Teachers are the most important people at a school. Everyone else on the staff is there to make sure they can do their job right.

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Topic: Hiring and Leadership

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Teachers are the most important people at a school. Everyone else on the staff is there to make sure they can do their job right.

As anyone who’s ever been job hunting or part of a hiring team, it’s a difficult system to navigate at times. Both parties need to be sure that they’re doing the right work in order to get the best candidate for the job. This email will help you to learn about effective hiring practices.

The readings will help you by observing school administrators speak on their hiring processes as well as some outside views on the practices of High Tech High. Pay attention, as you want to be sure you get the right people for the job at your new school.

Featured Materials

Below is a preview of some of the additional readings, videos, comics, and other resources to enhance your learning regarding this email’s topic. You can review these materials in full by going to the course landing page.

The Hiring Process
Brett Peterson explains the hiring process for everyone who works at High Tech High, highlighting why this is so important and how everyone at the school will do what they can to help pick great teachers.


What To Look For When Hiring
Larry Rosenstock discusses the things he looks for in a person when someone wants to teach at HTH.


Maintaining Professional Development Amongst Your Staff
Once again, Larry discusses how interdisciplinary meetings between teachers who teach different subjects are undervalued and can make a huge difference. 


How To Balance Your Staff and School Philosophies
Larry speaks about how to balance the expectations of schools vs new teachers with the example of creating a curriculum.


Oprah's Visit To High Tech High with Bill and Melinda Gates
In a segment from her show, Oprah came to visit High Tech High along with Bill and Melinda Gates. She looks at the school and comments on how it’s different in both its mood and in the way students are taught.


PBS Piece on High Tech High
This video speaks on how previously underserved groups are better served at High Tech High. They receive better education as HTH aims to try and raise the bar for teaching in the U.S. to compete on a global scale.


Beyond the Shop
Larry Rosenstock and Adria Steinberg discuss how vocational education, although providing school to some who may not otherwise receive it, also puts lower income students on a path to stay in those vocational systems.


Notes On Leadership
Several quotations and observances about the nature of leadership are provided for you to reflect on and grow from.

Weekly Activity

Activity: Job Post Analysis


Analyze an existing faculty hiring post on a job site, then create a job description post that is modeled in the same format, but reflects your school’s values. Once done, create an outline for your hiring process; specifically, what the teacher interview process will look like at your future school to reflect your pedagogy and values. What sets your school apart from others when it comes to applying and interviewing? What assumptions is the process based on?

Feedback (Optional)

If possible, find 1 or 2 peers to look at your posting. Are the job posting and interview process for your school enticing enough? Would they want to work there?

Activity Models

Course Provided Models
This document contains some sample job posts from various schools across the United States, along with slides from two different presentations of former course participants.

Student Activity Models
If you need inspiration, look at the student models provided within the document above to see how others completed this assignment. Provided is a short clip from the final presentation of a former participant of the course. The clip contains them discussing how they plan to hire and develop their teaching staff for their new school.

School Talk 4:
Faculty, Hiring Process, & Facility Design

During the original course run, Larry and Patrick hosted live weekly chats with thought leaders to address that unit's theme. In this email’s talk, thought leaders discuss how the neighborhood and facility design of a school can affect students.

  Video Version
This is a video of the original talk as it occurred. It is a screen capture of a Google Hangouts conversation
  Podcast Version
This week's talk has also been converted into podcast form for you to listen to.

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