Innocracy Conference 2019
Transformation, not incrementalism

Climate, inequality, AI: democracies are having a hard time implementing policies fit for our future. Instead of incremental approaches, we need a true democratic transformation. This belief united the participants of Innocracy 2019, our largest conference on the future of democracy yet. 

How we can achieve transformation 

A reform agenda for Germany
Progressive Governance

After the recent leadership vote within Germany’s Social Democratic Party (SPD), the future of the grand coalition government remains uncertain. Yet, the challenges facing the country are ever-more pressing. In order to find solutions to this dilemma, we have launched the blog 2020plus which you can now find online. It serves as a platform for authors from academic, economic and political backgrounds to make suggestions for a reform agenda in 2020. A discussion paper called “A grand coalition for great challenges?” served as the project’s kick-off. It argues for a progressive restart of the German government, which urgently needs a plausible reason for existence, a red thread in its agenda as well as clear strategic priorities.
Innovation series #Tech4Society
Shaping technological change

Our society is rarely able to give an holistic assessment of the innovative potential of new technologies. Too often we regard technological and social progress in isolation from one another. We would like to change that. Our new series #Tech4Society sets the parameters for a conception of technological change that is value-oriented and applicable to all sectors of society. Together with our partners, we develop ideas about when and how technology can provide solutions for the big socio-political challenges of our time. We have substantiated our approach in a paper which was later discussed by Geoff Mulgan, Patrizia Nanz, Julia Kloiber and Stefan Profit. In 2020 we will organise several workshops on the subject and invite you to participate.

Find out more 

Food for thought

Democracy Lab’s results 
Two years of thinking ahead democracy: the best ideas
Insights from 50 Expert Interviews
Measuring Tomorrow's Work and Economy
Dimensions. Challenges. Opportunities.
Foreign Policy and the Just Transition
In between social movement and parliament
AfD: Smart Dividers (DE)
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Media coverage 

Berlin Think Tank demands restart of the Grand Coalition (DE)
By Selina Bettendorf  | 29/11/19

Maja Göpel and Anke Hassel among Germany’s most influential economists (DE)
FAZ Ranking | 25/11/19

How can we rebuild our economy towards climate protection? (DE) 

Interview with Maja Göpel  | 08/07/19

Regions with lacking infrastructure: four suggestions for better domestic politics (DE)
Fedor Ruhose, Dominic Schwickert | 31/10/19


AfD and climate protection: Why we should not pay too much attention (DE)
By Johannes Hillje | 03/10/19

DPZ Head of Programme comments on the polish elections on the BBC World Service
With Maria Skóra | 13/10/19

Spiegel columnist recommends our best practices for countering populism

By Ferda Ataman | 19/09/2019

Paulina Fröhlich on the matter: How do we enhance our democracy? (DE)

Radio show by Tine Auerbach | 05/08/19

Upcoming events 

Civic Tech: European Hub for Civic Engagement
Meet-up with Michael Roth and Donatella della Porta
When? 6.30 p.m. | Where? Futurium Berlin

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Shaping the Future of Care Work (DE)
Roundtable with Franziska Giffey and Elisabeth Niejahr
When? 6.00 p.m. | Where? Auditorium bUm 

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