As soon as you put your comic together—you’re done. 



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Topic: Putting Your Comic Together

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Comic-Con Is Calling!

As soon as you put your comic together—you’re done. 



And, more importantly - finishing your comic means that you can officially add the “Comic Creator” title to your resume. 

No, seriously.

We aren’t there yet though. With all your art, lettering, and inks done, you can now do the best part, assembling your comic! You now have the opportunity to make copies and hold them in your hands, and it's a real book. It's a book that you now get to bring in and share with people. 

But who do we share it with? 

Mark Waid returns again for this final step of the comic creation process to help us understand how we should think about publishing.

Inking Interview with Eric Shanower

Click this link to go directly to a transcription for this video

Featured Materials

Below is a preview of some of the additional readings, videos, comics, and other resources to enhance your learning regarding this email’s topic. You can review these materials in full by going to the course landing page.


Mark Waid on Reinventing Comics
Mark Waid gives a TED Talk style speech on how traditional comics can be transferred over to the digital medium.


Self Publishing Tips pt 1+2
A series of two articles written by Joumana Medlej that goes over several terms related to printing and provides a number of tips and tricks on the subject.


Self-Publishing 101
Comic writer James Maddox teaches important lessons about navigating self publishing.


The Perils of Self Publishing
This article gives tips on self publishing and all the issues that come along with it.

Ted Adams Interview on the Gutter Talk Podcast
A podcast interview with former CEO of IDW (major comics publisher) Ted Adams from the Gutter Talk Podcast. On the show he discusses a little IDW history, the past and present of the publishing industry, and the Dewey Decimal System. 

Dan Mashburn Interview on the Gutter Talk Podcast 
A podcast interview with the President of Haichris Inc. Dan Mashburn from the Gutter Talk Podcast. On the show he discusses running a print shop, building relationships with the Comic Making Guys (CMGs), and even defines happiness.


Activity: Assembling Your Comic



You are going to assemble your final comic book. A couple important notes on the comic page worksheet: Assembling this section requires a lot of steps. If you are confused AT ALL please be sure you carefully read through this email’s tutorials.

Follow these directions:
  1. Read the tutorial
  2. Assemble your comic together
  3. Take a selfie with your assembled final comic
  4. Write a reflection of what you have learned that is at least 1 paragraph long
  5. Turn them over for peer review to a friend, or assess them yourself

Activity Models

Student Activity Models
If you need inspiration look at the student models provided within the document above to see how others completed this assignment.

Activity Materials


Comic Final Assembly Tutorial

This tutorial will walk you through the process of creating the pencils for your comic.

Pencils, Letters, and Inks Worksheet

A blank worksheet that serves as a template for you to use to create the illustrations, letters, and inks for your final comic.

Comic Final Assembly Rubric

Use the above rubric to have a peer assess your work, or assess it yourself. Make sure that you reference it as you’re assembling your final comic. 

When completed, tally up the amount of “Yes” answers (questions provided within the rubric) to see whether or not your work has room for improvement. Then, refine as needed.

0-1 = Poor
2-3 = Satisfactory
4-5 = Good
6 = Excellent


Digital Coloring Your Comic


($) Adobe Photoshop Price Plans

While we provide several free options for you to work with below, you do still have the option to work with the most up to date version of Adobe Photoshop. Keep in mind these options are NOT FREE. But it is an option if you choose so.

(FREE) GIMP, the Free Photoshop Alternative

This is the website for GIMP, an open source (free) program that serves an alternative to Photoshop.

(FREE) GIMP (rollApp ver) Information

This is another version of GIMP, it is also completely free. It can run on your internet browser, and does not require a download of a program for use.

(TUTORIAL) Digital Coloring for GIMP Tutorial

A series of tutorials that will teach you how to properly use GIMP to color your comic.

Next Steps

You’re at the end of this section of the course! Check your inbox for the next email.



Get on the Assembly Line!

Assembling your final comic book together is the hardest step of the comic-making process for both teachers and students. Getting the comic to be “just right” can mean confronting issues of tech literacy that can be intimidating. While possible, remote work is difficult and technical issues can pose challenges for students and teachers to overcome. 

Tips & tricks for troubleshooting common student issues during this section of the project are covered on the email 7 section of the “How To Make A Comic Book” Teacher’s Guide:
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