know of an unusual location (the acoustics under the bridge are actually pretty interesting - as long as it's not flooded!) then get in touch. The more the merrier, and could be part of a music trail! It's all gotta start somewhere.

A lot to get through, but we got there in the end. See you at PechaKucha, come alone or bring a friend, either way you'll be very much appreciated. Where would you like our next MeetUp to be? Let me know!

Till then... TTFN!

Clair Slade
Neotist and wondering where the sunshine went

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