If you’re reading this, it means that you want to try and bring the wonderful practice of exhibitions to your class!

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Welcome to the Exhibiting Student Work Course!

If you’re reading this, it means that you want to try and bring the wonderful practice of exhibitions to your class! But what is an exhibition? Simply put, exhibition is a way for students to showcase their learning and receive feedback on work from external sources. Assessment in this manner lets the students know that their work matters to an audience beyond their teachers.

We recognize that for many, in-person exhibitions are not currently possible. Please keep in mind that many of the lessons in this course can be applied to other forms of exhibition. If you want to learn more about online exhibitions, there is an add-on to this course that looks specifically at virtual exhibitions and translating the lessons from this course into a virtual space. You can find out more about the Exhibiting Student Work in Virtual Environments Micro-Course here on it’s own course landing page.

What Will You Need?

So what do you need for an exhibition? All it requires is: students of any grade, a school, a teacher, student work, an audience, and time. While exhibition becomes even better with projects, art, authentic audiences, experience, money, or extra time, these elements are not mandatory to get started on your exhibition journey.


You’ve started the course. How do we know? You’re reading this! We bet you have some questions.

How long is this course?

This course is designed to be done at your own pace. The course has a suggested amount of time listed on its course landing pages under the “Course Stats” heading. We feel that you should set aside the suggested time in order to complete the course. These hours take into account things like facilitating classroom discussions, teaching basic concepts needed to complete each assignment, and making time to continually discuss your work with colleagues and friends.

Do I have to complete coursework?

That’s completely up to you! This free version of the course is being completed by you through email. Because this version is set up in this manner we have no way to follow-up to make sure you actually do each assignment.  

How do I get the next email?

We’ve already started sending it to you! Whenever you get an email and open it we will send you the next email in the series so that you have it as soon as you finish your work. If you just want to get all the emails before starting any of the work just open all the emails as they come and the subsequent emails will be sent. Please note there may be a 10-20 minute delay between emails sent after an email has been opened. 

Can I hire High Tech High to facilitate a course experience for me and/or a group (students, staff, friends)?

We are launching this service in the near future. If you are interested in receiving news about this option please fill out this form.

My question isn’t answered here - what do I do?

These questions, and other questions like them, are answered extensively in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of If you run into issues that are not covered in the FAQ section of our website please email us for help by visiting our Contact page.

Emails Overview:



This email!



Where & How





Plan out your exhibition date so you have a good grasp on your timeline and what you can accomplish before then.   Decide where you will host the exhibition, and learn how to secure that space.   Plan out your exhibition curation and get the resources to make it happen.   Build in checkpoints along the way for students to reflect on the meaning and purpose of their work. 











Plan the layout of your exhibition and think about how you will use the space you have, and what you need to do to get students ready.   Plan a practice run of your exhibition and think about when and where your students will practice.   Learn what to expect on the day of exhibition, how to make sure students are engaged and how to ensure the presentation stays informative and interesting.   Build in time after the exhibition to celebrate and reflect on your experience. Think about where the products might live after the exhibition.



You have completed the course.
Look for a surprise inside!


Below is a preview of some of the additional readings, videos, comics, and other resources to enhance your learning regarding this email’s topic. You can review these materials in full by going to the course landing page.


Unboxed Cards Project Highlights
If you’re feeling stuck for a project idea, check out these project cards for some inspiration.


In Conclusion…

Exhibition will enrich and brighten your class experience. This is the first step in learning about exhibition, but there’s more ahead for you. Keep an eye out for our future email. If you follow along with the lessons we provide, then you’ll have everything you need to run an exhibition!

Next Steps

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