What are some different activities you can do to practice online learning?

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What are some different activities you can do to practice online learning?

As you prepare further to have an online exhibition, it's always best to get some activities in to help you prepare and practice. In this email we've included a selection of several activities that will help you to prepare for the exhibition. Keep in mind that some of these are updated versions from the original exhibiting student work course, so while they may sound familiar to you it's still important to do them again. They offer different insights and a pinned tweet to specifically address online learning problems.

Activity 1: Host a Learning Livestream with your class at the end of your current school week.


Activity Notes: 

Look up a drawing tutorial and do it live for your students via livestream. Invite them to be your audience.

Doing this activity will give you a crash course in the habits needed for running online exhibitions, as well as how people interact with live, online content. You’ll be hosting a learning livestream with your students where you teach them something new. Find a simple tutorial online that you can master (How to do an easy landscape drawing, writing a short poem for beginners, addition 101, etc). The content shouldn’t be very complex, just easy to share.

Once you know how to teach this tutorial to your students, pick your preferred method of livestream (Twitch, YouTube, Zoom, Discord, do some research) and start preparing. Even you and your students are all at school with you, go into another room and stream in a location different from your students as they watch on their laptops or a projector. Running this tutorial will help you the teacher understand what goes into presenting information over the internet, and your students will better understand how to interact with someone teaching them via livestream.

For an artifact of learning, take screenshots of yourself teaching and collect any work that was done by your students as they followed along.


Activity 2: Take your students on a virtual field trip to a cool place.



Host a virtual field trip to someplace interesting, it doesn’t even have to be related to the subject you teach. Many museums offer virtual tours that can be completed online, or even have digitized pieces of artwork to view, and even some national parks will have virtual tours online. (Google Maps as well as Google Arts can be great resources for this). Have a worksheet for your students to fill out as they take a virtual tour, the same kind of one you’d give them if you went on a regular field trip. Have them fill it out
For an artifact of learning, have students turn in their worksheets and have them scanned, or print them out if they were filled out digitally.

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