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Due to the narrowing of civil society spaces in Europe, the European Hub wants to establish new digital collaboration possibilities. Together with our partners from all over Europe, we have presented the first ideas from civic tech on building a Hub. 
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Das Progressive Zentrum has a new Board of Directors

We are genuinely looking forward to our new task: as the Board of Directors, we want to contribute together with Katarina Niewiedzial and Thomas Kralinski to the sharpening of Das Progressive Zentrum’s profile, as a space of thinking about social-ecological advances and the strengthening of liberal democracy. We owe Tobias Dürr a huge thank you, as the initial energy and motivation to found Das Progressive Zentrum came from him. He continued to carry on this spirit for 12 years as Chair of the Board of Directors. He will continue to work closely with us. We are excited as we continue the collaboration with the operative team and the recently introduced new leadership structure.

Get to know our board members 

Board member Katarina Niewiedzial on why Hanau affects us all (DE) 
Head of International Dialogue

New Urban Progress

Restart the transatlantic relationship now

In turbulent times, we need to find ways to foster close transatlantic relations at all levels and to continue the conversation on how to implement measures of social progress. When intergovernmental dialogue fails, we believe the cities are the best actors to take on the challenges of tomorrow. For that reason, we’re launching “New Urban Progress”: a project aiming to create a platform for tackling key societal challenges with a fresh approach and becoming a laboratory for future transatlantic relations. By bringing young leaders from Germany and the U.S. together and connecting innovative urban initiatives on both sides of the Atlantic, we hope to rekindle the transatlantic bond from the bottom up and rebuild trust in it.
Selected articles from our 2020plus blog
In preparation for Germany's 2021 federal elections, we regularly invite experts to share their ideas for a progressive government agenda.
Jens Südekum
Structural support for the coal mining regions
Anke Hassel
Labour and social policy: an agenda for progressive government
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In the media

The AfD's verbal racism translates into killings on our streets
Johannes Hillje on public TV | 23/2/20

Angela Merkel's departure after a new CDU chair is found would be a wise choice
Interview with Wolfgang Merkel | 16/2/.20

Why parliamentarians should elect heads of governments in open elections (DE)
Frank Decker | 9/2/20

Who can speak freely?
Book review of Kübra Gümüşays "Sprache und Sein" | 27/1/20

Governance is not a project (DE)
Opinion piece by Paulina Fröhlich | 24/1/20


The attack in Hanau:
right terror out of control?
Kübra Gümüşay on public TV | 20/2/20

Germany, Poland and the EU: a new rapprochement seems urgently needed (EN)
Maria Skóra | 12/2/20

Innovation must not be considered only from a technological perspective (DE)
Anke Hassel and Felix Sieker | 2/2/20

SPD must make its traditional approach fit for the future
Fedor Ruhose and Rainer Faus | 3/2/20

A mystery called AfD
Book review of W. Schroeders and B. Weßel's "Smart Splitters" | 21/1/20


#PGS20 – Progressive Governance Symposium 2020
International conference of progressive movements and European and North American political parties on questions of transformation and good governance
Start: 10.00 a.m. | Berlin

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New Urban Progress: Kickoff Event Germany
Transatlantic dialogue series on work, democracy, well-being
Start: 6.00 p.m. | Leipzig

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Just Transition: What’s in it for European Foreign Policy?
Study presentation, discussion and reception
Start: 6.00 p.m. | Permanent Represent. of Germany, Brussels

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New Urban Progress: U.S. Kickoff Event
With prominent urban leaders, mayors, and metro analysts
Start: 8.00 a.m. | The LINE Hotel, Washington, D.C.

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#CareKompass: Shaping Care Work Together
Joint event with the German Red Cross
Keynote by Federal Minister Franziska Giffey
Read our take-aways from the evening (DE) ❯
Is this going to work? Scenarios for a fruitful inclusion of citizens in the Conference on the Future of Europe
Joint event with the Bertelsmann Stiftung
Read our take-aways from the evening (DE) ❯
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